Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Former PM Says CDB Doing A Disservice To The Region

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony has asserted that the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is doing a disservice to Saint Lucia and the region.

The Vieux Fort South MP made the remarks in the House of Assembly Tuesday.

“Mr. Speaker, I say unashamedly that I do not support the current management of the Caribbean Development Bank,” Anthony, a former Minister of Finance stated.

Explaining why, he said he does not believe that the current CDB management is living up to what the founding fathers of the institution, in particular Saint Lucia’s own Sir Arthur Lewis, pronounced for the bank.

Anthony expressed the view that the CDB has departed from the vision of its founders.

“The Caribbean Development Bank has lost sight that the reason for its existence is to facilitate the development of small Islands,” he explained.

“That is in the founding document. That is what Sir Arthur preached,” the former PM told the Saint Lucia House of Assembly.

“That is what Sir Arthur, when he was president of the bank, attempted to do. The bank has long departed, Mr. Speaker, from that founding principle.”

Anthony was at the time speaking on a motion before the house authorising the Minister for Finance to borrow from the Caribbean Development Bank an amount not exceeding US$4,927,210.00, consisting of a Special Funds Resources portion in the amount of US$2,463,605.00 and an Ordinary Capital Resources portion in the amount of US$2,463,605.00 for the purpose of financing the Services of Consultants to conduct Implementation (LABs) Workshops and to set up a Performance Management and Delivery Unit.

He declared that there is nothing that the CDB loves more than Consultants.

According to the former PM, every single project must have Consultants.

He said the CDB in particular has a ‘fascination’ for Canadian Consultants.

“It is not often you get them appointing regional Consultants except when it suits their purposes,” Anthony declares.

He told the house that the moment the CDB sees a proposal for Consultants, the bank latches on to it.

“By the time they are finished they have their Consultants all lined up,” Anthony stated.


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  1. Love him or hate him but he has not spoken a single bit of untruth here. More so when it comes to all these consultants. Sometimes their prices are even equal if not greater than the cost of the project itself.

    • Yes he spoke truth there, but when he was in a position to do something about it he kept his ass shut because it greased his wheels. Don’t expect me to respect him now.

  2. Thats the game,bring in the consultants,its also product of our laziness,its easier to pay guys to think,and do all the research,and work out all the procedures,of the project ?.Or maybe because we are dum? But its expensive.The CDB,will allways make money,before helping us,or anybody else

  3. Not a Kenny fan but he is absolutely correct here. CDB is a greedy middleman that handles developmental funds. The institution is big on largesse and needs to be slimmed down and refocused.

  4. We just putting the rope round our necks.Why dont they investigate and ask the neighbours,how they are dealing with this bank? Hear what they say and meditate,about your actions?

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