Former Minister Urges Cops To Keep Criminals ‘Busy’

Former National Security Minister, Doctor Keith Mondesir, has urged the police to go on an aggressive campaign against crime that includes 24 hour patrols in crime hot spots and random searches that will keep criminals ‘busy’.

Mondesir also called for an end to the granting of bail for some offences, including possession of illegal firearms.

He spoke following the murder Wednesday night of a man identified by police as 51 year old Stan Pistol.

Pistol was shot dead in Ralph’s Supermarket in what was described as a robbery at the business place which is situated at the junction of Waterworks and Cedars Roads.

Former Minister, Doctor Keith Mondesir believes that the police must go on an all out offensive against crime.

“You have to go in there doing inspections at any time of the night whenever you suspect that something is going to happen,” he told St Lucia Times.

“You have to be able to go into these houses at any time. You have to have the availability of a search warrant any time you have a suspicion and you keep them busy,” the former minister stated.

Mondesir said he believes in community policing and policing hot spots around the clock.

He asserted that people in the communities know everything that is going on.

The former Minister explained that as a result, the police can be in a position to get the information they require.

“If the police are present in those communities twenty-four seven, people will speak to the police – the police will have a lot of information and I think you will get results,” Mondesir told St Lucia Times.

He recalled that when as Minister of National Security he was in charge of the police, that is what he implemented.

But Mondesir said there has to be a holistic approach to dealing with crime.

He explained that the various measures he outlined cannot be implemented piecemeal.




  1. It’s time the police take those criminals out at whatever cost ppl then will have to together and do what’s best unless fellors

  2. He is a liar there were no 24 hour patrols when he was Minister of National Security. He needs to remeber he was removed from the Ministry and replaced because of the problems he was causing. We have good memory.

    The police needs to do more patrols especially in troubled areas I agree with that. Saint Lucians need to take precautions too, shop owners hire armed security, all who can set up camaras, and people stop hiding these persons who are killing people. This is getting ridiculous now. Kill the shop owner for what a few cents? The man had a family. This makes no sense. Lucians speak out this must stop. Police, the community, the government all have to do better. We are failing our people. Enough is enough.

  3. Searched Warrants have to be executed in all Houses in These So called Ghettos everyday whether by day or night that’s really nonesense happening in St.Lucia with a few Thugs trying to destroy St.Lucia

  4. Mr. Mondésir, your words are very powerful, but our police are not being protect by law and especially your allies, (if you know what i mean;) your criminals can slaughter anybody, at anytime, and all of you will keep your lips tight, but if a police shoot one, then the public and your allies will call crucifie him; we dont want to loose any police in this deal; Let the minister of justice, the PM, the police chief etc. pick up their armour and fight the war which they have created! by bowing down to the US. and their allies!. YOU DID NOT LISTEN TO THE LAW ADIDING CITIZENS. Human rights; so Stan and the other victimes had no rights to live? but your criminals did!

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