Francis: Crime a grim reminder of influx of firearms

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis has asserted that the crime situation in Saint Lucia is a grim reminder of the influx of firearms into this country.

“We do not produce firearms in Saint Lucia and yet still we have at least sixteen homicides where firearms have been used,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner said.

He noted that law enforcers continue to work within the limitations that they have and have recovered several illegal weapons.

“I would like to therefore encourage the police to continue their good work,” the minister stated.

Observing that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is suffering from the imposition of the Leahy Law, Francis said he was looking forward to a speedy resolution of the IMPACS matter so that the Marine Police Unit and other police departments can perform even better.

He was addressing a ceremony Friday to commemorate the official handover 23 years ago of the Marine Police Unit to locals by British Naval Officers.

The minister said that the Marine Unit will be part of a new organisation – Border Control.

“In that Border Control, I am sure that you will recognise that the Marine Unit will move from just being a Marine Unit to a sort of Coast Guard – so you will be given more boats, you will be given more personnel ¬†and your work will be of greater significance,” Francis stated.



  1. Mr. Francis you amaze me. For heaven’s sake man. “GUNS??” The “influx of GUNS?” The causes of increased criminality is not the availability of stones, cutlasses, baseball bats or GUNS…obviously you are CLUELESS. Do you even have a grasp of what has befallen the law enforcement agencies of this country? Is it IMPACS you have to deal with or is it the consequences of a rogue police force? Remember the slaughter of “Yamaha” and the man whose house was riddled with bullets by the RSLPF and then he was shot whilst lying on the floor of the bullet ridden shack? Do YOU recall your own words whilst on the hustings in Desruisseaux during the 2016 election campaign with regard to the police having always shot people before and that it is only since Kenny and IMPACS that that has become a problem? Have you forgotten the criminal behaviour of those now retired “gun slinger cops” like Cyril etc whom you all sought to emulate for their terror tactics and beatings and torture of young Saint Lucian men? Is it IMPACS who is responsible or are the criminal events of the RSLPF (hiding behind their uniforms) wholly responsible for the current state of affairs? Why cry now Mr. Minster/Wanna-be-Commissioner. Is it that you hunger after those good old days of playing “badman behind da badge?” YOU wanted the position.. let’s see you DEAL WID IT!!

  2. Francis is preaching to the choir! This dude just reporting crap that we all know. …c’mon already – what is your strategy to curb the dreadful situation?

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