FRC Interim Board appointed

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PRESS RELEASE: The Msgr. Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre (FRC) held a membership meeting on Saturday August 25, at the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) conference room.  The meeting was convened to review FRC’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. The meeting also visited the draft Parastatal Act which is in the process of being enacted by Government.

At the meeting members were brought up to date with FRC’s challenges and plans post the fire of March 25th as well as plans for Creole Heritage Month and Jounen Kwéyòl.  FRC is in the process of drawing up a strategic plan which will guide the organization during the next five years. The strategic planning process will be facilitated by FRC member and Consultant Victor Poyotte.

The tenure of the Board of FRC expired and members selected an interim Board to look after the affairs of the organization until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The composition of the interim Board is as follows:

·       Floreta Nicholas

·       Suzette Merille-Alexander

·       Sylvester Dickson

·       Embert Charles

·       Victor Poyotte

·       Mc. Donald Dixon

·       Msgr. Patrick Anthony

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  1. What a joke! This Is why St Lucia will always go backward.
    No one has yet been held accountable for the loss of St Lucia’s priceless historical memorabilia in that fire.
    We have a history of fires destroying our patrimony yet no adequate precautions were taken to safeguard our heritage at the FRC.
    All the ‘educated elites have been covering each other for this tragic failure.
    And unfortunately this is happening all over St Lucia where our educated elites give no value for money and we all give them a pass.
    I ask again. Who was responsible for the lack of planning and management and the loss of our patrimony?
    When will there be a forensic audit of this travesty and accountability to be had?
    What was actually lost in the fire?
    When will this cover up stop!
    Millions up in flames and the so called ‘elites just keep quiet

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