Thursday, February 20, 2020

Former PM Warns That Fraudsters Are Soliciting Online In His Name

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony has issued an alert that fraudsters are  soliciting online in his name.

“Friends, I have received numerous accounts of online soliciting and other such activities happening in my name via Messenger. These are fake accounts that are not linked to my Facebook profile in anyway. My name and image are being used, but these are not my accounts,” the Vieux Fort South MP wrote on his official Facebook page on Friday.

He explained that signs of a fake profile are using Messenger without Facebook and being logged in using a phone number from the United States,

“Neither of these can be said about my legitimate Facebook profile and page,” Anthony asserted.

“When you receive such messages, please report the profiles to Facebook. Do not become a victim of online fraud,” he warned.

“Thanks to everyone for alerting me,” the former leader of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP)  said.

Just last week another SLP official, Senator Guibion Ferdinand alerted his Facebook friends to a scam involving messages purporting to originate from his page.

Guibion Ferdinand

Ferdinand said the messages appear to be offering and soliciting assistance for various causes.

“Please be informed that these messages are NOT from me and that they should be ignored, since I would never engage in such activity,” the opposition official explained.



  1. Let’s put all the hatred on a side and be real. We seem to politicized everything in this Country, not until it hits us we’ll come to realize how serious these things are. Some Months ago the Prime Minister, warn the nation about this same situation, which happened to him, and no one said that he was trying to get popular. We must always remember that life has a way of paying back itself, so let’s be careful as to how we judge people.

  2. The s*** Hits the fan that’s not the time to complain . ubaldas was too
    Those who laugh last laugh the best.
    When you’re an egg don’t join in stone fights
    When you’re thin skin don’t go by the fire 🔥

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