Saturday, December 7, 2019

Former PM ‘Deeply Troubled’ By Teen’s Disappearance

Press Release:-  Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr Kenny D. Anthony, says he remains “deeply troubled” by the unexplained disappearance of Michael Blades alias “Cocoa” of the Mangue, Vieux Fort.

Cocoa, as he is popularly known, was arrested by Vieux Fort Police on November 22, 2019,  and taken to the Choiseul Police Station.

He was released without charge on the evening of Sunday, November 24, 2019.

Footage from the Police Station recorded that he attempted to flag a vehicle presumably  to take him home  to Vieux Fort but he never made it. To date, Cocoa has not been seen or heard.

According to Dr Anthony, 

“the family and friends of Cocoa are deeply distressed and worried. With each passing day  that Cocoa is not found, their anxiety and worry intensifies. The children in the Mangue are traumatized by Cocoa’s unexplained disappearance. As far as I am aware, postings on the social media have yielded no clues. Understandably, the family needs answers and very quickly. While Cocoa has had a history of autism, he is a sensible, kind,  warm and jovial individual. I have known him since he was a child. I just pray that Cocoa is somewhere, alive and well.”



  1. We are all concerned so don’t try to politicize it. You will never be concerned about the shooting and other crime in VFort because this young guys and their parents were neglected by you and your administration during your tenure in government. You destroyed all youth development structure. High unemployment among the youth especially in VFort. ONLY damn handouts. It is unfortunate that the foreseen criminals is now manifesting under this administration. Vfortian are good people. I lived there in my youth age. Wth prayers and the grace of God the young man will be found and our youth will see and grab at the opportunities that is been made available to them.

    • Don’t. MAKE THIS A POLITICAL ISSUE but look at the CARP you write. As the. MP. for VF South the man Just expressing his concern over the fact that the fellow Autistic and is missing and for parents of autistic children this is nightmare 101. Kenny Anthony is not the one with an issue it’s your dysfunctional backside. If the former PM can release a statement about a missing youth and just for doing so this has traumatized trivialize, destabilized , and so badly disrupt your psychy in such a manner that YOU would write this CRAP YOU. KNOW YOU NEED HELP PSYCHO

    • Another known Ass ( A.K.A) Truth Being Told ;

      it is really people like you Chastenet was referring to when he said let the Jackasses bray. worthless occupiers of natural and cyber space. Insensitive piece of trash.

  2. Just a bad move by the police.The time they say they released him.they could at least have called a relative,dont tell me they coud not see who they had in their hands.Besides you take him miles from his dwellings.


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