Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Former top Cop concerned about road deaths

Former Police Commissioner, Cuthbert Phillips, expressing concern about road deaths here, has asserted that Saint Lucia must start putting its house in order.

Phillips noted that just recently, two teenage girls lost their lives in a road accident.

The accident, a collision between a motor car and a truck travelling in opposite directions, occurred on the Castries Gros Islet Highway near Saaman’s Park.

“Do you know that just about two or three days later on that same road there were about three or four accidents?” Phillips recalled.

He expressed the view that speed was a factor in  all of the accidents.

“I am on the road every day. Where are the traffic people? At least all we need are a couple of traffic policemen on a bike – no nonsense guys. You had a guy just recently, they used to call him ‘Robo Cop’ – everybody I think respected that young man on the road and I think he did a fairly good job,” Phillips said.

However he said he has been informed that ‘Robo Cop’ may have since left the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Phillips asserted that drivers must know there are law enforcement officers on the road who would keep them in check.

“If this is not the case everybody does what they want,” the former Police Commissioner remarked.

“If we are having all these road deaths, what is Saint Lucia’s plan as far as solving the problem is concerned?” Phillips said, adding that he is unaware of any such initiative.

He recalled hearing calls for the enforcement of demerits for errant motorists, but said it is no use having laws if they are not enforced.

“People come up with all kinds of recommendations but there is absolutely no enforcement,” Phillips observed.

He noted that there is technology available to track speeding.

“Why on earth are we not able to use it?” Phillips stated.

He recalled statements being made that Saint Lucia is broke and in need of cash.

Nevertheless, Phillips observed that a number of traffic violations are being committed every day.

“If you were to collect or fine persons for them I am sure that you would be able to balance the budget,” he asserted.


  1. Hopefully someone who is sitting their unproductive butt behind a desk at an office somewhere listens to you sir.

    Enforcement. …Zero tolerance mentality. ….call it the “EZ mentality for road usage”

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