Four Cops Dismissed After Indiscipline Probes

Four police officers have been dismissed from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) this year as a result of investigations into accusations of indiscipline against them, it has been announced.

Addressing a press briefing Thursday, Assistant Commissioner of Police George Nicholas, said nine officers have been convicted through the disciplinary system and fined.

“The total fine amounts to 64 days pay for those nine police officers, so that’s an average 7 days pay per officer,” Nicholas stated.

He also disclosed that three  officers are currently on suspension, having been charged for committing offences – one for perjury, another for possession of drugs and one for assault.

“Only on Monday of this week we had another police officer who was arrested and charged for wounding and he is  on bail,” the senior police official stated.

“We have a way of dealing with our police officers when they infringe that same law that we seek to enforce,” Nicholas asserted.

He said the number of matters pending against police officers is a cause for concern.

Nicholas explained that the figures he quoted related to officers who had been convicted.

“There are other matters that were found to be false; there were matters that the complainants decided that they wanted an informal resolution to the matter and so forth,” he said.

He said that on a daily basis officers are reminded that while enforcing the law, they need to confine their actions within the framework of he law.

“We cannot break the same law that we are trying to enforce,” Nicholas declared.

He made the comments while urging citizens not to hold back from making reports against law enforcement officers who are deemed to be errant.


  1. I will be making making a Facebook page. I will be recording all officers that like to drink on duty and on pigeon point from the gros islet station sundays. This is a joke slapping citizens selling drugs buying drugs. Where are the under cover police. There is so much corruption in the police force. who watches the people who were appointed to protect us. Thugs criminals. Police and bus drivers no respect. The majority of assholes out way the good and now everyone is covered in shit. Scared of police dont like them dont trust them. If they ever assault me again and i am talking from experience when i did no wrong and smelling alcohol. May God of mercy on their soul. And stop sleeping on Duty the night shift isnt to sleep

    • You know if they do that undercover thing, 90% of the Farce is on the breadlines. This is just the chickens coming home to roost. Remember when that British cop got the top job and he was forced out? Why do you think that happened. The man was trying to make them into a more professional unit. But nope. Lucians don’t like hard work and like it easy. If you don’t hire the right people you will always end up in problems. Police salaries aren’t attractive enough to hire the best.

    • Mr. Charlie thank you so much for telling it like it is, I really wish we had more people like you on the island. The force has lost its integrity with society, that the oath to defend life and property is I do not know what to say. So today you are the hero of the week me…thank you

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  3. the police force is a damn ass joke, someone broke and enter my home while my husband and i was asleep , called the police station to make the report at about 2:00am, the officer who picked up said he will inform his supervisor and if they dont come now they will later in the day. smfh reallly can you imagine this. so what if the person heard me calling the cops and came back. obviously we did not sleep for the rest of the night waited for the police , they came knocking on our door at 6:15am.

  4. Print out their names and tell us all what they are acused of,so we all know and these a** h**** get their a** burned thank you

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