Sunday, September 25, 2022

Francis Welcomes Minister’s Support For Independent Body To Probe Police Killings

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Human Rights advocate Mary Francis has welcomed support voiced by Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte for an independent body to investigate police killings.

” I am not saying that the police do not have a right if they are under siege, if their lives are threatened, to kill and safeguard their lives. But we must know the circumstances through a proper independent impartial body,” Francis, the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights Coordinator, told St Lucia Times.

The outspoken Attorney at Law spoke in the aftermath of Tuesday evening’s fatal police shooting of Terry Emmanuel, alias ‘Five Bag’ at Barre St Joseph.

The deceased’s family has demanded a full investigation, disputing a police statement on the incident.

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Mary Francis said she was encouraged by the forthright statement Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte made regarding the need for an independent investigative body.

Francis said such a body would provide transparency and address suspicion in the minds of persons that there’s something to hide.

” I think she made the right statement and I am only hoping that this is followed up by action because for too long we have been asking for an independent body,” she said concerning the Minister’s statement to the media. 

“I think they can get assistance. They can use other models – you have INDECOM (The Independent Commission of Investigations) in Jamaica . There were many police killings and the body was set up,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

“The inquest we have now under the coroner’s act does not give us the desired result – that the police present files to the coroner and then the matter proceeds. So where is the independence?” She declared.

“I called for a separate office of coroner in Saint Lucia with their own investigative machinery to ensure that that those killings are properly investigated and people can get a good outcome,” Francis recalled.

” I will be following up on the minister to see what is being done and really once and for all get this thing settled,” she explained.

According to Francis, the dark shadow of Operation Restore Confidence is still with Saint Lucia.

  “Up to now the sanctions taken by the Americans still exist and it’s because they were not satisfied with the outcome of the inquests,” she declared, adding that based on the Minister’s remarks, she was looking forward to real change.

The Home Affairs Minister told reporters in the aftermath of the fatal police shooting of Terry Emmanuel that when there’s a police killing, she believes the prudent thing to do is to have an independent body carrying out the probe so there’s transparency and accountability in getting a clear picture of what transpired.

“If it’s the police investigating the police, there will always be the sense of suspicion and people may not find it credible,” the Babonneau MP stated.

“So it’s something we will look into and see how we can create a body that is more acceptable to the general public and more transparent so that all of us accept the outcome,” Albert-Poyotte stated.


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  1. MORENA I agree: ‘the Kingdom of God is within you’ & that’s where the Holy Spirit should exist.
    ‘God is a Spirit, worship Him in Spirit and in truth’.

  2. Mary Fràncis Can Support Thd Minister 100% it willnot Deter the Police from Executing their Duties Professionally .Mary Francis is Anti Police From Birth
    She only Defends Criminals with pay

  3. Do not be far from me, for trouble times are near !
    Blessed is the nations whose God is the Lord,the people (he choose for his inhertance (kingdom).
    He who has an ear,let him hear what the sprit says to the seven churches (World wide)
    Blessed is the one who reads the word of this prophecy ; and blessed are those who hear and fear it and take it to hear what is it written in it, because the time is near !

    A church is a dwelling place where God’s sprit works in his chosen ones.
    A church is a Foundation after the creation of man, which their names are still in exsitance till today,believers may backside, but the foundation will still remains, where Judgement will take place.
    The best religion that God accept,is the ❤️heart,the temple where the Holy Sprit dwells and abide.

  4. Setting up an independent body to investigate the police is a very worthwhile endeavor. However, if it is going limit some of the resources of the police to tackle the current crime surge it can wait till the crime situation gets better in the country

  5. Here is the question: What is it in our society that produces those unsavoury characters?
    – dysfunctional family dynamics, poor child raising
    skills..poor parenting and parental guidance.
    – Poor educational attainment, often not finishing
    Primary school, not attaining the basic level of
    Education and language skills. Often misfits
    always have a nickname associated with them.
    – Societal breakdown of values. Despite the fact
    that Saint Lucia seems to be a religious country,
    Religion is no guarantee as a moral compass.
    The stats speaks for itself. Therefore the fabric
    of society is broken and needs fixing.
    – Lack of governmental intervention in shaping
    the Society we want. One of peace, freedom,
    law, democratic values, care of the other. See
    how political parties stir up tension in society.
    These attributes and behaviours reflect the
    Society we have become and thus, the
    Electorate encourages the politicians in their
    Appalling behaviour and vice versa.
    – poor language skills, poor anger management
    Skills, inability to reason an argument with
    others effectively. Poor mathematical ability,
    A lost sense of self hence no one matters
    except their own dysfunctional selves.
    – Lack of positive personal ambition except
    ambition that affect society…that of crime.

    I can go on and on Ad nauseum…the solution is a concerted effort by government and the wider society in implementing measures that help reduce these unpalatable elements in society..

    – implement programs that promote social change. Eg. Sporting activities should lead to a successful career in sports with proper pay..not just for playing with the boys and girls for fun…these programs should start from primary to tertiary level education.
    – of course not every one can be academically inclined, so government must support vocational ambitions eg. Person who creative are supported with their creativity to create a stream of income.
    – teach civics in schools.. primary to tertiary level education. It’s should be law that every citizen should attain a secondary level education at least with proper mastery of Kweyol, English and one other foreign language. Maths, science, arts
    – the government should pay attention to the arts for Jupiter’s sake..Sir Walcott bled tears for a national theatre to be built…he died without that dream being fulfilled. There is so much talent in Saint Lucia….so give the people a theatre they deserve….
    Teach parenting skills to all moms and dads. Have a community program that is responsible for members of their respective communities. Support for struggling families. If these measure above were implemented, in time we would have a better society and less struggling families, thus government would be able to help the few families that struggle as government can’t help everyone since resources are scarce. Yet that doesn’t mean we should not do whatever it takes to save our society. Society won’t be fixed on its own if we just sit there hoping it fixes itself.

    There is more but I desist for fear of boring the readership.

  6. One murderer got loose at the mabonneu Prison, We were never told here of any investigation of ones conduct at the Babonneu Prison Station.
    Now some sorry son of a mother, one which is told, never did or wanted to do anything honestly in his life, got on the wrong side of the Law, and got what he was looking for – oh, investigation!!! What we need is to bring in on six month contract, 12 proven Bad Ass Cops to clean out the rotten Garbage we have terrorizing people and getting away with it. Starting with our Law Court system, the Prison House, Gang Dens, the Communities and the Streets. May the Lord help us.

  7. Really? That’s what you all want to concentrate on!!!! All the crime going around, armed robberies, shootings, gang wars, parents assaulting teachers, domestic violence. Buy u want to focus on police shootings which are far and wide. The police need to kill some of these people. Idk what they are waiting for. Baytese!!!!!

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