Thursday, September 29, 2022

FRC Mourns The Passing Of National Cultural Icon, Charles Cadet

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The Msgr. Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre extends its condolences to the family and friends of the Honorable Charles Cadet, SLC, who passed away on Sunday January 17th. He was 96.

The Honorable Charles Cadet was an arts and cultural icon, an agriculturist, a trade policy expert and a diplomat who served for many years as Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner in the United Kingdom.

Through his musical compositions, his collaborations with Roderick Walcott, his association with Harold Simmons, Dame Sessenne Descartes, Rameau Poleon, Joyce Auguste and many others, he made a great and outstanding contribution to the development of Saint Lucian arts and culture.

Even while he worked in a range of musical styles, he loved and explored our Kwéyòl culture through its language and the experiences of the people.

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Many of his Kwéyòl compositions are now classics of Saint Lucian music. He was a fine singer, with several recordings and had published a collection of poetry in 2017 titled “At the rusting gate.”

He had also produced with his cousin Barbara Cadet a CD of his music titled “The Signature Collection” in 2006.

Honorable Charles Cadet was a strong supporter of the work of the FRC from its beginning.

In many ways the FRC was consolidating the work begun by persons like his mentor Honorable Harold Simmons, the Walcott brothers, Dame Sessenne Descartes and all the folk musicians, singers, dancers.

He appreciated that the FRC had brought these cultural artists to the attention of the public and was ensuring the place of respect deserved by these.

According to Embert Charles, chair of the Board of Directors of the FRC “Through his selfless and lifelong contributions to our music resources, and through his excellent work in promoting our folk culture through his compositions, Charles Cadet has cemented his place in the annals of the history of Saint Lucia. He has left his impressions on the memories of generations of Saint Lucian people”

Charles Cadet with the late Blaise Pascal at the opening of the Harold Simmons Folk Academy, FRC in 2012

In 2015, the Cultural Development Foundation declared him their first Cultural Icon.

The FRC plans to host an event within the next few weeks to recognize and honor the life and contribution of Charles Cadet to the promotion of our culture.

The FRC will continue to remember the work of the Honorable Charles Cadet and other icons whose lives and works have highlighted the best of our arts and culture, and have shown us what is possible with commitment, a positive vision of ourselves and the willingness to put in the hard work necessary to achieve excellence.

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