Sunday, January 26, 2020

Former Minister Urges Swift, ‘Brutal’ Punishment For Gun Crime

Former Saint Lucia National Security Minister has called for swift, brutal punishment for gun and knife crimes.

Doctor Keith Mondesir spoke against the backdrop of Friday afternoon’s murder of a Guardsman employee who was shot in the head by bandits who robbed the Balata gas station, and the discovery early Saturday morning of a body at Aupicon, Vieux Fort.

The body bore a puncture wound to the chest and a laceration to the back of the head, according to the police.

Former National Security Minister Doctor Keith Mondesir says the attitude, especially of teenagers now, is “don’t careish” as if they have nothing to lose.

“So you must, in your exercise of correction, be swift, hard and determined to get any results,” Mondesir asserted.

He reiterated the view that if anyone is caught with an illegal firearm the penalty should be twenty to fifty years with no bail.

“If you are caught with a knife or you hurt someone with a knife, it should be 15 years to 45 years – no bail,” the former Minister told St Lucia Times.

“As long as you are caught there should be no bail,” he asserted.

He explained that if the authorities do not get harsh, they will not get the results they desire.

“You take the guys and you bail them – they come out; they are able to get away by a boat or somehow and you cannot find them. The penalty has to be swift and hard and the penalty has to be brutal,” Mondesir declared.

He said the authorities must be very hard, stern and tough with criminals.

“We are just putting bandages on a sore foot – you have to amputate,” Mondesir told St Lucia Times.

He felt that the current administration should enter parliament and legislate tough penalties.

The former Minister said light penalties will not solve the problem of violent crime.



  1. Agreed! The government should also look at the current legislation for armed guards to ensure that weapons do not enter the streets via this method and impose similar penalties for those that have been found guilty of distribution of arms. With regards to knives, there should be a responsibility from the shops that sell them to question the legitimacy of a purchase – whilst this would not deter the most hardened of criminals it would deter some, and if one life is spared then that would be enough.

    • ok so child of god Mweh Mem agree with former Minister 20 to 50 yrs now tell me who’s money will be feeding him whilst he is in there do you no how much money its going to cost us to feed him ? Look the best thing is to put me in jail and set the bandit free let them take care of me whilst i in jail i eating and living well

  2. Whilst, I concur with the former Minister point of view, we must not forget that the Kenny Anthony, administration had some tough laws regarding illegal Firearms. It begs the question what happen to those laws. This current administration abolish these laws during their last stint in office and now we are feeling the effects of its removal. These young thugs respect no one, they are brutal and fearless. I’m of the view that once they’re caught, they should be imprisoned for a maximum of 30 years in Jail, without trial and or bail. We need to send them a clear message that we’re serious about crime and show them that they are not above the law.

  3. I am totally in support of harsh punishment for criminals in our society.
    You may wish to read my book on General Theology titled “HEAVEN IS NOT THE FINAL HOME OF MAN”
    It’s available worldwide online
    Happy reading.

  4. Those former minister only have these ideas when out of power. He did Jack S*** when he was minister.

  5. Well said. It could not have been clearer. The current situation is untenable. I wonder how some of the people with the reins of power are able to sleep at nights?
    We saw LaCorbs with his anti-gang legislation which he touted as the cure all. Fortunately, we all knew it was a bust from the word “go.” At least he tried. Presently, there is an unsettling silence, as if someone doesn’t know the next step towards solving the illegal gun problem. The solution to solving the gun problem, has always been to vigorously attack the gun problem. To that end, strategy is the most important factor, otherwise, money will be wasted. Strategy starts with upping the penalties. Those criminals need to be real scared when they hold an illegal weapon. Anything less than that, we are wasting time.

  6. That’s so true only when they are in power they know what is best for the country but if we truly want a change in this country it starts with us the people of Saint Lucia and the parents that benefiting from their barbaric sons crime on this nation so if we truly want a change the people’s voice must be heard even if this country have to be shut don’t for a day for our PM to understand that the people of this great island is so much more valuable than opening up is horse race track

  7. I agreed with you but on one point .if they have the knife without it use less jail. If they use it more jail.

  8. The upgrading of Laws for Unlicensed Firearm ànd Ammunition .Should have been Enforced years ago .Arrest and Charge the Culprits the Magestrate will Grant bail.$5.000.00 or Suitable Surety and Report Twice a week at.Central police Station

  9. I believe in quick justice as justice delayed is justice denied. I also believe that conditions for bail should be made very diffic cult for suspected murderers to make. The former Minister, in his angry pronouncement, would achieve very little success with his “after the fact ” tirade. He has suggested no preventative measures for the abatement of crimes. All he utters about is harsh punishment and amputating human limps. His crime reduction strategies could have come from any fool on the street. Believe or not brutal pounishment is no deterrent to crime. I know this is a minority opinion in St. Lucia. Studies after studies have proven this to be a fact. Crimes of passion are committed without the perpetrators thinking about the consequences of their actions. Murderers think that they will never be caught so they don’t think about punishment. What we should focus on mostly is employing preventative measures before the crime is committed. But, you see, this is more difficult to implement as it takes hard work and more resources of the State This has worked with one of our OECS neighbors. This easy way out that this former National Security Minister has suggested is too simplistic. Crime is a complex thing.. There is no one or easy solution. It requires hard work, determination, consistency and perseverance .

  10. You should have done that during your time, but you did not, else you gave them a pat on the back; your days are gone!

  11. I’m all for tougher sentences but his stance is tyrannical especially since it won’t be applied against the upper echelons of society. The lackadaisical and corrupt police force we have here would abuse this law to get rid of those they have problems with. Also there are many law abiding citizens who was with knives because we all know you can’t depend on the police or your fellow man for protection.

  12. justice for these sort of crimes must be swift or appear to be swift you kill today they hang you tomorrow ,mammy don’t cry just wave your son goodbye cause in 24 hours justice will be serve so go and buy your flowers in 24 hours my boy don’t cry just go and say your prayers

  13. ,All the laws are there.We have to find the way that those that control the gangs ,are stopped from threatening our judges ,maybe there is something that has to change inside the courts,witneses are threatened,they all know who you are,were you live.And as we have seen manny have paid with their lives,before their date in court.So why do the courts have to give all the specs of the witness to the other party? this I find troubling.If you are the criminal being dragged to court,why should your layers be told of who has brought evidence against you? That should be for the judge only.Your layers will have their chance to question the witness at court.By this point there should be sufficient avidence against you and the witness just has to corroborate the evidence infront of a judge.Judges are threatened all the time,the prosecuters are threatened,we dont have the capabilities to protect the witneses or the judges.Behind most of these gangs there are powerfull personalities that move a lot of money.they control everything except the weather.Evidence gets lost in the police stations,and money runs to pay for the clean up operation.Any judge will percieve when a judge has been threatened,to carry the case in a certain direction.Still we cant step in and change anything,do we blame the judge,? hes thinking of his family and health.Do we go after all those phone calls,and investigate were and who did them? We need brains ,lots of money,more technology,more cameras,more patrol cars,big control centers ,speedy investigations,.More eficiensy on the street,and the police will regain the respect of our people

  14. While a lot of these ides sound great, they will not be implemented, because these Island Countries are too afraid of the outcry from Hunan Rights groups, bad mouthing them as barbaric countries . Besides, the criminals know that they can go into court and demonstrate Fake Remorse, and get a light sentence. The criminals say that they are sorry, but the reality is, they are only sorry that they got caught.

  15. A leader is born with special qualities that is not prevalent in the general population. Dr. Mondesir was the only Minister of Government in recent history in SLU, to have had a reduction in crime during his tenure as Minister of National Security (approx 35% reduction in crime).
    He also was our most successful Minister of Health since Hon. Romanus Lansiquot; He established a Dialysis unit in the south for the very first time; He was able to convince the Cubans to donate to us a modern Eye Clinic, found in very few places in the world; saving our poor ppl thousands for eye operations. WELL DONE DR. MONDESIR.

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