Former Saint Lucia Diplomat Congratulates PM On His ‘Drive And Commitment’

Former Saint Lucia diplomat,  Dr. Joseph Edmunds, has sent congratulations to Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, on his independence speech.
“‘Congratulations on your Independence Speech which I read in St Lucia Times of February 23 entitled ‘Success will only be achieved if we work Harder and Smarter'”, Edmunds wrote in an email to Chastanet, which was copied to St Lucia Times.
The former Ambassador of Saint Lucia to the UN, OAS, and US and former member of the Executive Board of UNESCO, asserted that all Lucians should read the PM’s speech.
“It is enlightening with formidable visions for the future, while giving due reference to all sectors of our community and the achievements of our people in various disciplines and walks of life,” Edmunds stated.
“I congratulate you on your drive and commitment to our country and people. Keep up the good work,” he said.
The former diplomat in closing, stated that he is available to play his part.


  1. AHHhh! from the time I saw the headlines and knowing how things are in St.Lucia, I thought “here comes a diplomatic beggar”. And of course my thoughts were confirmed in the last sentence: I AM AVAILABLE TO PLAY MY PART. That must be desperation when after over two and a half years in office all you have to congratulate him on is a speech. Now, as a diplomat, I thought you would be aware that many times PM’s don’t even write their own speeches but I understand your desperation.
    By the way, are you the same one who had that horrible position at the OAS recently?

  2. Eh bien bon its Poule Bwa here – you don’t have nothing to do. No wonder the PM had to say we have to work harder and smarter – its like you not learning.

    Can you worker harder and or smarter????? I’ll check you at next independence.

    • Poule Bwa, I assure you I work hard and honestly too. Also I am sufficiently qualified through studying very hard and paying for my tuition myself (no hand outs). Can you say the same about yourself? Or are you part of the PM’s 43%?

  3. Oh! It’s hurting the labas. The PM has ask the Nation to come together. He was simply applauded by an icon and you guys have a problem with that. Being castigated for saying and doing the right things. St Lucia will move FORWARD without you all and you should know that. So stop your nonsense. Go and read the PM’s speech.

    • Truth Being Told, did you know Allen close up before he got into politics or are you just another political hack who supports anything the party throws up? Your comments always betray your lack of intelligence.

  4. Never judge someone by their words, judge people by their actions. Actions speak louder than words. Your words and your actions must match perfectly. I’m now going to judge the PM by his actions. For a country to achieve its fullest potential all or most of its human resources should be put to work on the same agenda, to uplift everyone. Mr. Chastanet has stubbornly refused to engage the opposition on very serious matters affecting the country, has failed to deliver on the worsening healthcare crisis, on the out of control broad daylight murders and robberies, on the untenable lack of employment especially among the youth, etcetera. Under his leadership thus far, there is no reason for optimism. In fact, the economic, crime and health situations, in the country, are getting scary. Three things have caused me to doubt the PM’s sincerity and his leadership ability. His failure to provide leadership on the astronomical rise in crime, the worsening healthcare crisis because of partisan politics and his stubborn refusal to dismiss a morally reprehensible minister, Ubaldus Raymond, for preying on teenagers. How can anyone, especially those with teenaged daughters, have any respect for or confidence in a leader who refuses to do the right and honest things? This is a One Term Government for sure. When the Labour Party gets back into power and there are no improves, vote them out again. A party must be result oriented to get more than one term. That’s the message that should spur every political party to work diligently if they are to retain power. There should be no more blind support for any political party. Congratulate politicians for their concrete deliverables not for their elegant speeches written for them by political operatives.

  5. Diplomatic prostitutes thats what they are because any intelligent person would read between the lines of this independence speech not written by the PM am sure words coming from a PM who as cancelled every project initiated by the former government, give one reason why the 4 lane high wasn’t continued a project which was negotiated and ready to go a badly needed project base on the traffic nightmares of the Gros Islet high way and some would wanttocall Chastanet a PM of vision am.more inclined to believe a man of vindictive Vision, over half a billion spent on a celebration when our health care is in the mess St.Judes is in an impasse OKEU still not opened when this government inherited an implementation plan of transition NO Lucians arevnot worthy of such we must gift OKEU to the private sector our schools need urgent attention more Technical training is a must monies spent on the likes of OJO Labs failed CHTTI must be spent on youth unemployment creating avenues of sustainable employment through agriculture and over means but No forget your sorrows and dance is the narrative of this government the evidence of incompetence, corruption, nepotism is to over whelming for this Lucian to dance

  6. look like somebody just looking for a new position, so what does he do put the lark out there! so he come on news trying to congratulate! man looking for a bread thats all.

  7. Here comes a poor party hack looking for a job,he has lived out of the country,for so long he dosent even know we have two tunnels.What a nerve to talk this way,who is he fooling,we have been to school,and learning fast

  8. So true is only a diplomas alone that can congratulate a pee emm that is not even capable of reading and understanding what he reads

  9. “Giving up is the most painful way of solving a problem.” – Anonymous
    When we vote a “Government” into “Power”; one of their most important functions is to identify economic problems, to recommend solutions to them, and to encourage others of the need to act.
    SLP and UWP past and present have done just that, and every time we go through the same thing; a few naysayers trying to cast gloom.
    We all know that it is not too hard to identify problems. Just about everyone here knows that.
    Now, please, articulate the right solutions, but I guess with a lack of technical sophistication and a healthy application of common sense, we are unable to deliver good answers most of the time. That’s the hardest part.
    When will we come to understand that it is proving very hard for countries to do what they need to do. There is too much of a propensity to either deny that there is a problem, or to blame others for it. It is very important that the present administration resist this tendency and work on developing and sustaining the economy.

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