Former SLTU President Voices Conditional Support For Abolition Of Spanking In Schools

Former Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) President, Doctor Virginia Albert Poyotte, has supported a move to eventually abolish corporal punishment in schools here next year.

But her support is conditional.

The veteran educator told St Lucia Times that she welcomes the idea.

“I think it is a very good move, on condition that having arrived at this decision, the powers that be in terms of the persons at the Ministry of Education and the government, had adequate consultation with the Saint Lucia Teachers Union and the teachers in Saint Lucia,” Albert-Poyotte stated.

She also indicated that her support is on the basis that everything would have been put in place to enable teachers to handle issues relating to disciplinary measures.

“As long as this is in place and  teachers are happy, the Teachers Union is happy that everything has been done to ensure that children are disciplined in the right manner, I have no objection to amending or suspending or abolishing corporal punishment,” Albert-Poyotte explained.

However she made it clear that if the appropriate measures have not been put in place, the decision to abolish corporal punishment is premature.

“Where teachers and the teachers union have not been sufficiently informed or involved and proper measures are not in place, then I see a lot of chaos as a result,” the former SLTU President declared.



  1. At school they beat the hell out of me,but I did bad remorse I loved most of my teachers.But in these days they have to bring the police to school,because things have got out of hand,so this is new to most of us.They say beating afects the phsicology of students,it hurted like hell

  2. Spanking came out of slavery. There are modern ways to reason with children without the savage beating that people of my generation got. And we cannot continue to go from generation to generation using this type of barbaric discipline. Besides, a teacher should not have that latitude to hit another person’s child. Also, personal perception that the teacher may have about the student may factor into the discipline. While data may show that persons born in a certain time period are better behave, but it does not justify corporal punishment. Some of these people cannot even discipline their own children at home, and violence breeds violence.

    • Indeed. I’ll never forget a beating I received in primary school from a male teacher. I got caned for failing a CLASS TEST! I will never forget the intensity of that beating. I was otherwise a very quiet and polite girl. About 40 + years later and a few sessions with a shrink has led me to believe that that incident was a trigger of how I lived my life afterwards. It affected my approach to studies, work, the men I attracted, how I related with people, and most importantly it affected my self image. The event apparently had traumatized me.

  3. First of all a teacher should not beat a student straight up. Some of those teachers beat students so bad one has to wonder what the hell is going on. Most of them teachers can’t even discipline their own children but yet still they want to come in the schools and beat the hell out of the students

  4. I received occasional beatings in the Infant and Primary Schools, some deserving and other times not at all. I enjoy having a discussion on this issue, however, it’s painstaking that corporal punishment is still being utilized to discipline students, which is a condition that I witnessed some 40 years ago. We can do better, and those who are responsible for each child’s education in SLU are required to come up with a better solution. I welcome the discussion by Dr. Poyotte.

    • So you yourself do not have an alternative or a solution, but you claim we can DO BETTER and it shouldnt be utilised as a form of punishment…

  5. Most of you will be in your graves and will not see the result of this décision, when children will be free in our school yards to do and say whatever the want without been Fear full!; Just remember this:: You can straighten up a child but not an adult; good luck for our future générations; i will be far gone!

  6. So I do support Dr Poyotte’s statement, and opined that the support should be conditional. Dont forget the old adage which is still true today “Train up a child in the way he should grow, when he is old he shall not depart from it; Proverbs 22:6.

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