Francis: ‘Why Is There One Rule For The Politician And Another For The Little Man?’

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Attorney at Law Mary Francis has expressed concern after the dropping of charges in the Land Rover case involving Dr. Ernest Hilaire, asserting that certain things undermine people’s perception of equality before the law and the independence of the judiciary.

“I am concerned. I heard about it. I am just looking,” the outspoken Human Rights advocate told St Lucia Times.

Francis, the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights coordinator, asserted that citizens do not get the same privilege when the state abuses their rights.

“There is no quickness on the part of the state to settle and in these pandemic times when we are suffering so much and people’s rights are being violated in the so-called interest of the public good and public health, we have to be vigilant. We have to ensure that we are the gatekeepers,” she declared.

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She explained that there is no haste to mediate or withdraw charges regarding the ‘little man in the street’ whose rights the police violate.

“So why is there one rule for the politicians and another for the little man in the street? If we are talking equality which is very important to democracy, I think they should be treated equally and in the same fashion,” the Attorney at Law told St Lucia Times.

According to Francis, this country has a history of politicians using the courts to fight their political battles and score political points.

And in the Hilaire Land Rover case, she expressed that it would have been better had the matter continued in the court so that the court could rule.

“It would have removed doubts in the minds of people that the charges were politically motivated,” Francis stated.

In 2020, Customs Officers armed with a warrant detained Dr. Ernest Hilaire’s Land Rover amid claims that there were irregularities in the importation of the vehicle.

Hilaire bought the vehicle while Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner in London.

On Thursday, the current MP for Castries South and Minister of Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information told reporters that the matter went to mediation.

As a result, Hilaire explained that the Comptroller of Customs withdrew charges and agreed to release the vehicle.

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  1. @ straight… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry this shit is not a laughing matter. This is serious what is happening to st.Lucia. I hope I’m out by the time US come for us. I know sheena isn’t the only one on the forum… what about lh

  2. Mary Francis the case was dropped because it was crap in the first place. Why waste the courts time and resources for a nonsensical case like this. Come on.

  3. Typical politicians to use the average man in a situation like that and make it look like they really care about him/her being used by the government or police. This is just another cover up for Hilaire so we can slowly forget about his situation then they would move on from helping the little man as well …smh

  4. @ Rude why didn’t Hilaire chose mediation before? If you say that mediation is expensive, Hilaire could not afford it then. Now that he is part of government most likely he used the state money to decide on mediation. He is a government minister so state money is at play here. We are being played by these so called leaders. Plus the state must compensate him again yet he holds his position as minister. Milking the country and enjoying his lavish lifestyle now and the power at the people’s expense. WoW! Is this fair to the people?

  5. @facts be quiet if you don’t know the facts. I hope one day the truth will come out and everyone will know what that acting female comptroller was really up to…..

  6. It is most unfortunate that Mary chose to speak out now, knowing full well that enshrined in the OECS court system the first option of the court is to suggest mediation.

    Mediation cost more and it is the people with the money who will receive swift justice. Both parties in the mediation process must pay the mediator by the hour daily or before the next session. Mediation schedule is agreed to by the parties and the mediator and not by the court management system.

    It is therefore hippocracy by Mary to sound like she is not aware of the system that she is part of.

    If one can’t afford a lawyer in the global legal system one is doomed or may have his or her case heard after death.

    Layers efforts are equated with the amount of fuel money they receive or their relationship with their client.

    It is also dishonest to single out only politicians and leave out drug dealers.

    Nb Marcus Nicholas and Marius Willson are politicians.

  7. A money laundering case has to be opened against Hilaire. Stop using people bank accounts to receive money. Who knows, knows.

  8. @ Oh Well
    Your statement hit the nail right on the head, We have soooooo many other cases pending in the courts and at the Bordelais correctional facility long before Hilaire’s and this is the result!! Like really with this administration….this is totally absurd!! Im non partisan let me inform y’all but St Lucians need to tie their waist and pray cause this administration is here to f*** yall over to the highest bidder, im not surprised if we’re not been sold yet!! America is watching yall!!

  9. Maybe because it was nothing but s malicious prosecution.

    Everyone knows that you are one of the most incompetent attorneys.

    And that nonsense you’re spewing about little man is pure hogwash.

    It’s interesting you have never raised the issue of the little man who are sniping each other while the drug lords who live at Cap Estate enjoy the spoils.

    Sit down and shut up you chicken back.

  10. Who the hell cares about a dirty stinking corrupt system … All i care about is the enactment of a minimum wage to stop the exploitation of the workforce … I am appealing to Dr poyette to give the workforce a livable wage …

  11. It would be interesting to read the agreement between Hilaire and the government. Without that critical knowledge it is difficult to pass objective judgement. I think the docs should be made public. Let’s have an informed public. Okay Hilaire, stop your cry of vindication and place the docs in the public domain.

  12. OH for that unholy Trinity – what else can/will go wrong? The Queen sold his soul for the highest bidder we all knew about Jufalli’s history with manipulation, off course the man in the red suit is laughing his axx out, he is in the drivers seat now. I am afraid for the young ones in St. Lucia, these examples shows that ‘ if they can get away with it, why not me’ so I smell a revolution. What we have before us smells rotten, its bad, I am beginning to lose all respect for Pierre as P.M. to save his axx he will go along with the B.S. / the next Bombshell, Republicanism / some wise guys already think its on the menu; ( I pray daily for my little relatives on the Island, Lord Bless them all, Banana on the skids, Tourism looks bleak, Lord help)

  13. Where do we go from there..big man don’t pay taxes little man pay taxes says who?St lucia my birth land can never get better what is corruption?My God pjp from the time you as a pm I fill sorry for you..I leave it right there Ernest enjoy your jeep only God that will deal with you if you are guilty and being not truthful about the doctcuments..

  14. @ oh well….ask Chiquot who gave him the bligh to becoming boss of customs in order to embarrass the man! On a other note….Mary you are part of the systems by virtue of your profession….lawyers defend criminals….so do your part and condemn them instead.

  15. It is as pathetic as it is true. All politicians are the same, whether Red, Yellow, Black, or blue.

    I agree with Mary Francis 110%. Even when people do not have the gonads to take up these pertinent issues, and she does, she gets chastised for it.

    Who the cap fits let them wear it, but I find for the most part, too many ignorant and illiterate persons post messages of no substance or intellectual prowess on this forum. Choops. Who vex – lose. Day ban cooyon.

  16. @ Oh Well you forgot to mention that the previous Comptroller was replaced by Chiquot because he was willing to impound Hilaire’s vehicle and she wouldn’t!

  17. They remove customs officer Chiquot from his position of Compyroller and replace him with a friend to get the job done. FFF?
    They removed the current Asst police commissioner and will be replacing him soon.
    All I see is the current government is recruiting the friends families, party members to cover up their slackness and get them off the hook. They are abusing their power. But for the little man, your case will take forever and you will have to pay the hefty fine placed on you.

  18. When $700 got his first scandal handle by the court in quick fashion, you were silent Ms Francis why speak up now?

  19. Suzanne how right you are.Lucians are quick to for get. It’s mind boggling to see my people drink up any crap people in positions give to them
    They just have to say open and swallow.

  20. If anyone expected a different outcome they’re naive where this matter is concerned. The trend had been set with the Jock- him church saga, with Hunt’s and others protocols cases.

    It’s like… Stick it to St. Lucians, all they will do is talk, talk and talk for a while and then move on to the next matter.

  21. well what you say mary is true but the thing about it is the little man has no money and is frowned upon but people like hilaire has money so he will have his day but he did say and acknowledge that he was fortunate that he had friends who stood up for him.

    “But the average Saint Lucian who doesn’t have the kind of support he had, what do they go through?”

    me Hilaire after i get that compensation money i going and buy a much bigger ride to burn them loool

  22. Will the vehicle be impounded again after the next General elections ? Will it be sold before the next general election?

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