Fortuna Belrose Confident In Bid To Unseat Philip J. Pierre

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Fortuna Belrose has indicated that she is not intimidated in her bid to unseat Castries East MP, Philip J. Pierre at the next elections.

Declaring that she grew up in the constituency, Belrose asserted that she is very confident and undaunted.

Pierre, who is leader of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) first won the Castries East seat in 1997.

And he has represented the constituency since.

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But Pierre has been criticised over the state of the community.

Last month, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet told reporters that the state of Castries East is an indictment against the opposition leader.

Fortuna Belrose, who is the ruling party’s candidate, says it is important for the people of the constituency to understand that there is hope.

“It does not have to be the way it is, it can be better,” Belrose asserted.

She made the comments this week while a guest on the Hot Seat aired by Hot 7 Television.

“And so what we offer is hope, what we offer is a bright future, what we offer – we have seen the models across the country, Castries East needs to get into the groove to be able to realise the dreams that the people have in them,” Belrose explained.

She recalled that she entered the last general elections in 2016 late.

“I think I was launched actually three weeks before the election was called – inĀ  fact the day I was launched, the next day the prime minister called the elections,” she observed.

As a result, Belrose said she came in at a ‘gross disadvantage.’

However, she observed that she had strong ruling party support.

“I only lost by about 298 on the day of elections,” she recalled.

However, she explained thatĀ  after a recount, she had lost by 336 votes.

“But I think in the past five years we have done some great work on the ground with the constituency, across the constituency not only in our strongholds but in the areas where the SLP is also strong. We have been able to work and connect with people,” she asserted.

In this regard, Belrose declared that the people need to put their ‘X’ where it matters most by supporting her.

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