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Former UWP Minister Says Labour Party Is ‘Better Alternative’

Former United Workers Party (UWP) government minister Doctor Keith Mondesir Sunday night asserted that the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) would make a better alternative to the current UWP administration.

Mondesir made the remarks at a labour party political meeting in Vieux Fort.

“I have been looking at the men and women in this party and I feel in myself that they are more honest, trustworthy and they will take the feelings of the poor into consideration and they will make a better alternative,” the former MP for Anse La Raye-Canaries declared.

He told labour party supporters that the next general elections will not be about the UWP or the SLP but about Saint Lucia.

“That’s why I am here,” he explained.

He disclosed that during his tenure in the UWP, he sat in a room and listened to treachery and dishonesty when then Prime Minister Stephenson King felt that he would be overthrown.

“Allen Chastanet, Guy Joseph, Ezechiel (Joseph) and the rest of them stayed in the same room and assured him ‘PM’, they used to call him PM, ‘We will not overthrow you – we will not take your position. All we need to do is strengthen the United Workers Party’,” Mondesir recalled.

“And what happened? They all took their daggers and pushed it in his back and  kicked him out. This is not fair. I saw treachery; I saw dishonesty and I saw no integrity in a lot of them and I said I will not be a part of that,” the former minister explained.

Mondesir said he entered politics to help his country, having spent most of his life in Canada.

“I know I can make a contribution and make a difference in many ways,” he told the audience.


  1. Lol lol lol. Mondesir you made my week if anyone from the UWP respond to this I personally will vote them out. That is not worth a response from the UWP people will think he is actually genuine.

  2. None of you are any good both parties need new members of the people by the people. Not what’s there out of touch, out of sync with the people the country and it’s needs. NOT THEIR POCKETS AND THAT OF THEIR PEOPLE. STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE. REMEMBER YOU ARE STILL CIVIL SERVANTS.

  3. Uwp will always be uwp .Slp will always be Slp .you no ne of them .A job you want that’s all .I can say that I will due Slp not you

    • This is to the targeted for the writer whom quoted that ….he was born SLP & would die SLP.

      So even when SLP failed in delivering to the people that elected them & moreover introduced {in Dr Kenny Anthony own words} the dreaded draconian 15% VAT tax in the middle of a global recession……you’ll still support such administration.

      I wonder how will you answer up to your grand kids ~ on such a reckless revelation???

  4. All them guys teething. Can’t do anything but leech off poor people. These guys make me sick!! They run our country broke by inflating all projects to receive kickbacks then turn around and put more taxes on we the poor, honest and hardworking people.

    Were it not for these guys this couny would have been better off. Way more developed. But instead they squander our hard earned money to enrich their crooked arses.

    I know that they are shameless enough to ask how do I know so. It’s because the people they use to siphon the money are our brothers, fathers and uncles etc. Their favorite line before awarding a contract is ” what’s in it for me”. Crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope one of these days we the citizens will be courageous enough to revolt and kick these guys out of office and jail them all. Sakwé vòlè!!!!!

  5. When you look arround at booth political parties, Both of them pick up each others rejects. SLP said Mondesir should be in Jail, took him to court, RF another but in a quest for power will use these same men to gain power. UWP, Timothy mangal, Tessa Mangal, and others . What a shame. They use persons who are questionable character, defrauding persons and our country of our finance. What is even more surprising is the fact that some of the persons who know better endorse these indivuals. They also know thatthe southern belt is labour strong hold so they introduce him there UWP do theirs in the North. Boy oh Boy!!!!!!!

    • Like really, the man is getting help already. SLp deleted his tuxedo files, just like they deleted all of RF files. Polikicks. Smh.

  6. Momdesir can u remember Kenny took u to court for fraud so now u go back to Kenny to prove what u not a crook any more u really is a shameful monster.
    But I guess Kenny promise u a job so u swallow your vomi No wonder u barking so much shot on the media u fool ..
    St.Lucians stupid u think u can fool us with Sorry Kenny try again we can see right through you .u teeth

  7. A non diasporic question : (1) Are we better off as a people and as a nation, than we were 4 yrs ago are you satisfied with our present course ? (2) Are we any safer ? (3) Has the needle move as it pertains to your quality life, has it improved ? (4) Do you feel you have more spending power under this present government ? (5) Do you feel the gap is been bridge between the have’s and the have not as it pertains to health care ? (6) Are you misty blue about this Christmas and why ? (7) How do you feel about St Lucia’s current debt ratio ? (8) In insight of the investment of a horse racetrack to St Lucia, do you believe this was the most profound choice for St Lucia ? (9) How do you feel about CIP Investments, do you believe their will be enough trickle down economics to promote substantial growth for St Lucia or will it only benefit a few ? (10) Do wish for more accountability from government ? If yes, would you support majority referendum on major investments in St Lucia

  8. Dr Keith Mondesir is an opportunist who couldn’t get his crooked ways & deeds through the UWP and moreover the current Prime Minister Alan Chastenet… now he’s on the SLP platform trying to deceive & manipulate his way back into politic… much for such a pathetic schemer/idiot.

  9. It absolute shameful & bold for the very same SLP whom exposed Dr Mondesir’s Tuxedo Villas scheming ways to now allowed this very same villain time & space on their platform……… Suffices to say! SLP really needs a proper shake-up before they can present themselves to administer things in this island again.

  10. It absolute shameful & bold for the very same SLP whom exposed Dr Mondesir’s Tuxedo Villas scheming ways to now allowed this very same villain time & space on their platform……… Suffices to say! SLP really needs a proper shake-up before they can present themselves to administer things in this island again.

  11. seems like Keith Mondesir does not understand democracy. Any time you vote secretly on a matter it is your right to vote where you want or for whomever you want. I can say one thing to your face but when it comes to vote it’s something totally different. the guys had a right to vote for who they wanted. king understood that and moved on. you know what I suspect, you wanted to be a senator and did not get through.

    I think it’s time we focus on greater issues than you. like the father’s who neglect their children or even on the problem with stray cows on the road. you on a platform have become so irrelevant SLP should know better.

  12. st lucia have too many prostitutes in politics thats the problem. we have all over the caribbean now. we need to remove 99% of these guys and start afresh.

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