Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Francis Wants Members To Be Accountable For What They Say In Parliament

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Home Affairs Minister, Hermangild Francis, wants  an end to parliamentary privilege so that individuals will become accountable for the things they say in the house.

“If you notice persons in parliament, they say all kinds of derogatory things about each other ‘Corrupt. You’re this, you’re that,’” Senator Francis observed.

But he asserted that they cannot repeat the remarks outside of parliament because people will take them to court.

“So this privilege you have in parliament, this is one thing I want to see for us to dispense with,” Francis stated.

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He made the comments this week while a guest of Talk Show Host, Andre Paul, on Radio 100 Helen FM.

And Francis expressed the view that everything that members say in parliament, they should be able to repeat outside.

“You should be able to come on Andre Paul’s show or Claudius Francis’ show and say the same thing without fear of you being prosecuted,” the minister declared.

Francis, who is also responsible for Justice and National Security, also took issue with the existence of two chambers.

“This idea of two chambers – the upper and lower chamber doesn’t make any sense,” he explained.

“I am the Minister of Home Affairs but I am in the upper chamber. Mary Isaac is in the upper chamber, yet still we’re discussing the budget and we’re not there,” Francis said.

“So when Dr. (Kenny)  Anthony said some of the things he said about my Ministry and I’m a failure, had I been there I would have straightened him out. I would have told him exactly what it is.”

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