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Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am
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Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am

Fourteen Year Old Castries Boy Stabbed By Older Sister

A fourteen year old boy, accused of stealing, is recovering from stab wounds inflicted by his older sister, a relative says.

But the theft accusation has been denied.

The incident is said to have occurred in Marchand and the police are reported to be looking for the accused.

The boy’s aunt told St Lucia Times that on Sunday her mother called her to inform her of the stabbing.

“When I got the call I wasn’t really surprised because that’s not the first time it has happened,” the aunt recalled.

“This particular individual – that’s not the first time she attacked him,” she explained.

The aunt said the boy’s sister has threatened him multiple times.

“Some of the other sisters and some of the young ladies from the area had to protect him from that particular sister attacking him,” the aunt stated.

She noted that the latest attack came unexpectedly.

The aunt said she rushed to the hospital where the teenager was undergoing surgery.

“It was just a very hectic weekend. I had to come back down, rush home, go get stuff – the next day was a holiday; go to the supermarket – get whatever was needed,” she observed.

“All I can say is that this matter has to be dealt with properly by the police the right way because this is not right,” the aunt asserted.

“You do not attack a child – you do not attack anybody for that matter with a knife; a family member – he is fourteen. He didn’t do anything to you. You accused him of stealing your gold which actually belongs to somebody else,” the aunt declared.

She disclosed that form information obtained from the rest of the family, the sister sold the gold then made the theft accusation.

The aunt said the teenager never touched the gold.

“This has to go before the courts, the social services – we’re not taking it lightly. This is not going to pass and nothing is done about it. I don’t know for the rest but for me, it will not pass lightly – he could have died,” she said.

The woman explained that she recently lost a family member in death and made it clear that she is not ready to deal with another death in the family.

“This young lady will be exposed. I don’t care if she hears. I don’t care who goes back and tells her but she has to know that she is wrong and has to pay for what she did to him.”

The aunt explained that the rest of the family has learned that the sister used to pay the fourteen year old to babysit her children, resulting in him missing school.

She revealed that the doctor said fortunately there was no intestinal damage as a result of the stabbing.

“There was just one vein that was ruptured but it was repaired – thank God. He lost a lot of blood but thank God the doctors were able to just put everything back in order,” the aunt stated.

She said the teenager will not be able to go back to school any time soon as he is unable to walk properly.

“He is going to be getting counselling and therapy and whatever else has to be done we will do for him,” the aunt said.


    • What do you expect? Back in the day the buildings that dominated the skylines were religious. They preached tolerance and understanding. That towered over people. Now the skylines are dominated banks and commercial enterprises. What is preached nowadays is greed and me first. Alcohol, bacchanal and debauchery are lauded. The corrupt and morally bankrupt dominates the boardrooms and leadership positions. We are well and truly ******.

  1. Poverty is the cause of all the social problems that is facing the people of St Lucia crime will never stop the labour party needs to get back in power to enact a living wage rate to help the workforce so they can provide for their families

    • They (SLP) had their chance and blew it. Now, because some deranged female stabbed her sibling, should the blame be brought on politics? Will the SLP seek salvage for the victim? For the perpetrator? I don’t think so … @Freemason, please put your ducks in a row before reigning your judgement.

  2. That Mavinea bitch stab her bro n go hide nt even a sorry(its a misunderstanding)…wanna b wrong and strong

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