Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Francis says PWA meeting with Pierre ‘strange’

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has told reporters that he found a recent meeting between the Police Welfare Association (PWA) and opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre ‘ a little strange’.

Francis disclosed that he has not yet met with PWA President Travis Chicot.

“I don’t know why we have not made contact so that he can come and visit me – all I know for a fact is that he has had a meeting with the leader of the opposition and not his minister as yet,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner asserted.

“Whether the leader of the opposition sent him an invitation and he accepted it, I found it a little strange that he spoke to him even before he spoke to his minister,” Francis said.

He stated that his office is always open.

“You could speak to (former PWA President) Camron Laure and he would tell you that the relationship that I have with the Welfare Association and especially the police, being a former  President of the Welfare  Association on two occasions, I understand what it is,” the minister stated.

Francis declared that protocol would dictate that the Commissioner of Police would be the first person to visit so that he could be informed about the PWA’s plans.

“The next person is the minister – and yes, I agree that at some time you meet the leader of the opposition because  the opposition is really a party in waiting. If we do not perform then most probably they would be the party in power,”Francis explained.

He said the opposition therefore needed to get a sense of what  the PWA is doing.

However Francis suggested that the PWA had done things in ‘reverse’.



  1. What is wrong with those guys? The welfare association has a right to meet with whomever they desire. You are the minister and one of the very first move you should have made was to setup a day/date to meet with the PWA. They should not “have” to send you an invitation.

  2. Almost everything seems to be ruled and spoiled by politics. that’s why the country is that way.

    If i know him Pierre would likely like that not for any good reasons but just to create confusion and mistrust.

  3. So the same guys who had no soulutions for the police in their tenor all of a sudden has 10 months in opposition. And to make it worst 4 rolly pollies who can’t even speak proper English making the police look stupid. I say get some young vibrant cops and get rid of the those idiots whose qualifications are their height, affiliation, or doing who

  4. why don’t everyone shut the hell up!! what the hell is wrong with the opposition leader meeting with the police force ?? Isn’t crime a serious problem that must be tackled from every angle whether meeting with religious, community or political leaders. Why don’t you preposterous commenters worry about the crime rate which has spiraled out of control. If your Prime Ministarrrrr is clueless shut the hell up

  5. The Police welfare has a right to meet anyone they choose as long as it is in the interest of its members. While the minister should focus on policies to fight crime, which is out of control down in St.Lucia he is troubled about a meeting with the opposition with the Police welfare. Politics is killing our Nation.

  6. why don’t everyone shut the hell up!! what the hell is wrong with the opposition leader meeting with the police force ??
    he didn’t meet with the police force read the story well he met with the police welfare association that is two different entities
    BTW did he ever meet with the police association while in office the last four years can pierre do anything for the police right now on the opposition bench
    lets face it these guys are just looking to stir up trouble
    wasn’t it these same guys who said before the elections that there was a police operation (operation remove Kenny) spare headed by the police welfare association.
    what a turn around is that spit or rain

  7. Everything seems to enjoy political as we claim. Just to run away from the reality

    Anyway..I believe that every organization should have policies and procedures by which things are done.

    For example in this case. There is a chain of command I presume. If any outside person…that is someone that is not part of the organization needs information or to sit in. They need to seek pemission. And give give an account as to the purpose of the visit.
    Those at the higher level need to give the go ahead. Persons just cannot take it on themselves to make decisions like these.

    This technique is very important because we need to be care full what information is disseminated or given out…and to whom.

    I am a nurse. And it could be the prime minister or the queen of England wanting to sit with us. We need to inform our head of department. As a matter of fact…they need to send a letter requesting for that meeting. And…based on the information they may need. More than one member may need to sit in.

    So this is something that should be revised.

  8. USA/758…so u’re right about him . He needs a complete make over …..he’s so clueless …..St. Lucia needs

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