Former PM Defends His Wife Over Drafting Of Labour Code

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, has defended his wife in the face of accusations that she drafted a ‘horrendous’ Saint Lucia labour code.

“In a recent post, one Devon Nick, writing for United Pac, the UWP’s propaganda arm, accused my wife, Professor Rose Marie B. Antoine, of drafting a “horrendous”Labour Code and being paid $500,000.00 for her work on the Code,” Anthony wrote in a recent post on the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s official Facebook page.

He asserted that to describe Professor Antoine’s work as “horrendous” is to maliciously attack her professional competence, skills, reputation and integrity.

According to the former PM, for years, United Pac has peddled these untruths, usually unchallenged.

“It is a lie to claim Professor Antoine was paid $500,000 for her work. She received approximately US $22,000.00 (EC $58,960) from the ILO and she has repeatedly said so,” Anthony wrote.

He explained that Professor Antoine was selected by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to draft the Code because of her unquestioned expertise in Labour Law.

He said the ILO knew her well because she was a former employee of that organization at their Geneva office. 

“When CARICOM wanted to reform the region’s Labour Law, it was to Professor Antoine they turned to evaluate, assess and propose reforms to the laws of Member States. Individual Governments throughout our region have repeatedly engaged her as a Labour Law expert and consultant,” Anthony asserted.

“The same Code that United Pac says is “horrendous” was used by the Turks and Caicos Government as the model for its own regime of Labour Law,” the former Saint Lucia PM declared.

“What, pray is “horrendous” about the Code? Is it “horrendous” because it enlarged the rights of workers, made the law accessible to all and sundry and provided workers as well as employers with new remedies and opportunities for redress for infractions at the workplace?” He asked.

According to Anthony, it is strange that the United Workers Party (UWP) was in power for almost five years never repealed the Labour Code when they had the opportunity to do so.

He said all they did were some tepid amendments, some of which were plainly unnecessary.

“No piece of legislation is ever perfect. Already, those of us who practice Labour Law can identify some areas that would benefit from reform. But there is no doubt that the Code is beginning to make its mark in shaping relations at the workplace. We have had several decisions from the Labour Tribunal, pronouncing on issues arising at the workplace, whether in favour of workers or employers,” Anthony asserted.

He expressed the view that the enactment of the Labour Code will remain as one of the great achievements of the Labour Government which he had the honour to lead.

“Maybe, United Pac and its zealots should, as Philip J Pierre always say, put that in their “pipes and smoke it”,” the former PM concluded.


  1. Devon Nick is singing for his supper as always. By alk means sing for ur supper but not by spreading lies. U going to hell

  2. Always trying to justify their action with “Kenny did it too”. Isn’t that why he was voted out?? Watch how you all will be voted out too.

  3. Sometimes it’s good to expose those propaganda social media accounts for their lies. Without the labor code companies would be abusing their employees more than they already are.

  4. Ur’ll saying Dat but to be honest as a workin citizen Dat labour code hv a lot of flaws in it. N out of all the flaws the big companies hv the upper hand over we lucians. I don’t affliate with no political parties. Jst saying through experience most time the labour code in favor of the bigger heads!!!

  5. So so Kenny was der he din see government workers overworking, short staff, underpaid so that the labour code can redress it? Instead he gave his boys Hugh increases and tell government workers no money to give dem increase. Minimum wage to low labour code ehh address dat? Nepotism Kenny my boy in the highest place.supermarkets opening in trinidad and all.labour code ehh talk about politician teething poor people money .?any way politcians will always be politicians.

    • Kenny been having a laught all the time on you lucians..he is more a tiff ! The white man is the greatest tiff ..he pays you ,to tiff what you have ! Big sums of money payed to crime P M…

  6. Kenny you know fully well with your wife involved you in the labour code , you will have full knowledge of wats going on . secondly it won’t be fair and balanced . you definitely had an input to it .

  7. All a y’all politicians need to be going to jail for your corruption and nepotism. I cant stand what some of these as gotten away with on the island and mo one has done nothing. Duck kenny **** chastnet. Betta muss come.

  8. I am very happy that my pm responded to them about his wifehe talked so much about the labour code and his wife. . I would also like him to talk like that about Grynberg. Please my PM.

  9. How the memory of my people is so corrupted by their partisan political postures as to remove from their minds the fact that it was the combined organizations of the private sector backed by the UWP which stood up against the Labour Code from its infancy.

    We deliberately forget that a foreigner was brought to SLU to assist in attempts at stalling the passing of the Bill on behalf of the private sector; that it was the Minister of Labour in the King Administration who was “mum” on the Code for 4 of his 5-year term; that it was under the King Administration that the Code was gutted…all because the private sector did not want some of their bad practices to be criminalized (carry prison sentences), as the original Code proposed? Where are akl those provisions NOW?

    How corrupted are we?? VERY !!!

    For in the face of verifiable FACT we accept the lie as truth. THAT IS OUR CURRENT REALITY FOR WE LIKE IT SO…THEREFORE…

    Woe is you, woe is me, woe is SLU.

  10. The problem that I have is that though the SLP under Kenny Anthony drafted the labour code they never passed it. They held it in abeyance for years. However as soon as they were in opposition they went into pressuring the UWP’s King administration to pass it. However it was the UWP’s intention to pass the law. Anything that is controversial but essential the SLP stays away and pressures the UWP when in office to do it national health care , labour code etc.. The only measure that they showed some desire and fortitude to pass was VAT and it stood to benefit their government because of mounting fiscal deficits and pressure from international governments and agencies like the IMF.

  11. so nepotism is part our national dna…not sure whether to be surprised or to just smile with acknowledgement🤔

  12. Aa, Kenny defending his wife. So I wonder why he not defending himself about Grynberg. I guess cause all that is being said is the truth. Anyways and to that Labour Code. Like seriously, u defending your wife for writing or drafting such garbage. Did she or was she involved in the Motor Vehicles Act 2003, cause that too is RIDICULOUS. She should gv the ILO back their money. Choops Tan.

  13. Kenny Anthony didnt write this garbage and who ever had this publish is doing more harm to Kenny Anthony? How infantile is this response>

  14. Now that you have cleared your wife on something over 50% of St Lucians do not care about, now tell the whole nation about Grynberg which is sucking the s*** out of we tax payers.

      • Hope you know of Negative growth and no growth.
        Hope and pray that this government save St Lucia from paying the $500 million USD Grynberg is suing for because it you the young people will be paying for it.

  15. I hope Kenny is held accountable for all. These. Millions that is being spent in court for. His gryberg saga. Or be prepared to go to jail .he knows what went on in his agreement and he refused to give information to. Help the case .in the USA. He would be in jail long

  16. I personally do not like Dr Anthony. But could someone say what is the issue with the labour code? In the times I’ve had to interact with it I have found it to be concise and fair. Almost anyone can pick it up and understand the rights afforded them.
    So again I ask. What is the problem with the code?

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