Friday, December 13, 2019

Former Saint Lucia Ambassador Praises Developments In Soufriere

Former Saint Lucia Ambassador Doctor Joseph Edsel Edmunds has praised new developments taking place in Soufriere in a letter to St Lucia Times.
“I was pleased to read about the various multi sector new developments in Soufriere being brought about by the people of the town together with our Government and Civic Leaders,” Edmunds wrote.
According to the former Ambassador of Saint Lucia to the UN, OAS, and US and former member of the Executive Board of UNESCO, the transformation development, present and future thrusts, will give new life and dimension to a small town so rich in history.
He asserted that the Majestic Pitons of geological significance and grandeur, the curative waters of the Sulphur Springs once used by the French troops and now by our tourists and our people are manifestations of the gems of St Lucia.
“We must not forget that Soufriere was the birthplace of and an eminent legal luminary in the person of Sir Darnley Alexander, former  Chief Justice of Ghana.  (I presume that his place is physically manifested as a monument in his home town),” Edmunds wrote.
He recalled visiting ‘this quaint town’ many years ago after going through winding roads to visit the Morgan family, and sometimes staying at the only two “town hotels” .
“I also recall admiring the two ‘light skin ladies” who operated the “plug in” telephone exchange system at the corner of one of the streets.  I salute my Soufriere friends who are still alive.”
“Soufriere, my skin and respiratory system can probably do with the enrichment and rejuvenation of your environment,” Edmunds declared.


  1. Soufriere have had many projects before that, projects undertaken by the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation, and believe me, this organization is doing very good as an indépendant organization, we are all please with them; Hope they don’t put politics in the organization, less they get confuse and can’t perform!
    That is my opinion! And yous?

  2. WHATS THE REVALANCE OF THIS. LITTLE IMPROMPTU. ???????? Hear him “Two light skin ladies” that’s what was important to his visit the ***** the nerves. Jokers jokers ol’e jokers. Spin spin spin spin baby what gone bad gone bad already. Lucian’s are not stupid

    • Why did you guys ignore the “plug in” telephone exchange system….” which talks about the history or indicates the time the author is referring too? He continue by stating the ” They are still alive”

      • You just keep quiet. Light skin women telephone operator, light skin bank tellers, light skin air hostess and airport front desk workers, light skin Wasco Office Workers Light skin ministries office workers. We got it !! Come to think of it maybe he was in shock and aw to the fact that we were AND STILL IS doing it we never overcome.

  3. From what I can remember, the two “light skin ladies” were, Miss Laporte and Miss May D’auverne
    who were good friends to my mother. I’m not sure of the actual spelling, but it’s close enough.
    When we get to this age, we don’t always remember 100% but remember the old Exchange was on
    La Rue Zaboca, not too far from the Church. I did enjoy the Chiming of the Bells on festive occasions.

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