Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Four Babies Born At Victoria Hospital On New Year’s Day

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Victoria Hospital delivered four babies on New Year’s  day, officials at the medical institution have disclosed.

The first child delivered was a girl weighing six pounds.

The baby’s 29 year old mother told St Lucia Times that she decided to name the child ‘Belle’.

The baby girl is the Morne du Don resident’s fifth child, it was revealed.

She was both after 5.00 a.m on New Year’s Day.

The mother told St Lucia Times that despite a relatively difficult birth, both she and baby are doing fine.

They are expected to go home Thursday.

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  1. Gwen Sal and I speak the truth…..mind your’ll family business. Yes she has Cxc and not just 1 and no she doesn’t complain about life being hard.

    • True that other hospitals/institutions should be considered…..but I don’t think the word “‘bias’-ed” is a fitting one here. The report doesn’t state that it was the first birth for the year on island. The main focus, in my opinion from the story is about V.H.

      Who knows if at another institution or anywhere else for that matter, another was born at midnight….

    • you know if the rest are triplets or twin!?………do they come to your door for food or clothes.

      what if she’s an accountant or lawyer making more in a month than what your entire household makes in a year.

      Y’all Lucians too damn bad-mind!!


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