Former Saint Lucia Diplomat Calls For Massive National Strike

Declaring that he is merely a Saint Lucian patriot hurting at the plight of the people under the Allen Chastanet administration, former diplomat Peter Lansiquot has called for a ‘massive’ national strike over the situation in this country.

Lansiquot originally made the call in a comment posted on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and reiterated it in an interview Wednesday with St Lucia Times.

He had earlier this year announced that he is ‘very interested’ in becoming the candidate for Castries Central for the SLP.

But in the interview with St Lucia Times, Lansiquot made it clear that he was not speaking on behalf of the party.

“I am not a member of the executive of the SLP neither do I belong to any other area of the hierarchy of the party, so I am speaking as a Saint Lucian citizen with concerns,” he explained.

Lansiquot expressed the view that the situation in Saint Lucia currently is ‘so dread’ that it is time citizens get up and have another major strike.

He asserted that such a strike would make it clear to the government that Saint Lucians cannot endure what they are going through any more.

“What particularly grieves me as a Saint Lucian patriot is the state of the health care sector,” Lansiquot told St Lucia Times.

He asserted that Victoria Hospital is practically on its back, while the Owen King EU Hospital is still to be properly commissioned.

“They have neglected to open the St Jude Hospital,” Lansiquot noted.

He said two hospitals that should have been opened to the public to give better health care to Saint Lucians have not been opened, with no clear indication that this will happen soon.

Lansiquot is a former  Head of Mission of the Embassy of Saint Lucia in Cuba and a former Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Saint Lucia in Washington D.C.


    • Choops. He was in Cuba while I was there and did ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. The guy is just singing for his supper. He wants another ambassador job. Choops Tan

    • The health care system in St. Lucia is probably the worst in the world, however that being said the Health Care system deterioration should not be lay clearly at the feet of the UWP. When the SLP was in power 2001 election, the minister who was responsible for health care then did nothing to improve that sector. Let alone the educational sector is also on the verge of collapsing. I support the call for a protest but we have to do it, inviting CNN, BBC and when 4 cruise lines are in the harbor. When you are prepared to do that, than there will be chance for change. The ones who are being paid by our tax monies are sending their kids to top universities and using tax payers money to seek medical treatment overseas. I need to ask what goes into these ministers mind both SLP & UWP when they go overseas for medical checkups and knowing their own is in a run down state?

  1. What’s wrong this man ?? Boss you don’t see we need horse track before our health care ? The horses comes before me and you and everybody else who give a dam about the conditions in which we live in this country. The Extruded Product all over the place bragging about opening day and the exuberant cash prize even to the foreign press but he would never speak to them about dire health care in St Lucia As soon as they are sick you only read and hear about their return from over seas after receiving their treatments. St Jude’s old or new they will never be caught dead their it will still be substandard care for them

  2. The health care as with most everything else in St. Lucia had not changed in 20 years or more, so Peter Lansiquot tell us what has changed since you were given the friendship and party based diplomatic appointment? You were not a patriot and concerned citizen then? I’ll answer for you. The only difference is that your party, your friends are not in power which means you no longer have your cushy diplomatic party position. You suddenly found your voice huh? The saying is true “tief never like to see other tief with long bag”. We are not fooled.

    • Uhm…so are you saying that the message is of less importance because it comes from this dude ?

      Are you that spiteful that you will choose to ignore the fact of the matter ?

      If so,you are everything that is wrong with this country and therefore you become part of the Problem.

      • So you chose to read what I did not write versus what I wrote? I am sorry that your thought pattern and analysis are dichotomous. I prefer to be dialectical.

  3. Lansiquot u opportunist; u are enraged since your term of living large and flying high on the backs of St. Lucians came to and end.

    While you were wasting our resources and living in great comfort did u know conditions at VH were so poor, relatives brought in their own bed linen for patients.
    From all our tax money we paid u, make a donation to health care or keep your selfish attitude silent. We don’t want opportunists in governance.

    • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘PERFECT COMMENT

  4. Something must be down quick. If your call will get it moving, let’s not waste any more time.” By any means necessary”.

  5. You right, all them other people that beating they a** there what yourl doing just complaining. At least we have someone who’s actually trying to help the situation not for only him but for yourl ignorant citizens. We have people over here who are sick and rather die at home instead of going to vh bull ****. When you unwell you suppose to go to the hospital an feel comfortable and have faith in the doctors etc. why? because that’s how its suppose to be in a hospital some of yourl wouldn’t even know because it was never experienced, “why was it never experienced you may ask?” Because vh has been so for a very long time. If you sick and dont have “any cash” you stick in that.

  6. Lol please another opportunist. Besides when the whole nation strikes what will that do to improve the situation ? What plans have you or any of the others articulated to show they will make a positive and impactful difference. Just a bunch of useless noise with no substance. I mean its clearly all malicious.

  7. Peter your call to action is just an echo of what has been and is currently being advocated by other voices. What that means is that you are not differentiating your self from the SLP pack: I.e this is more of the same rhetoric. The UWP has put an action plan to remedy the healthcare situation and finish ST.Judes .they have also accepted responsibility for the situation and continue to show existing projects that is running simultaneously with their plan : focus closer to your potential constituency that is where you can win

    • Stop writing total BS! The UWP administration stop construction on St.Jude Hospital for over 2 years! And only Mr. King has accepted any blame the rest of them keep blaming the past administration.

  8. St.lucian peoples are to coward they can’t do anything.just blabla all day long but when to stand up for some things all of them lost for words.

  9. What a clown and self promoting.Absolutely nonsensical, if this man loves his country he would work with his government for even quicker success. The fiirst time in many years St.Lucia a poor country is beginning to push for economic success for all under this brilliant leader ,PM Allen Chastanet.

  10. st.lucians one of those days God will take control of us,the health care system has been like that over 20 years, my rep was the PM never do better,I have a brain I will use no politians control my brain.Stop the nasty politics that plaging the country,vote slp vote uwp is the same dog poop.

  11. Everybody that want to come into the government, highlighting the same issues and when they get there no changes are being made except their pockets getting large and they creating an image for themselves and family.

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