Friday, September 30, 2022

Four Defendants To Be Sentenced In July For Murder Of ‘Jordan’

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On Friday 8th April 2022, the defendants: Samuel Khodra, Daniel Khodra, Timothy Desmond and Dylan Edmund were successfully prosecuted by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions on a single count indictment of Non-Capital Murder, contrary to sections
85(a) and 87 of the Criminal Code Chapter 3:01 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2008.

The Defendants were charged and indicted for causing the death of Ulanda Frederick a.k.a. Jordan on Tuesday 1st July 2014 at about 8:10 p.m. at Leslie Land situated in the City of Castries.

The sentencing of the defendants Samuel Khodra, Daniel Khodra, Timothy Desmond and Dylan Edmund is scheduled for 29th July 2022 at the High Court.

Source: Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Headline photo: Ulanda Frederick alias ‘Jordan’, succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds. (Image courtesy St Lucia Star)

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  1. So many people are going to jail lately. I hope chastanet will go to jail to for corruption to as well …

  2. How much people she kill for nothing.
    Now one she miss ,kill her ,everybody talking.
    None of them man eh kill her and they have people in town that knows that.

  3. that name ulanda rings a bell isnt that the person they said that has both male and female body parts and they ambushed her in that area to kill her

    • 85. MURDER
      A person commits murder if he or she causes the death of another
      (a) intending to cause death; or
      (b) intending to cause grievous bodily injury.

      .(1) A murder committed in circumstances other than any of those
      circumstances referred to in section 86, is non- capital murder.
      (2) Subject to subsection (3), a person convicted on indictment of
      non-capital murder is liable to imprisonment for life.
      (3) A person who is convicted of a non-capital murder may be
      sentenced to death if—
      (a) he or she has previously been convicted of another
      murder committed on a different occasion;
      Laws of Saint Lucia Criminal Code Cap.3.01 71
      Revision Date: 31 Dec. 2005
      (b) he or she has been convicted of another murder
      committed on the same occasion as the one with which he
      or she is charged.
      (4) A person referred to in subsection (3) shall not, by virtue of that
      subsection, be sentenced to death by reason of a previous
      conviction for murder unless—
      (a) at least 7 days before the trial, notice is given to him or
      her that it is intended to prove the previous conviction;
      (b) before he or she is sentenced, his or her previous
      conviction for murder is admitted by him or her, or is
      found to be proven by the trial judge.

      So you know what this means troy? they STICK in that

  4. Y’all St.lucian is Jake assess.not the fellas that kill that bitch. And I want to know if someone looking for ur family member to kill him,if he don’t have the right to defend his life.i don’t care what people say.all y’all talking about is murder. Y’ALL know St.lucia don’t believe in self defense in court.we have no lawyer so we have to do what we have to to stay alive..I not playing by my one life.if y’all want to put ur life in people hand is y’all.the true is everybody going to die one way or another…if people want the court to kill u for what u eh do..they no better than those who kill for fun.understand the life before y’all talk. Most people that die ,they family just coming and lie on TV for nothing..when they doing mother not saying nothing but when is they turn she coming and lie.. watch it for urself.if someone know he right to defend his life and the court say no , kill him.. what u think will be the out come.if u know u will die when police hold u , brother u go just start killing anybody because u know u going to die anyway.. mindless people.. just watch that case to see the out come . everybody in town know not them man that do
    U see how the Court and law is fuckry on island.

  5. God don’t sleep…they mother got blind for she watchin them rob ppl in her balcony..buck got shot..amen to that…rot in jail fries u punk.

  6. Let’s face reality people Jordan have committed so many murders too. And St Lucian s doing each other things to get killed too.

  7. These Two Brothers Have Committed so Much Crime in the Leslie.Land Area .I hope they Spend their entire lives at Bordelais

    • The day the bitch die justice got served but wat about the 8year old kid they killed for no reason? Easterlita JnMarie wat about her its been 11years no f****** justice but dat mf dat change my whole life will get justice? Only in f****** st Lucía

  8. I like the fact that the system give details of the convicted names in this case but NOT that of the convicted sex offender aka former educator posted a few weeks ago. Perfect example that criminals also exist and thrive in the judicial system aka lawyers judges police and magistrates.

  9. YOU KILL – YOU HANG. No if, but or maybe. If a definite end is not put to these acts, it will be impossible sooner than later, to walk the Streets, run a business or even go to the beach for a swim. Animals have taken over, the Courts are compromised negatively, elected governments themselves are compromised, the taking of ones life releases demonic activity, you just wait when the bunch in the Jail is let go one by one. The bitterness and rage acts back again, who can stop? not even Mary. I pray that the Good Lord be merciful where the Church have failed.

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