Francis dismisses call for gun amnesty

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has dismissed calls for a gun amnesty amid an upsurge in gun violence.

Asked by reporters on Tuesday about the matter Francis said:

“I do not think it is time for any amnesty as yet. We tried that the last time and we did not get any firearms.”

He spoke of the need for people to give information to the police so that the law enforcers can work quickly to recover illegal weapons.

Francis said his message to persons who are responsible for the gun violence is that killing each other is senseless.

“Eventually it is going to catch up with you and sometimes it catches up with you in a very draconian way,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner explained.

“We should not be putting our lives in danger for just a few moments of fame or what they figure is being popular or being bad – in this world we can’t be bad anymore – we need to be able to follow the rules and eventually, the law is going to catch up with them,” Francis said.

He advised that guns should be put away while persons settle their differences in a peaceful way.

The minister said the services of arbitrators, including priests or lawyers can be obtained.

He warned that once guns are used, there will always be retaliation.




  1. Give our coast guard proper boats to patrol our boarders. And yes u will say that you were able to get 4 boat working, whilst that was good job ; what they need a proper big boat for them to be able to stay out at sea for long period of time . Something with equipment that can monitor vessels from miles away. The government needs to spend money on our coast guard.

  2. They can also offer incentives eg. cash in return for guns! Try something, don’t just allow the bandits to run things.

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