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Updated on July 5, 2020 8:46 pm
Updated on July 5, 2020 8:46 pm
Updated on July 5, 2020 8:46 pm

Francis On Death Penalty: ‘I am for the law!’

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has asserted that his position on the death penalty is “neither here nor there.”

He told reporters here that he is for the law.

“I am for the law. The law says that if you kill – there are certain categories of murder; that you should face the hangman,” Francis, who also has responsibility for Home Affairs and Justice declared.

He expressed the view that although Saint Lucia has not carried out judicial executions in years, it does not mean that they should not be done.

“That’s what the law says,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner stated in an interview broadcast by Hot 7 News Friday night.

According to the Cornell Centre on the death penalty worldwide, Saint Lucia has not executed a prisoner since 1995.

The centre’s website says there is no one on death row in Saint Lucia, with the last death row inmate’s death sentence being commuted in 2013.

Earlier this year, the London-based international human rights organisation, Amnesty International, urged all regional countries to abolish the death penalty.

But with mounting concern over violent crime in Saint Lucia, there have been renewed calls from some members of the public for persons found guilty of murder to be executed.

Amnesty International said that as of the end of 2017, over 96 per cent of all those on death row in the English-speaking Caribbean were held in three countries alone, Barbados (13 per cent), Guyana (32 per cent) and Trinidad and Tobago (52 per cent).

The three countries retain the mandatory death penalty in their legislation, Amnesty noted.

Senator Hermangild Francis has said that with plans here for constitutional reform, the issue of the death penalty can be put before the people.

“I think Saint Lucians have to have a say as to whether they still want the death penalty or not,” he declared.



  1. Some animals have to be killed,I dont think we should be taking care of them for the rest of their lives,when they never thought of the lives of the ones they killed.The victims of the cathedral are allways in my mind,and those animals laughing in court.

  2. Mr. Francis, you did not waste your time in your political school, because you are telling us what we want to hear, you are just a joker like the others!

  3. 02/02/2019

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  4. This guy, Herman-Guilt Francis, is of little or no relevance. The country has descended into a bloody town since he has been given the portfolio of Minister of National Security. He should be sacked this very moment for gross incompetence. He is the worst National Security Minister in the history of St. Lucia. For this most inept Minister to take home a huge chunk of taxpayers’ money every month, for doing absolutely nothing of substance, is unconscionable, just not fair. When teachers and nurses are being overworked and mostly underpaid, this lazy man is living fat off taxpayers’ hard earned money. His talk about the death penalty is just a farce as he contributes nothing to the reduction of crime. The Chastanet-led administration is comprised of inadequate, slothful, square pegs in round holes people, who are definitely a one term government.
    By the way, data and statistics have proven that capital punishment is no deterrent to murder. People commit murder because of passion. They also think that they will never be caught.

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