Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Former UWP Chairman Says Democratic Process At Work In The Party

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Former United Workers Party (UWP) Chairman Michael Flood has asserted that the democratic process is at work in the party, which was voted out of office in the July 26, 2021, general elections.

The UWP managed to hold on to only two of the eleven seats it had in the 17-seat parliament – former Prime Minister Allen Chastanet retaining Micoud South and Bradley Felix regaining Choiseul.

Just this week, Pinkley Francis, who served as UWP Chairman, announced his resignation from the post, declaring that his successor will face a ‘mammoth task,’ rebuilding the UWP after its election defeat.

But he made it clear that he remained committed to the cause and was not about to go anywhere.

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“What Mr. Pinkley Francis did is simply the democratic process taking place in the United Workers Party,” Michael Flood, who himself once served as party Chairman, told St Lucia Times.

“As per the party’s constitution, it states clearly that any political leader that leads the party into an election and fails has to demit office and that goes along with the executive – it has happened in the past,” Flood explained.

“Mr. Francis as a businessman believed, based on my understanding, that it will take a herculean task to reorganize the party, and he, as an astute businessman, believes that it will be a bit too much on him to focus on his business and the reorganizing of the party. I believe Mr. Francis demonstrated what democracy is – unlike other parties who have had a Chairman for 99 years. That does not exist within the United Workers Party,” he declared.

“So that big hue and cry about Mr. Francis tendering his resignation, I see nothing wrong in that,” Flood stated.

He said he had not seen a letter but had heard that UWP leader Allen Chastanet offered his resignation as per the party constitution.

Flood also responded to criticism of Chastanet over his no-show for three consecutive sittings of parliament.

“As for him not being here, while the standing orders of parliament state that you have to miss six sittings to be reprimanded, he has not. He has only missed three sittings. If it were me as a person, I would probably have been back already. I believe that based on the work of this present government, there needs to be leadership from the United Workers Party. However, Mr. Bradley Felix has done a fantastic job along with the Senators. Still, I believe with the additional voice of the former Prime Minister; the United Workers Party will do a lot better,” the former UWP Chairman observed.

He said it was his understanding that Chastanet would be back home ‘within the next few days.

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