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Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am
Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am
Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am

Former PM Says Vieux Fort South Being Made To Suffer Because Of Loyalty To SLP

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony has lamented that the people of his Vieux Fort South constituency are  being made to suffer because of their loyalty to the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

The comments were made in a post on the SLP’s official Facebook page last week.

According to Anthony, during his last term in office he diverted most of his Constituency Development Funds into building concrete roads in various neighbourhoods in Vieux-Fort South.

He stated that the communities of Cantonement, Bruceville, Doe Camel and La Ressource were among the beneficiaries.

The Vieux Fort South MP disclosed that community of Cedar Heights was one of the last places to be touched by this programme.

“The plan was to completely transform the existed poor road network into new, durable, concrete strips,’ the former PM stated.

He said the main road near Martha’s tire service, a connecting road to La Tourney and at least two other areas in Cedar Heights got new concrete roads.

“It is disheartening that an entire constituency can be made to suffer simply because of its loyalty to the Saint Lucia Labour Party. While the transformation of the road network remains undone, we are hearing of plans by the Chastanet Government to construct new islands in Vieux-Fort South,” the Facebook post said.

“These are but a few examples of what currently exists in Vieux-Fort South. Rome was not built in a day, but certainly, this community would have been better in three years as there is evidence that the progress had already started,” Anthony noted.


  1. Vieux fort is famous for stray dogs mosquitoes flies frogs poverty crime evil and business men who have sold their soul to the devil

    • Agree. I live off. that concrete road and I drive on it everyday. Who don’t live don’t comment on something you know nothing about. When we get tired of Chastanet carp we all just going to lblock the entrance to the airport. No sell out no back pedal

  2. What in 3 years it has gotten that bad then you didn’t do shit when you were in power what a disgrace and shame to even open your mouth pm of jus 3 yrs ago

  3. Is it right for only you to victimize them? The people of vf deserve better. Anytime projects are being done there you always oppose it. How many years did it take you to fix the vf square? And now you are calling victimization. The people are not stupid anymore Kenny. And please do not boast about roads. It is a tax payer’s right to have good roads. Don’t go boasting that you built roads. It is like a teacher boasting and say that they taught during the week. We are not stupid.

  4. The batchou family member is coming out from his closet. PHILIP J PIERRE, remember you have been warned.

  5. This man only did some concrete roads, fix a square and wanted to build a monument for himself in V-Fort South after 15 yrs and he talking crap like he brought down honey from the heavens. I remember when he did the so call promenade to the ghetto he was on national t.v saying he only did it because he always wanted to finish the concrete road the Americans had build. The sucker also said the reason why the ceiling at St.Jude’s was built low by them is because everyone in V-Fort who has been to St.Jude’s knows the ceilings were low from the old one they hard before so it was a big deal to build a new one so low. Man get out of here ok every time the Government tries to do something meaningful and impactful down there you opening your mouth to raise hell and block them now you shouting they eh doing nothing. Man what do you really want and what are you really up to? And the funny thing is you are still going to get fools to vote this lose back into his seat and office.

    • You are so blinded by nothing that it sure takes a fool to call one a fool. You seem to be the judge , jury and prosecutor. Whatever is happening now is part and parcel of what the last group had established. A lot of the work being done is either new or things in the works from before. DHS is a great example. The previous group did not think it was a good deal for St.Lucia, they were holding out for more. These guys were so desperate that they took what was offered. You bring up lots of stuff that both sides are guilt of. Maybe you can start listing their fallacies also.

  6. But yet still the SLP political hacks are saying that the GOSL spent $13,000,000.00 on a road. Where?

  7. Chasnet has a vision and a plan for st.Lucia is time for a new st .Lucia. Right now is we st Lucian to be more creative more ambitious. More talented chasnet is opening doors for us

    • Chastanet has no vision. Left to him we will all be wearing Hawaiian shirts servings drinks to and carry luggage of foreigners. Don’t be an idiot.

      • All the services you mentioned are called Jobs. Isn’t it better than sitting on the block useless all day? When Kenny wanted to build all the hotels, you’ll said nothing….at the time it was good for St. Lucia, but now it’s not him it’s bad…smh. noone had a problem with the millions he spent starting the hotel in Monrepos that was left to rotton….talk about nonsense..smh.

    • Very true, it’s about time we learn that politics is not colors or what party you supporting anymore.. it is who’s getting the job done at the end of the day we the tax payers paying their salaries

  8. Monsieur Anthony, I will totally disagree with you on this one. Your words do point to your agenda here. I think many Saint Lucians now realize that the present Government is doing the best they can to develop the Country while you on the side lines criticizing. Now, though I defend your right to your opinion, I suspect you now find yourself in a position where you see things being done by the Government and that they are at least acting on their promises to the nation. It’s about time Saint Lucia and it’s citizens get a better deal. What did you do when you were in Government Monsieur Anthony?. You seek to divide the people even when it is plain for all to see that the present Government, though not perfect, at least doing something. Put your petty behaviour in order and get unto the program Sir. St Lucia don’t deserve your rabble rousing and petty nothingness. Stop dividing the people Kenny. It’s time to unleash the full potential of Saint Lucia.

    • It is the current administration that is dividing the country. Who is calling the population “jackasses” , saying 43% cannot read and write. Their “Five to Stay Alive” was pure lies, VAT has been reduced by 2.5% but prices of everything is high than when it was 15%. Gas Prices are much higher than it was in 2016 (Orange march? $6.36). It is only the rich business owners and high level uwp members are benefiting. And victimization is now rampant in the Public Service. The UWP politicized crime to win the last election and under their watch 2017 had the most murders in this country’s history. So don’t come with that crap, a lot of people quiet because they are most likely ashamed they were conned for their vote.

    • It is the current administration that is dividing the country. Who is calling the population “jackasses” , saying 43% cannot read and write. Their “Five to Stay Alive” was pure lies, VAT has been reduced by 2.5% but prices of everything is high than when it was 15%. Gas Prices are much higher than it was in 2016 (Orange march? $6.36). It is only the rich business owners and high level uwp members are benefiting. And victimization is now rampant in the Public Service. The UWP politicized crime to win the last election and under their watch 2017 had the most murders in this country’s history. So don’t come with that crap, a lot of people quiet because they are most likely ashamed they were conned for their vote.

  9. Remember he refused the Taiwanese 1 million dollars for VFort. Made himself absent with no excuse when the Transport Office was being opened in VFort. He tried through the Crown Land Office to stop the construction of the wall on the circumference of the playing field. Now the field is being used for every national sporting activity because of that wall. Contradicting this present statement he stated at the budget that this government is DEVELOPING VFort because they want to win the seat at the next election. Ask him how often he comes to his VFort office on Wednesdays. This guy is loco and it could happen only in VFort because of his many stooges there like JJ which he treated like a nothing and MM who treats VFortians as nothing.

    • You failed to remember the red envelopes. Maybe this was why he refused the money. It’s better to be true to self and country than be bought. You also seem to forget that the Taiwanese had no respect for labra at that time. keep bringing up stuff that all politicians do. You can also ask him how many people he has given judicial advice to or other areas you have no clue about.

  10. I can only recall off hand that Dr. Anthony completed the following projects during his tenure as the MP for Vieux Fort South.
    – Vieux-Fort Fisheries Complex
    – West Coast Highway
    – Vft. I.T. Center
    – Promenade
    – George Odlum Stadium
    – Solar Farm
    – The Abattoir
    But you see, that is why the PSYCOLOGY Chastanet learned through Cambridge Analytica, is so POWERFUL… Because by STOPPING both the Vieux Fort Administrative Building and the IFC financed Hewanorra International Airport redevelopment which was scheduled to start in October 2016 he has essentially starved the people of the south until they are now greatful for any projects which he now chooses to start.
    It is SO BAD that now, GRAPHIC RENDERINGS are now EQUAL to achievements… so me, I leave it be.
    When I speak, they say I am from the North, as if Chastanet is from Grace. Meanwhile, no one ever asks why, if he truly believed in the south beyond his own ability to EXPLOIT IT, why didn’t he give a **** about the South, when he was running for Soufriere?

    • When people are not truthful you can tell, first of all add the square to it and remove the things that shouldn’t be there. Remember all what he found thriving that he destroyed thanks

      • Like Chastanet stopping the Administrative Centre that was suppose to built by now. But he stopped all projects that was taking place in the country so he can prevent the previous administration from getting any credit for works.

    • The adminstrative building at vfort was never there when you get a plan of it present it. Fake poster to try and win a seat and election it full some of u but didn’t full the majority. Smh at Kenny a building without plan that was never coming just to win and have ppl all on corpus Christi working the site what a joke for a pm

  11. Listen to this total arsehole speak. In all your years in power what have you done for Vieux-Fort?

  12. You people in st lucia have no shame, what vision that pm hS for st lucia will allways stay backward because of you’ll crap.

    • No! You may be accustom to backward but we are moving in the right direction now.

  13. Right…Kenny you did put paths for the ppl which is…signs….bus stops..etc…this should be automatic throughout the yes this was settled thanks and whats your point??
    Now where are the things you needed to put in place for the TOWN? 90% of communities have community centres where is ours? When ppl approached you from vf asking for n upgraded town you said MPs are fighting you down in the house its difficult to do things for your town..reallllllllllyyyy???
    Norm mash tann.
    Yall didnt think yall would lose thats yall busy breading Jadia in trinidad with her law degree to come represent vieux come in all the crazyness you left behind..what has COMMERCIAL road become in the middle of town??? Tell them..a freaking Ghost road…so will and come knew who to tackle in vfort..thats why you say they are die heart labour..but dont come with this here..You failed over and over again…
    Now Chastenet i saw the video of the upcoming vfort airport (mini JFK and Gatwick)..but if the visitors fall sick while there in vfort vacationing where will they go pardnah??
    Can you please focus on the hospital for us sir??

  14. Kenny Anthony u sad… what de hell did u do for vieux fort? U hv one main clarke street in vieux fort town n it dont even hv an exit. U could have opened it up but u refuse to do that now u coming n talk crap….. be loyal to the people not ya damn pocket. By 5:30pm vfort is a ghost town. Everything dead no life. So stop beating ya *** talking about victimization cause u did worst in all ya years. U should be ashamed of yaself. U let us down big time. Thot u were something good I will never vote labour as long as u represent vfort u wont get my vote. Look developers giving work to the south residents that burning u now because it not happening under ya administration. U, pip, alva, hilaire n de others vex. all of yall vex? Butt de freaking wall!!! I love it development in the south is great. When I come down next year to see the horse races I tipping all lucians i come across working there us$20 once u from the south area between micoud n chousiel.

  15. For how many years is DR. Anthony the Parliamentary Rep for Vieux Fort? for how may years was he PM? And he have heart to come and talk about a few concrete roads. Allen has been Rep and PM for 3 years and there are already concrete roads in Micoud. So what really is Anthony trying to say? Dr. Anthony also talks about the South, is Vieux Fort the only constituency in the South? We really have to ask Dr. Anthony all the questions we want answers to anytime he opens his mouth because he only speaks when he wants to pat himself on the back. He never speaks of accounting for Rochamel, Grynberg, Juffali, St. Jude Hospital, OKEU, just to name a few. These issues sure drove us to the doldrums rather than concrete roads.

  16. Kenny anthony who starved who? When you and your stogies rejected the one million dollars by the Taiwanese government for community development,who were you hurting? Isn’t it the ppl of vf,etc?
    When you said if the DHS project continues in V.f there will not be peace,who are you hurting? When you sing a contra t with grynburg without the knowledge of your cabinet,(which only the governor general was authorize to sign) who were your hurting? And whilst at it I wish to ask you what did you mean when you said if chastnet decide to Investigate the matter it will be gone in a whirlwind? Who are you hurting,you arrogant SOB.

  17. All you just running you’ll mouth. Hope Chastnet builds a little Dubai as he promised. How many of you are from the south. Chastnet’s father said when he hss money he spends like a child who didnot have toys. Why he was mot chosen by his father to have any part in his company.when Chasnet finish with us, we go ask dog bread. Tanto Tanto. Mate eh care two hoots about us. Papa put a hand upon this land

    • This was about Kenny though and we won’t beg dogs God forbid and may he bless your cursing bad mouth so you can speak good into Lucia future

  18. Saint Lucia. I am a born looshaan!!!! My knowledge of politics is limited so much that I thought that if a politician wins his seat regardless of who won the general elections that candidate will continue in their post as Minister of whatever he/she was….e.g. Minister of ETC with RPN party loses continue being Minister of RPN because you won the majority of seats in your constituency. Introduction done…..the above statements by the former Prime Minister is pure horse dung………………There are reasons why the south is neglected those I would like to know and not only know but come up with solutions as to how it can be rectified. I live in the south however I have to pay $20 a day to work in a job waaaaaaaaay below my pay grade because i do not want to be stagnant, with a beautiful two year old daughter to care for. If the reason why we in the south both VFort North and VFort South are left to suffer because of our loyalty to SLP….Why when SLP was in power cutlery was done to bring up the image. The provision of roads, sewers, water, education, and social and welfare services are the basic functions of any government. You started an administrative biding weeks before elections, I for one was excited although I was on the NICE programme in an Administrative role. btw thank you all for that programme…called for courses heard about it joined thinking it was home care got other roles…….the administrative building crashed oops UWP punishing us for stopping it. Listen both you parties I am going to read on Politics for Dummies and start my movement and move you guys away from us!
    i went to the one who is very cosy with his secretaries for something in his constituency and was told it belongs to another constituency only to hear years later boasting about a project in the other constituency claiming it as his own. The hospital is in shams because staff do not care about our well being probably because they lack motivation. Regardless of how equipped it is if the same attitude follows careless mistakes would occur.
    This is what I wish for the South both VFort North and VFort South………………the truth. You guys have caused a brain drain in the south (yes I am not the brightest bulb so do not use me as the yard stick).

  19. I’m told that Kenny built a wooden crapper on Sandy Beach as one of his signature projects.

  20. These are but a few examples of what currently exists in Vieux-Fort South. Rome was not built in a day, but certainly, this community would have been better in three years as there is evidence that the progress had already started,” Anthony noted.


  21. To the winner goes the spoils I guess. No one person or party can take the blame for the south being looked upon as the backside of St.Lucia. This has been going on from the time of Compton. From sporting facilities to hotels to tourism it’s been the same s***, just a different time. I played all my ball without a field. At least Kenny had the foresight to start establishing the building blocks needed to make sure that schools, police stations, fire stations, hospitals, playing fields etc were built. This is the foundation for progress. I do think he should have done a lot more than he did. Chas and co piggy back on some of the big project that were already in the works. It’s very interesting for all those critical of Kenny only sees the mistakes but refuse to see the progress made during his term in office. The North presently is bustling at the seams since space is so limited that Chas has no choice but to come down south. Note that DHS all started with Labour, the deal was not consummated due to what we were getting in return. These guys were so desperate that the took the deal even to the detriment of St. Lucians

  22. I bet more than half of you are not from Vieux Fort. I believe there is a reason why Vieux Fortians are loyal to Dr K Anthony. Sir John was in power for over 40 years, way before KD Anthony and how was Vieux Fort?

  23. I think Kenny is looking for sympathy. He wants people to feel sorry for him in 15 years he. Had no vision maybe he just regained his sight. Let me tell This man we Lucians are no fools he has done enough damage to. St.Lucia exile himself from politics please. As far as I know he shouldn’t be a free man. He should be bordelair smh

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