Friday, September 20, 2019

Francis: Unfair To Say Government Dragging Its Feet On Ganja

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National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has declared that opposition accusations that the Allen Chastanet administration is dragging its feet on the issue of whether to decriminalise or legalise ganja are unfair.

The former Deputy Police Commissioner asserted that he has shown his commitment to the marijuana issue.

“I have placed my head on the block,” Francis explained.

“For two consecutive years when the Cannabis Movement have had their meetings, I have attended and on both occasions in Vieux Fort and Soufriere I spoke,” the minister recalled.

“We are committed to doing something,” he explained.

He noted that the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) was in office and the wife of former Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony,  was the person doing the documentation for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) ministers on the ganja issue.

“For a long time that was going on there – they never took any action,” Francis observed.

He told reporters that Saint Lucia cannot ‘jump’ into legalising marijuana.

“Countries like Canada, yes, they can do it – they have the resources, they have the funds so if there is a fallout they will be able to take care of their people.”

But Francis stated that Saint Lucia is a small country.

“We are fighting with health care,” he said.

“If we were now to jump the gun by going straight into legalisation, we don’t know the effect it may have on the minds of the young persons. So we may be causing a problem for our young people,” Francis told reporters.

“So the research has to be continuing, but I think there should be some movement to at least decriminalise small amounts of marijuana for personal use and we can legalise it for medicinal purposes,” the minister said.

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  1. You have all the Canadian law regarding ganga.Just take what we need,nobody is going to go crazy smoking,when you legalize it,Anybody can buy weed round the corner.All this histeria of people going wild is just church shite,and politics.Remember all the boys,dont want the price to drop,and leave them out of bussines,and we all know who they are,you to

  2. Agreed. This guy is a bull**** artist. Decades of research is available. The drug is already easily available.

  3. The Ministers of this incompetent administration keep driving and looking in the rearview mirror. They continue to throw blame on the opposition for every conceivable problem in the country. The people elected you to solve the country’s problems not to shower blame on your predecessors. The Minister of National Security should be steadfastly focused on crime as this is the most worrying problem in the country. He’s a colossal failure and should be immediately removed from his present post. Expect crime to escalate under his watch as he’s completely clueless and out of his depth.

  4. Let the opposition bark on that matter. Our minister is right to take it easy on that matter, because we only have a little less of 200000 heads of people on a very small island. Let science take its toll

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