Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Francis Accuses SLP of Hypocrisy in Dolphin Park Controversy

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has accused the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which he once supported, of hypocrisy in its opposition to a proposed Dolphin Park at Pigeon Island.

At Sunday’s annual conference of the SLP in Laborie, party leader, Philip J. Pierre, declared that Dolphin Parks are not the answer.

Hermangild Francis quoted Pierre as telling the event that the SLP is against the imprisonment of dolphins at Pigeon Point.

But the minister told reporters he knows for a fact that the labour party decided to have a Dolphin Park in Saint Lucia, not at Pigeon Point, but in Canaries.

“So what is not good for Pigeon Point is good for Canaries and that is the hypocrisy that persons are exhibiting on a daily basis for political expediency and that is not right,” Senator Francis stated.

He explained that the proposed Dolphin Park at Pigeon Island is an idea of Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, and not a fait accompli.

The Dolphin Park proposal has come under fire from local and international environmentalists and others.

But the Allen Chastanet administration had defended the proposal, asserting in May 2017 that  if located at Pigeon Island, the Saint Lucia National Trust, which has opposed the idea, stands to make over $1 million EC per year from Dolphin Cove.

The government also said that full environmental assessments will be conducted and pointed out that a Dolphin Park was already approved by SLP in 2014 and announced in the 2014/2015 Budget!


  1. This particular Minister should focus on National Security which is in shambles. He has been alarmingly silent on the ever rising homicide rate, robberies, larceny, car thefts, sexual assaults, rapes and white collar crimes. If the question were to be asked, how much confidence does one have in the ability of the present Minister of National Security to significantly curb the crime situation, the answer will be -100%. Give this Minister the cold shoulder, he and Ubaldus Raymond should be dismissed. Both are a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

  2. Many were fooled in 2014,but not now.Dolphin park aint going to happen,you are not going to buy the Trust with that money,I dont think the Trust is up for sale.We are growing much smarter,and we are learning not to be fooled,we are investigating everything,and when the world says no,its because their is a reason.
    Minister,has a tongue ,let him speak,fish die by the mouth.Dogs that bark dont bite.

  3. With all the crime in this country the Minister of National Security chooses to speak about dolphin park rather than assuring the people of plans for their safety. Should the Minister not be telling the nation what has been accomplished since his much publicised consultation on crime? Would it not be better if the minister would reassure the police that the living standards would be improved having such a difficult task of securing the nation? Should the minister not instead be telling the nation what progress is being made in the investigations into the almost a hundred murders since June, 2016? Or is it that the Minister is more interested in Dolphins than in the security of the nation?

    • Very pertinent questions indeed! After spending a large sum of taxpayers dollars on the symposium, not a dsingle update. Was it all just a show? Where are the new initiatives? What ideas have you implemented from what was garnered from the public forum? Where is your voice to assuage the people’s fears when love ones, friends and acquaintances are cut down by the bullet of a gun? Come on man!

  4. Minister Francis, i laughed when i saw the word “hypocrisy,” appearing in your statement, but Mr. Pierre is a politician like you, and that is one of the qualities of a politician. Nonetheless what does a fish park have to do with our national security? Mr. Francis, you are a very brilliant Man, and that’s from childhood. You are a member of government not the opposition, focus on your ministry, and leave the rest for the others. We are expecting a lot from you, because we don’t feel safe in this country anymore!

  5. We want the effort to imprison criminals, just as hard as Chastenet is trying to imprison the dolphins.

    Why on Earth would anyone want this crap in their national park? Has anyone been paying attention to international trends?

  6. Hermangild stay in your lane. Focus on National Security and what falls within your remit and butt out of stuff that you clearly know nothing about. You are even lost on National Security, anyway, but focus on what you are paid to do, please.

  7. Francis please get your weapons and bullets for the war you have to fight.Dophins poop five times more in captivity,due to stress.Out of 10 wild dolphins captured three will die in the first four days.Dolphins dont live more than five years.Dolphins will comit suicide in captivity.Dolphins are smart ,but the tricks they do is to recieve food in compensation.Better we leave our wild dolphins,free,for all to enjoy,in the sea.

  8. I agree with the majority that a lot more emphasis should be placed on curbing crime.

    But let’s think about what was said here for a minute because not one person dared to address that. Instead it seems we took some serious offense to what was said. Why?

    I on the other hand am quite interested by the statement….. how can it not be good for one bit of the island but ok for another part? 🤔

    The fact that it came from someone in ministry, should the benefit that there may be some truth to this be granted? 🤔

    I don’t want to look at this so much as him sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong…. it’s just a matter of an individual thinking of something to be papishow! If we are going to make a management against something as a unit, let’s not turn around and talk about its implementation with the same breath. That’s all the man was saying.

    Imagine an extended family including 3 brothers (Pascal, John and robert) where Robert has a wife and 4 children, both parents of the 3 brothers and a grand aunt to the 3 brothers (11 individuals under one roof). John has 2 children living with him but he is struggling to maintain them.

    Are we saying, that because John is struggling to maintain his kids he can’t put pressure on his brother Robert about his parenting methods? 🤔 am I over simplifying this? Or is it that i don’t understand?

    Or is it that we as a nation are over simplifying the role of national security? 🤔

    No please don’t think I’m picking sides…. I’m just curious.

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