Francis Urges Support For COVID-19 Telethon

Home Affairs Minister Hermangild Francis has urged support for a Telethon on Sunday to raise funds for frontline workers in Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 battle.

“On Sunday April 12 this year we are organizing a telethon event so that we can raise some funds for our police officers, prison officers, fire officers, nurses, doctors and all persons on the frontline,” Francis explained.

He encouraged Saint Lucians at home and abroad, as well as this country’s overseas friends, to support the initiative.

According to Francis, all the money generated will go towards improving the lives of frontline workers in the COVID-19 battle.

“They are the ones who are on the frontline – they are the ones putting their lives on the line for us and we have to show we appreciate their efforts and do whatever we can to support them,” the minister told St Lucia Times.

Francis, who is also responsible for National Security and Justice, expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet for his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also praised Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharon Belmar-George.

“There isn’t  anything more I can say about her, she has been a very dynamic individual and Saint Lucians owe a great debt of gratitude to this Doctor,” Francis asserted.

He urged persons to donate generously to the COVID-19 Telethon.

“We know it is difficult for everybody at this time but whatever we can give, as little as it is, will be welcome,” Francis explained.

He told St Lucia Times that no monetary target has been set for the initiative.

“Whatever  we can get we will make use of it,” he disclosed.

“As much money we can make will be much better for the frontline workers,” he stated.



  1. Really , no target has been set !! Just a few days ago Minister Fedee said the target was a million dollars , in this Government it seem that the right hand do not know what the left hand is doing .I was first make believe that it was basically a bonus for front line workers now the tune has change to getting much needed supplies for front line workers .. Why can’t this government be transparent for once? I support the initiative but the truth must be told .

  2. Well with the government threatening to cut my salary by 60%, I have to save the little I have. Sorry cannot help this time around. Perhaps its time for the big businesses and contractors that have benefited all along to give something back.

    • All those who benefitted when things were rosy should call tomorrow and give back….don’t let me start mentioning names!!!

  3. The minister who needs to make a fresh start has to RETURN no less than 1/2 a million dollars. The other one who talks a lot of ‘trash’ needs to follow suit. Allen Chastanet and Michael Chastanet we are monitoring your donations tomorrow.

  4. All the investors who.came with not a penny and got free land and NIC money, where are they? I am sure you will find money for your friends and fake investors but whenever it is for St Lucia the country always broke.

  5. Well if you don’t have to give don’t discourage others.Other country has the same stop some lucians that’s not nice if you can give we all are in a guava time things not easy the entire .🙏🙏🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨

  6. Gave away money and now want us to contribute. Where is the CIP money?
    We don’t need sports right now, why hasn’t Lockerbie contract being terminated?
    To chastanet and his bandits, go to hell

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