Fortuna Belrose – Believe we can!

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Thursday, May 19, 2016 – Last Sunday, Fortuna Belrose invited struggling Castries East constituents to break a twenty year old habit and vote to give themselves a share in the economic recovery through better representation.

Mrs. Belrose recalled a personal history she said inspired a lifetime of service for the disenfranchised. Fortuna’s plan is to create a progressive platform focused on creating employment, empowerment, sports, affordable housing and care for the elderly and vulnerable.

For employment Mrs. Belrose plans to develop a skills database to assist with job placements and support for community projects. In sports her vision is to enhance all major sports facilities in Castries East, to construct a synthetic 400m track and build recreational facilities.

One of her major concerns for her constituency is with housing affordability and development. Fortuna aims at providing model housing for the poor and to support such households in acquiring modern sanitary facilities.

The elderly and vulnerable will be assisted with a feeding programme for those in need.

Fortuna recognizes that the youth can be a powerful force in nation building and the overall development and empowerment of our society.

She is also aware that sports are an influential driver in the lives of young people and families in Castries East.

herefore Mrs. Belrose is committed to providing the facilities, tools and opportunities to allow the young people of Castries East to flourish in whatever career they chose.

Fortuna will develop a Castries East where people will have an opportunity to earn a decent living; with modern safe facilities where their children can obtain a good education while engaging in wholesome activities and sports.

She hopes to build a constituency where the sick and elderly can access first class, affordable health care.

Mrs. Cathelina Fortuna Belrose is all for delivering accelerated prosperity, rewarding social programmes, gainful employment and empowerment.

“Good fortune has come to Castries East in the person of Fortuna Belrose, embrace her… good fortune has finally come to you after years and years of inadequate representation … She is a woman who has dedicated over thirty (30) years of her life to the public service… She is the woman who has left her imprint on the sports fraternity in this country … Fortuna symbolizes a paradigmatic shift in representation in Castries East” said leader of the opposition Dr. Gale T.C. Rigobert.

Mrs. Cathelina Fortuna Belrose is a true crusader for the disenfranchised. Elect Fortuna and the United Workers’ Party.