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Former PM Laments ‘Unconscionable’ Treatment Of Vieux Fort Fishers

Vieux Fort South MP and former Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, has called on the Minister for the Fishing Sector, Ezekeil Joseph, to address the plight of the fishers of Vieux Fort following the closure of the Fish Marketing Corporation.

“It would appear that no thought was given to the continuing need of fishers for ice to undertake their fishing operations when the Government closed down the operations of the Fish Marketing Corporation,” Anthony said in a statement Monday.

“Normally, this is the high season to catch pelagic species of fish, namely, dolphin, kingfish, and tuna. The peak month is March. Fishers require ice daily for their bait as well as ice when they return to land, to protect their catches. No provision was made for the supply of ice to the fishers. Already, the catches for this season have been low and further disruption will undoubtedly impact the supply of fish to the local market,” he observed.

The former PM described the treatment meted out to the fishers of Vieux Fort as being ‘both unacceptable and unconscionable’.

“Fishers are as important as other stakeholders in the economy and they must be treated fairly and with respect. I trust the Minister will heed my advice and resolve this problem without any further delay,” the Vieux Fort South MP stated.



  1. God help us all for what that is happening in our little country of ours man this is just disturbing health care is deathly people getting fired left right and center want next god be with us Lord at this time I pray

    • What a joke u are killbill….talking bout the fisher and u reach on bananas ….hahahahahhaha just shows……

    • Killbill, are you mentally challenged? Anytime a government entity that is providing a useful purpose for citizens is abruptly closed down, you have trouble brewing. This government shows over and over again its insensitivity to the wellbeing of the populace. Instead of trying to reduce the mammoth unemployment, they are doing the reverse. This administration is only creating tension, anxiety and havoc in the country.

  2. Excellent point, the closure of the fish marketing board was not done properly it seems . First, a foreign exporter was informed via this very site of the closure instead of months in advance. Now no arrangements was made to assist the fish in the interim while a new organization is formed.

  3. Kenny Anthony has no idea what’s going on in vf.. almost every thing said in his statement is incorrect

    • Which of his statements are false?
      1. The Government shut down the Fish Marketing corporation ? Fact
      2. Fishers are equally important as other stakeholders in the economy? Fact
      3. They must be treat with respect and fairly? Fact
      4. Fishers require ice daily to keep their catch fresh? Fact

      I could go on…

      • Apparently lead the fishermen to protest when he was in opposition. Demanding the the PM King pay the fishermen promptly. He became PM subsequently and 2 years later the same fishermen were protesting against him for the same reason.”Equal important” and “Treated with respect” are generally correct and is be used by Kenny Anthony to prostitute the poor underprivileged fishermen which he never help.
        Fishermen do not use ice. Fact

  4. So now we are all getting hit by the same issue.We cant fish with out ice,why cant the goverment come out and see how to solve the problem,we dont need the complex we just need the ice.So lets talk money let the cooperative buy the ice machine,so we can all keep on working.Gross Islet has its own ice machine,all because an investor purchased the ice maker.Lets talk,goverment should offer solutions,not problems,who ever takes over the fishing complex,dosent mean a thing to us.Things will go on being the same,they will keep on importing fish and selling it to St Lucians.You are going to pass it over to Rain Forrest,so they will flod the market with their Jamaican fish,that is still OK for most of us.Hope they can sell cheaper than what we sell in the street Another question I have for this goverment, Can you sell something that was donated to you,for the fishers to be able to work? Think carefully before you answer party hacks,and try to be constructive,dont jiber your dum party propaganda.

  5. Dr Kenny Anthony, I want to ask since when fishermen uses ice. I thought it was the fish vendors who needed the ice. This shows how disconnected you are with the community and continue to prostitute the poor and underprivileged people. These same fishermen you apparently lead protest action with them for payment for their fish from the fisheries. You asked then PM King to pay the fishermen. You subsequently became PM and only 2 years after these same fishermen were protesting for the same cause.

  6. Well, not every local enterprsie has to be closed down. Chastanet is very ignorant that way. he could have simply streamlined the operations. didn’t he do the same to the marketing board recently? government cannot be a profit driven enterprise, thats not its function, you stupid people. it must find a way of reaching the happy medium of catering to the interest of a wide range of citizens, even when it appears at a loss. this is why taxes are so important, the money have to come from somewhere so redistribution can take place. so this is why we cant keep giving our resources and land away for free, no taxes just for “investments” or rather-disinvestments in our people in the long term. As for Anthony, he must also admit that as VF rep. he has been a big failure. never even made sure that St Judes was up and running for his own constituency. I fear we need better leadership with vision beyond any of the current crop of guys in politics right now.

  7. The fisheries was not a profitable venture. It was not even breaking even. It was losing money non-stop. You know who had to step in time and again to rescue it? The Government. And you know where Government gets that money from? The taxpayer. The same tax payer that get gouged when trying to buy fish. This welfare state mentality needs to stop. The government should not have to prop up a for profit business. If fishers can charge so much for a pound of fish and not turn a profit they should not be in business.

  8. Fishers,the guys that go out every day to catch fish,normaly take ice on their boats,the guys that buy the fish carry ice in their big containers,to be able to bring fish from Dennery and further south to Castries and Gross Islet.If you dont take ice on your boat because you went out at two in the morning,you are back in port by eight in the morning,so you dont need ice,and your fish is in the market by nine in the morning,if you are leaving port after eight in the morning you need ice or your fish will go bad by midday,unless you fill your box with sea water and keep changing the water,as the sun heats it up.Fish goes bad fast and its toxic,Dont say they dont use ice .

  9. the fishermen of this land, needs re prestation! not only Vieux fort! that is a very wicked move by the government!

  10. Kenny had his chances for reform during the years when he was an elected offfical.

    And what happened? Look at where we are today.

    And all he can now seemingly do is attack, complain, and remain shockingly silent on articulating his proposed solutions, if he has any.

    Kenny is yesterday’s man. He needs to understand that.

    God Bless.

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