Thursday, September 29, 2022

Francis Confirms Resignation Of Second Campaign Manager, Says Vieux Fort South ‘Winnable’

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The ruling United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Vieux Fort South has declared that the seat is ‘winnable’ while confirming to reporters that a second campaign manager has resigned from his team

Claude Charlemagne was the first to quit last month as campaign manager.

Charlemagne has also resigned as a member of the UWP.

“Claude is his own man, but Claude and myself have a very good relationship and that is actually one of the reasons why he said he was leaving the campaign because he has issues with the party,” Francis told reporters.

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According to Francis, who is Minister for National Security, Charlemagne felt the UWP did not treat him well.

“I can’t get into the details as to why or what is his issue with the central government, but we remain friends and as you would know, my other campaign manager has just sort of resigned,” he disclosed.

Party insiders told St Lucia Times that Curtis Hudson quit this week.

“Again, he was having some difficulty with some of the campaign canvassers and he said one of them threatened him – that they might beat him up and so on, so he decided in the interest of his own self that he  should stay away from this,” Francis explained.

Nevertheless,  Francis said that Hudson had given his word that he would be the first person on election day to vote for him.

He said Hudson has contributed paint and other material to the UWP campaign for Vieux Fort South, where the incumbent Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) MP is former Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony.

“Vieux Fort is very winnable,” Francis declared.

But he asserted that the egos of some UWP supporters in the constituency is ‘endemic.’

“And it doesn’t matter who you put as your campaign manager, you will offend some people,” Francis stated.

The National Security Minister vowed to continue his campaign, telling reporters that he has a very good chance of defeating Dr. Kenny Anthony.


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