Four People Injured In Desruisseaux Vehicle Crash

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The Micoud fire station says it responded Saturday night to a report that a car ran off the main road and hit a concrete wall at Anse Ger, Desruisseaux.

Emergency personnel who received the distress call at 9:16 pm said they found four patients on the scene, one in critical condition.

They treated the critical patient and transported him to the hospital.

However, the responders said the other three patients, who appeared to have sustained minor injuries, opted to take private transportation.

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There are no further details at present.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Update this bloody hell. It will soon be 48 hours since this accident. There has been new developments. Have some journalistic sense and stop remaining backward.

  2. Journalism in Saint Lucia needs to operate at a higher level of efficiency. Oftentimes the news reports they post are so bereft of details that they might as well not post anything about the newsworthy event that occurred. Additionally, too often the report that these media houses post are so late insofar as timely updates on previous posts. For example, it is over 24 hours now that the news is out there that the “critical” patient passed away in this post “Four People Injured In Desruisseaux Vehicle Crash”! Come on, media people, you can do better than that! Who are your sources? Do you have people on the ground in the various communities? Establish relevant contacts among the authorities — hospitals, fire-service / police stations, business establishments, etc. Many readers appreciate timely news updates from those of you in the journalism field — especially with respect to the “Ws” and “H” — “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why” — and “How”! You will thrive and distance yourself from the competition if you pay attention to what I am saying here! Try it, and prove me right,!!!

  3. May someone please tell me do these first responders ever have the drivers of these accidents run a breath test to check the alcohol content in their blood??? Just asking…

  4. Therefore more the reason a proper Hospital is required in the Southern Districts. I suppose everything goes to that ugly, unsafe looking Stadium, a sad excuse for a Hospital. The present administration voiced the % payment for the delay in completion, whereas they are the ones who are not delaying, but have put a full stop on the construction. Who are they fooling? there is one sovereign being who blesses but also repay for ill doings.

  5. Those who opted by private means are stupid. They are not gonna attend to quickly and will have wait longer for care at the hospital compared to if they taken ambulance assistance.


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