Francis: Tourists Are Safe

The recent murder here of British national Robert ‘Bob’ Hathaway may cause potential visitors to wonder whether Saint Lucia is a safe destination, National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis has indicated.

He said that the incident was unfortunate.

“It is our loss also,” the minister explained.

“When you look at the circumstances, I think that our tourists are safe – they come to Saint Lucia and they enjoy themselves,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner told reporters at a news conference Monday.

He asserted that ‘Bob’ Hathaway has been here for a number of years.

“I treat him as a local,” the minister stated.

“So it is not that we are attacking or getting at British individuals or visitors – that is not so,” Francis stated.

Several British nationals have been killed here in recent time.

“It appears that the press is slanting it in such a way – not our local press, that we seem to be targeting British people. I don’t think that is so. If you look at the incidents that have occurred in Saint Lucia, they all have their peculiar circumstances and we have to take each as they present themselves,” he explained.

The minister said there will always be negative press when a loved one or a countryman dies in the manner that ‘Bob’ Hathaway passed away.

“I think that is understandable, but we as a local press – we have to look at it in such a way that we send the truth out there and make persons in the wider world know that Saint Lucia is not as dangerous as people are claiming it to be,” Francis asserted.

The minister expressed the view that there would not be a “big fallout” from the ‘Bob’ Hathaway murder.

He made reference to a list of the 25 most dangerous countries in the world, which he said features this country at number 19.

According to the minister, there were several other Caribbean countries that were ‘way ahead’ of Saint Lucia.

But he made it clear that this brings no comfort.

“We need to get off that list completely and we are working towards that,” he told Monday’s news conference.

Asked by reporters whether he was satisfied with the performance of Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, Hermangild Francis responded that if he were unhappy, Moncherry would not be the top cop.

Francis declared in response to a question, that he was “very happy” with his own performance as National Security Minister.


  1. Mr. Francis. You are not unhappy with Severin Moncherry’s performance, you are very happy with your own performance, and Tourists are safe (other than the ones who are robbed and killed). Being number 19 on the Top 25 Most Dangerous Countries in the World list does not instill confidence in tourists visiting St. Lucia. Have you re-established the Beach Patrols? Perhaps resources funding the infamous “P” Patrol in Castries, fighting public urination could be channeled to protecting Cruise Ship visitors? The economy of the country depends on Tourists’ dollars. Simply calling the country safe does not make it safe. You can call a pig a race horse but in reality it’s still a pig.

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  3. No mention of the two German visitors that were accosted last Friday. So far your performance has been worse than your predecessor

  4. Herman-Guilt Francis’ comment should send chills to citizens and residents of St. Lucia. Homicides and robberies are bound to escalate under his tenure as the Minister of National Security. The man is a complete misfit. Where are the possible solutions to curb this ever increasing threat to people’s life and property? The man is completely unfit to hold in such a crucially important portfolio.

  5. Number 19 on the list…but wait, other Caribbean islands are worse. Here is a little badge of honor. How about not even being on that list. That should be the standard.
    I personally wouldn’t be proud of my performance if citizens were sh*t scared..

  6. Mr. Francis, i don’t know what to say, because you are surprising me more and more ; i don’t want to be judge rude,, political, bias, in fact, negative ; so to speak ! But i can only say this: be careful when you speak, I mean, all of you; (the government!)

  7. When you talk like this Mr Francis,a lot of us fell sick,its shamefull all what you and your clows are doing.But behold the problems are bigger than you,and you are not going to fix them.This country needs to hire a highly profesional man with a reputable military career,to organize all our police force,starting from the school,and this is the heart of the problems,the lack of profesionalism is pathetic.Besides we need to incorporate at least 800 new reacruits in the next two years,and two years of school is not enough to learn all what has to be learned to have a high tech police force,and that you can only acomplish with the new recruits,the old boys will never be able to catch on with the modern teachings.The old police stile and school has been run over by a air craft carrier.We need better training teaching and modern technology and equipment,instant comunication all round the island a super developed intelligence department,intercept and survey all comunications between islands and continent 24 hours all year round .Sorry Im in dream land.

  8. Do you all expect him to say they are not safe here smh. If you admit to that it’s saying I fire myself simple. You all acting like he should say different, my advice would be to just not comment stay neutral.

  9. St Lucia should not be on that list of 25 we need to get out of it.Its rather shameful for our people the generation of today the streets are not safe let the police do their job clean the place up its a bad name for us st Lucians

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