Friday, February 21, 2020

Former PM concerned over IAU

Former Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony who is also the Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, has said that he and many of his constituents are deeply concerned about the future of IAU in the constituency.

In a written statement Thursday, Anthony said: “Of late, several home owners who rent their properties to students attending IAU are concerned about the future of their properties because of the ongoing issues regarding the accreditation of the institution. Some are fearful that their investments in building apartments and renovating their homes to accommodate foreign students will suffer because of the uncertainty regarding the accreditation status of the institution.”

The former Prime Minister said he is also deeply concerned. 

He noted that in early August, he wrote to the Minister of Education for a meeting sometime after August 22, 2017, to get clarification from her of the nature of the accreditation issues facing IAU and other institutions operating in Saint Lucia.

“I am aware she attempted to calm fears by suggesting that the Ministry of Education is working to resolve the issues. To date nothing significant has happened and it appears that IAU is haemorrhaging.  I am  yet to get a response to my letter,” Anthony observed.

 “It is vital that the issues of accreditation are quickly resolved as uncertainty over the future of these institutions could cause incalculable damage to investments in this sector. I had looked forward to the expansion of these institutions in Vieux Fort particularly as the former Government had enacted an incentives regime for these institutions operating in Saint Lucia and had declared Vieux Fort a ‘University Town.’ As soon as I have a clearer picture, I plan to meet the homeowners to discuss the situation, ”he stated.



  1. Dr Anthony I share your concerns and I do hope that you are not surprised. The actions of the Government is to oppress the constituents where they lost the elections, but I trust that you have no fear, the Bible says it all “Vengence is mine saith the Lord and I will repay”, the worldly one is Karma and this to shall come to pass. Ask the constituents to keep trusting in the Most High King and Lord above,

  2. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    And they sang a new song with these words: “You are worthy to take the scroll and break its seals and open it. For you were slaughtered, and your blood has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

    – Revelation 5: 9

  3. One question to Dr. Anthony. The request made by this government for the school to be accredited isn’t it a fare request? Everyone should be happy that there are homeowners who benefited from these students, should a government sacrifice the reputation of its country because of these few people?

  4. This UWP government is completely useless. They destroy everything they put their hands on. I cannot wait to see the back of them!

  5. Accreditation takes time. It is a long process. Spartan has been here over 20 years and they only have partial accreditation. Those schools were given time to get accreditation but this Minister changed the deadline and has given them until next January 2018. So stupid! Now they have killed a vital industry. One that so many people depended on. Atlantic Univ has left and enrollment is down at the other schools. Incompetent fools!!!

  6. Shame and scandal only with this uwp government, up to now no deputy speaker, the minister of Jock ubaldus is still in government getting paid to jock, masturbate with our taxpayers money, while the pm is travelling .shame ,shame ,shame.this government is a complete waste.

  7. Accreditation takes time. It is a long process. Spartan only has partial accreditation and they have been here over 20 years. The schools were given till 2023 to get accredited but this Minister has given them till January 2018 which is much too short a time. So stupid!! She has killed a vital industry, one that many people depended on. Atlantic has left and enrollment is down at the other schools. Incompetent fools!!!

  8. So call me cynical but dear doctor you need to stop campaigning right now this is too important to be playing political games. How and why are these universities operating without accreditation. How were our own citizens supposed to benefit esp on an international scale after they have spent thousands of dollars and immeasurable time in studying. Why wasn’t that issue factored in. When a project is to be undertaken we are allowing too many things to slip through thbe cracks and then playing the blame game. The question should really be this – how did we let this happen and how do we ensure it never happens again. Passing the blame as if you did no wrong is manipulative and serves no purpose, proper procedure has to be adhered to if we are to move forward. If the VF residents are suffering or will suffer this is one of the issues that had to be managed BEFORE. We need to be more proactive as a gov’t and not just allow everything ‘to pass’ and hope when the shoe drops it doesn’t drop while ‘our party’ is in power. Allow due process to take its stance.
    PS this applies to both parties as my ONLY concern is the development of the land to which i’m hooked like an old fish.

  9. Both parties have failed the people over and over again. Dividing the ppl is their mission…first it was Willie Lynch, then came religion and politics. Free yourselves from mental slavery, politicians are your new slave masters.

  10. Shouldn’t Kenny be more concern about st jude hospital that the poor people of the South need than crying for a few fortunate home owners that have all they need in life. Getting richer and can afford heath care at the most pretidge hospitals

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