Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Former Police Commissioner Vernon Augustin Has Died

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Former Police Commissioner Vernon Augustin has died, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has announced on its official Facebook page.

In extending condolences to the former top cop’s family and friends, the RSLPF noted that Augustin served with distinction as head of the force from 1994 to 1997.

” The veteran officer dedicated most of his life in service, always available to share his wealth of knowledge with any and every officer he encountered,” the RSLPF said.

The Facebook post recalled that people knew Augustin for his ‘impressive deportment’ even in retirement.

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It said he would scold officers who did not measure up to the strictest standards.

In addition, the RSLPF disclosed that Augustin, whom people affectionally knew as ‘ 5 Augustin’, conceptualised the Ex-Police Organisation founded on July 14, 1994, which provides a vital support system for former serving members.

According to the RSLPF, he will be enshrined in the history of the RSLPF, as a man who gave his all to ensure the furtherance of the organisation holistically.

” His passing is a tremendous loss to the service he helped mould through the years,” the organisation stated.

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  1. This John Public character was birthed out the other hole? I jus don’t understand how and why you bringing this up when the substantial issue here is a loss of life- gosh!!

  2. John Public you displaying ignorance. Did you not read the sentence “…always available to share wealth and knowledge with any officer….” pre and post retirement.

    He also conceptualised the Ex-Police Organisation surely this organisation is in place today and serviing ex-police officers.

    If you haven’t got a constructive comment to make you should have just left it at “sleep well Babylon solider”.

    RIP 5 Augustin

  3. They always say police is idiot! could he be a tremendous lost to the service when he was far retired?….anyways sleep well Babylon soldier.

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