Friday, November 15, 2019

Francis: Local Laws Not Give Needed ‘Leeway’ In Fight Against Drugs

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, believes that there is a lot of cooperation between Saint Lucia and other territories, including the French Caribbean Islands, in the fight against drugs.

But he has explained that this country’s laws do not allow law enforcement officials the latitude they want.

“Sometimes we see things happening here in Saint Lucia and we allow it to go to another country, because our laws  sometimes here do not allow us the latitude or leeway we want,” Francis explained.

“For example, if you were to look at drugs coming via boat and the police intercepted the boat and those drugs were thrown overboard, then the police have no case. But in Martinique – in the French territories, as long as the police can go to court and give evidence that they saw you throw these matters overboard, the court will hold you responsible and convict you,”he said during an interview earlier this week.

The former Deputy Police Commissioner stated that laws are different depending on the jurisdiction.

“The standard of proof or the burden of proof is different,” he asserted.

According to the minister, it is left to Saint Lucians to decide what burden of proof they want enshrined in the law.

Francis spoke in the context of a massive arms an drugs bust in Martinique recently, in which two Saint Lucians were reported to have been among nine individuals arrested.

According to news reports in Martinique, the arrests were the result of a ten-month probe involving law enforcement authorities in Martinique, Venezuela and Saint Lucia.

In addition  11,000 euros in cash, 130 kilos of cocaine and vehicles, the investigators also confiscated an ‘impressive’ amount of firearms, according to reports.

Martinique 1 Ere said the weapons included military-style assault rifles, more than 17 automatic pistols, revolvers and 35 kilos of ammunition.

According to the publication, investigators believed that the weapons were intended for resale.


  1. It’s like speaking in the third person. A sort of detachment from what’s taking place. Get a grip! You ARE the minister so put into effect new laws.

  2. in my opinion, you ministers and i say this to both sides…the problem is not affecting you and your families. The ones that are poor in the ghettos/slums are the ones dying every time you turn on the news, but let it get into your back and front door i can bet you my last dollar, the law would change. So come on man and do the right thing by your people, and handle the business…thanks God speed.

  3. MR. Minister save us your useless comments. You are in government so if the laws are inadequate it is your responsibility to propose changes and let parliament adopt.

  4. I want to ask a question, which is worse. A man pushing drugs or a government minister inflate contracts to his cousin from 8 million to 13 million. If laws have to be enacted for drug pushers why can’t we enact laws government thieves.
    I know some thieves will defend the corrupt minister.

  5. I don’t know which is worse, Francis keeping quiet or he coming and spur that nonsense in the media. That’s why you are in the positionyou are in. To make policies and laws. Why talk about it. Just act and make the laws adequate.

  6. This most inept Minister never fail to amuse me every time he opens his mouth. This man has no leadership qualities. I guess his Cabinet colleagues see him for exactly who he is, a laughing stock. The Minister is aloof and detached. The country is overwhelmed with criminal activities yet one doesn’t hear any real solutions articulated by this man. A good leader convinces others to to follow his lead by his power of persuasion. This man cannot convince anyone of anything as his ideas are mostly of little significance. This man should be opted from government. He’s useless, a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

  7. Less talk and more action please.Minister fish die by the mouth never forget this,keep yours closed for the benefit of us all.You are to small and insignificant to tackle big stuff.The boys going to step on you like a cockroach.

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