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Francis Responds To Calls For His Resignation

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis has declared in response to calls on social media for his resignation, that he works at the behest of the prime minister.

“If the prime minister believes I am not being as efficient as I can be, then it is his prerogative to decide to change me,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner told St Lucia Times.

He asserted that most of the times the critics on social media hide behind fake names.

However Francis explained that he has never backed down from any challenge.

“So it is up to the prime minister to decide whether I stay or go,” he stated.

He noted that his job as Minister of Home Affairs, Justice and National Security entails much.

“If you sit in my office for one day you will understand the vastness of my office – there are a number of things to deal with,” the minister explained.

He said they include the fire department, Bordelais Correctional Facility, issues of citizenship, the matter of insufficient court houses and criminal matters.

“Some people just look at it as ‘You’re the minister of Home Affairs and you are supposed to solve crime,’” Francis said.

“I can’t solve crime. I can assist the police – give them the materials and ability to fight; but at the end of the day it has to be the Commissioner and the hierarchy of the police force to devise polices and methods of dealing with crime,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

The former police officer spoke against the backdrop of Thursday night’s shooting in Marchand that resulted in the death of a senior citizen and injuries to two young people.

According to reports, a lone gunman, estimated to be in his teens, opened fire at another youth, wounding him in the buttocks.

However according to persons who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity, stray bullets hit a teenage girl and penetrated a wooden house, hitting the senior citizen who was inside.

He is reported to have died on the spot.

The gunman fled the scene after the shooting incident which occurred about 7:45 p.m near Ti J’s Ultra Mart.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded 43 homicides for the year.


  1. “If you sit in my office, you will understand the vastness of my office”. I for one don’t want to know. This is why you took the job but you have been failing for over two years. While in opposition, y’all raled against the SLP regarding crime but y’all have done worse. Infact, the number of homicides, car thefts, etc are close to record levels. So, don’t complain and do your job!

  2. Yeah need to resign asap cause u are the worst home affairs minister ever, useless, can’t do anything about the crime situation…u getting a big salary to do nothing…please resign ….

  3. Hermangild, you r nothing u r no more than a great disappointment.. Square peg in a round hole, u don’t fit.. As a former DEPUTY COMMISSIONER of police, I expected more competency from u, more on the ball ideas crime fighting meas8, but u never lived up to that.. I really n honestly thought Dat mondesir would be the worst Minister of national security st lucia would ever see, but you Mr Francis has proved me wrong, u hv made mondezod shine like a diamond star…..

  4. Francis, you were eager for the job of the commissionner, but you got the job of minister, you wanted to do a job, and you have done what you wanted to do,, so quit! and let someone else take up our defence! (selfish man)

  5. This Home Affairs Minister is the worst I have ever seen…i thought Mondesir was worst but u take the cake

  6. The man is passing the buck. Making excuses would not solve anything. From the Minister’s response to the unprecedented crime wave he should vacate office. He has picked fights with police officers but has provided them with no leadership. Let the PM greatly reduce your portfolio if you think you’re been overwhelmed by the magnitude of your duties. The problem is that you are very much unsuited for this position. Mr. Hermangild Francis just does not have the gravitas nor the capability to inspire the police officers to greater efforts by bringing out the best in them. It’s unconscionable to keep him in that position one minute longer.

  7. Francis put on your bedroom slippers,sit infront of your TV and watch the Old and the Useless,and enjoy retirement,play cards with old ladies,and the guys will stop calling you names that are not in the diccionary.You allready did enough shite.

  8. It appears that you have a vendetta against the police for not being Commisionner. You were made minister with the expectation that you would do a good job, but u have failed the people and instead of providing resources to fight crime you are trying hard to unlawfully prosecute the offices from ORC who risked their lives to bring peace to the nation at a time when gun violence was out of control. Shame on you!!

  9. Mr MINISTER you to grow up and take responsibility for the state of crime in St Lucia.
    The buck stops with you, your job is policy initiation.
    You remain quiet while the state of crime escalates.
    Peterson does a much better job than you in crime reduction as mayor.
    Please stop hiding behind the PM and stop using the police force your vendettas we police officers.

  10. This man is all about excuses. No real or meaningful action just a bunch of useless talk and targeting people. If you cannot handle the responsibilities then get out and let someone who is competent take up the mantle. You said you had all the ideas and solutions when you were in opposition. What happened now? Big disappointment….from bad to worse.

  11. My goodness you have all this work to do but you find time to respond to the public’s call for you to resign. You always on the news. You work at the behest of the Prime Minister who answers to the public. As a public servant you answer to the public. Do better or you will be added to the list of people who failed in the office of National Security.

  12. Mr minister if you dont have the balls,and character,you cant play this game,you have been a disaster so far,and its far enough for us St Lucians.Just fake a brain constipation,and resign.


    Type the name ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ Google click, you will see this is no fake name. No need to hide under pseudonyms.

    It is always dangerous to point out to a Prime Minister that he has a ‘…prerogative to exercise.’ From the people’s mandate, every leaders knows this. The executive axe may very well fall upon the Minister.

    Not sure what the Minister thought the ‘…Office of National Security’ was all about? Certainly not a unit in the ‘…Boys’ Brigade, Scout or Girl Guides or Salvation Army.’ Hell no!

    Simply put, it means that everything that goes on in that office shall impact significantly positive on the nation and people. It is primarily about security.

    Yes there will be ‘…fires; …bad boys and hardened criminals and revenues to be collected from the issuance of citizenship certificates.These are are important, yet secondary.

    Most importantly, the populace wants to ‘…feel protected; …safe and secured,’ whether on the streets, work and business places or homes.’ Needs no rocket scientist to point this out.

    Irrespective of that which is obtained under your ministerial charge, from that which is well known in ‘…leadership; …management; and supervisory circles,’ it is often about priority.

    Can’t tell you what to do, but ‘…an untenable spike in crime’ dictates that this is given top priority.

    Yes Minister, you came from the ‘…bowel of the Police Force; …you know its strengths and weaknesses.’ Surely, you must know its deficiencies as well.

    If you wish to look good, the ‘…incompetent’ shall make way for the more competent, efficient and effective.’

    Some officers would be competent; others will not be at the same level. You must decide on streamlining the organization from top to bottom.

    It has never been about ‘…long service or seniority or cronyism.’ Many had failed because of these and many had incurred the wrath of the people.

    From your standing, even in your current ministerial position and attendant responsibilities, you would have been considered reckless not to ensure that the people around you have the requisite capacity and capability.

    Do believe you could meet and live up to public expectations in bringing respite to the people. You may wish to avoid making those apparent ‘…Lame Duck Excuses.’

  14. People, The buck stops with the Minister is True!!! But I tell you the Commissioner is the one in the driver’s sit when it comes to fighting crime. Now Moncherry, my good friend, bless his soul has a hard task on his hand. The reality of the situation is that Government after Government has failed the Police, and today that failure has lead to a crippling effect on crime fighting. Simply put while the majority of Police Officers are doing their best, their best without adequate resources and training amounts to diddly Squat. To put it in proper perspective we need to look at how we got where we are and stop the blame game. From John Compton to Kenny Anthony, all have play a cat and mouse game with Public perspective and the mordernization of the Police Force. Non gave it the attention required. So until we demand the Governments of this country begin to prioritize crime fighting we will get no where. To be honest to get to the pointwhere we need to be on Crime fighting demands the kind on financial resources that we as a nation are prepare to sacrifice for. First the Government would have to cut significantly from all other Government departments, except for education and Health and pour all their resources for the next three to four years just to bring the Police Force to a serious modern crime fighting agencies. That I am afraid is neither politically expedient, and is simply political suicide. So Hermingil can no worst than Mondesir or Lacobinierre. Just different time but same place same job, with little resources from the pool to effectively do the job. ORC was a good operation for when you look at the present state of Policing which is no different than it was during the time of Lacobs and morne de zoud. So blame the Politicians and Ex Police Hierarchy who for power, political expediency sold our soul to the US Government on a platter and took the bite away from our Police officers. Now to be sure ORC is not a well oiled Policing strategy, but it was effective and was the best means at the time given the financial constrains, lack of training and equipment necessary for the job at hand. Tell Mary Francis take a bow. People like her embrazen criminals who have no regard for human rights but for whom she wants human rights. Sorry if I were PM ORC would be repeated, and while it going on Mary, Francois and a few others would be on compulsory vacation at her majesty’s behest at a local five star hotel. Yes a page from the saudi’s MLB’s book. Jail is jail whether at Bordelais or Sandals. Only these enemies of the Law abiding citizens would be treated like royalty during their vacation. When ORC done you let them out, and if they talk foolishly about things they know nothing about you jail them for treason against the state. Yes I am seriously joking.

  15. There is a general ” shoot the messenger tradition” in St.Lucia. Prime Ministers, ministers of government and religion, managers, and so many others in leadership positions are in strict conformity to this tradition. It is a fact that if the prime minister was doing a good job the masses would not want him out. The same thing goes for u Hermangild and as for u it is evident that u have failed St.Lucia twice in a public capacity. First as a high ranking police officer(DCP) in which capacity u have nothing to show as an accomplishment for the Royal St.Lucia Police force and by extension the country. When others were sticking to the task of crime fighting u were dodging and gallivanting not to mention oppressing the lower ranks some of whom u had suspicions of closeness to some of ur girlfriends. I challenge u to show this country something u did during your reign in the force which is positive that u can brag about having left. There was a great deal of expectation from u no doubt from inside the force and the civilians but u dealt everyone disappointing blows. There was never anything forceful about u worldwide which is something your position demanded whether within or without. Politicians did not respect you then di not expect them to now. They see u as an opportunist which ofcourse u are. As a minister u have failed miserably. Those who did not know thought the idea of making you minister in charge of crime was ideal but it remained just wishful thinking. U did not leave the force with any substantial capacity and ability to enforce laws or fight crime so rising to the level of policy making on that subject was a poor decision. The flowers have blossomed and the fruits of your inefficiency created a glut on the crime market and that is no surprise to me. So the messenger should be less important to u. The message however is an indication that u have not been serving the people of this country in the manner u sworn before the GG so to do and it is only fare that if u cannot deliver as required by your oath of office u do what is honourable. U worsen your situation when u talk about the PM being your boss is the one to take u out if he finds that u are incompetent. Wow! this suggested to me that u are in agreement that u are inefficient but u will remain until Chastenet kicks u out.. Sometime ago I heard u boasting that u left a well paying job to come and contribute in the public sector. It is true that your former job has a bigger salary. I can assure though that corruption in the private sector is not as prevalent.

  16. We all agree that ORC was good it produced results,and it curved the crime situation.Problem with it,the dark side was not tecnically planned,so the execusion,was disastrus .All these operations are borderline with legality,and I dont plan to get into the details,this will stay with us for ever,we have to learn,from abroad our borders.

  17. The most effective way of dealing with this problem is Stop and Search any police officer who suspects someone should be allowed to search them and confiscate any weapons
    You should also have a week for amnesty to take in any weapons without charge
    P d england

  18. The most effective way of dealing with this problem is Stop and Search any police officer who suspects someone should be allowed to search them and confiscate any weapons
    You should also have a week for amnesty to take in any weapons without charge
    P d england

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