Frederick Plans To Write House Speaker Over Chastanet’s ‘3-Day Visa’ Claim

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Castries Central MP Richard Frederick plans to write the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Claudius Francis, regarding opposition leader Allen Chastanet’s ‘3-Day Visa’ claim in parliament recently.

“I was in the United States for about a week, and notwithstanding, the leader of the opposition had the audacity to say that I was granted a three-day visa,” the Housing Minister told reporters on Monday.

” I believe what I am going to do is write the Speaker of the house to table a motion to have the leader of the opposition answer to the privileges committee for attempting to mislead the house,” Frederick declared.

Asserting that Chastanet has habitually misled the house, Frederick said the former Prime Minister must understand that he who asserts must prove.

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At the recent house sitting, Speaker Claudius Francis said he had received a notice from Frederick.

Francis explained that the latter had gone to the United States on official business to deliver an address on behalf of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) at the United Nations.

In 2011 the U.S. State Department had revoked Frederick’s diplomatic and visitor visas.

And in his contribution to the recent sitting of the house where the Speaker announced the Castries Central MP’s visit to the United States, Allen Chastanet congratulated Frederick on his ‘three-day pass’ to attend the UN meeting in New York.

“This is the same three-day visa that is normally bestowed on other individuals who do not have visas in the US,” Chastanet told the house.

In that regard, the opposition leader hoped that Frederick would have made the best use of his time during his three days in New York.

Frederick told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet that Chastanet must stop making baseless assertions and comments that are not factual.

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  1. I remember on your shows before elections you were ALWAYS ALWAYS SHOWING VARIOUS DOCUMENTS – WHY DO YOU NOT DO THE SAME AND SIMPLY SHOW OR DISPLAY THAT FAMOUS US VISA YOU GOT ??? Simple very simple

  2. This idiot. How can he be in charge of anything of a serious nature, is mind boggling. Simple minds aspire to tackle and achieve simple things. He should try and focusing on the position he’s been tasked with, and stop focusing on frivolous things. A country needs to be run for Pete’s sake.

  3. They will give Fredrick a visa ( non diplomatic ) grab him and lock his ass up in a US federal penitentiary for20 years .Ediooot

      • if the FBI had a warrant out for Fredrick the whole world would have known that already…yellow Clown would be barking all day all night. They are people right here like myself who don’t need or care to go to the US for anything we can have other people do that for us , I am sure the same applies to the minister.

      • Lucian Highgrade pure hypocrite, you don’t like the US don’t ask people to buy things in there country for you period!

  4. To everyone who read my comment, I am truly sorry for being an idiot and supporting Richard Fredricks in this matter. This man should really grow up!!
    This SLP government is getting ridiculously oppressing now.

    • …….for anyone who reads the fake comments above and believes it then it must be cold day in hell. Lucian Highgrade never has/have and never will sell out……Yellow Clowns can never buy me out. Today marks their demise when they were crush like the roaches they are. Pssssssst Psssssst Boop not working, try Baygon pssssst psssst.

      • Guys I am the real The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade.
        I will never support SLP. These red clowns are jokers and they are destroying Saint Lucia. Unfortunately, I voted for SLP a year ago and I totally regret that.
        #SLP out

      • …….SLP pays me well to be a JACKASS and I don’t mind it you yellow losers! I am delusional and proud of who they made me today….Get over it John Crows!!

    • I am just joking guys. SLP does not pay me any money….. LOOOOL red clowns…. I just show off my stupidity here

  5. Instead RF enjoys that rare opportunity for him to get a few days pass to the US because of his criminal activities, his wasting his time on Chas who can travel freely to the US🤣🤣🤣

  6. Dear Mr RF,

    First of all, you should not be entertaining your fellow politicians on what they say about you, or on any of your doings, or business, where the country is concerned. You should be displaying the “man” that your are, and ignore them; you are not a child!

    Concentrate on the job you were elected for, and please stop whining like a little girl – I cannot stand it! Your actions are so unnecessary.

    I sincerely hope the house speaker dismisses your “sissy letter of complaint”.

    A St Lucian Citizen (Your Boss)

    • ….and you write the same to that Drag Queen Chastanet to do the same I would imagine since he was the one to make much out of nothing. There is not BIGGER CRIMINAL in St Lucia than Allen Chastanet. Don’t ask me to go in the crates we don’t have enough storage space.

  7. You are guilty of the same thing you are accusing Chastanet of. Both parties do it. Where is Frederick sense of humor? He is likely to get a stroke if he doesn’t lightened up.

  8. Mate is a typical narcissist, playing the part of the victim so people can feel sorry for him. He knows how to dish out crap and venom but he cant take a little peekong.

  9. This it the worst thing to happen to st lucia’s political framework . It’s comically embarrassing maybe even criminally embarrassing if there is such a thing. Most ppl who go to the US EMBASSY lie to get a visa. Bank statements false job letters false. But I guess America does not believe the truth. So to make so much an issue over a visa . Crying on Television. Lord please take us back to telegram days so we won’t witness such horrible shameful drama.

  10. I love seeing people defend RF even when he is caught.
    Imagine bashing a man for YEARS and making endless claims but the minute he retaliates back you crying.
    Handle what you dish out

  11. Why such obsession ego and pride with a US visa. Don’t you gentlemen already have enough on your plate to take care of in St. Lucia?

  12. Shawn and alva I don’t hear you guys don’t be afraid to cross the floor the slp ship is about to sink save yourself before it does

  13. Frederick… you always giving so cry baby you must learn to take. You have everybody’s business on your schedule. You can’t stop Chas from talking because you should always remember you live in a glass house.

  14. RF you should be ashamed of yourself why send stones at the man if you can’t take a lash didn’t you misled the country with the fresh start NHC agreement and so much more…we the people should write a letter to the PM concerning the stopped projects you fool because of you I’m out of a job

  15. Based on all that have been said, I strongly believe Mr. Chastanet should stop telling lies no matter where he is. He is the cause of all the criminal activities taken place in this country.. Mr Chastanet stop the LIES.

    • Are you serious? Did you actually write what you just did there? Chastenet like all other politicians in St Lucia tell a lot of lies, so he is not alone, but to claim that he is responsible for the criminal activities in the country, man you need a psychiatric evaluation.

  16. Every document that was hidden you could get to show on tv. Even an application a man sent to a party you parading on tv. The Same ppl who put you in the us hot water will give you rope to hang urself. You political prostitute. Only Shelton Daniel will tolerate your nonsense

  17. For a man like RF like talks a BIG talk,it’s kinda hilarious seeing him run to Mr.Speaker lol…Maybe he should just show the world his visa on his talk show to silence the haters,he shows all types of documents,just show the visa.

  18. Gassuh, tell us when we getting sugar so those of us who sell cakes and preserves for a living won’t have to order 2 lbs for $50.

    • I support you. These effing political children’s we have leading this Island are just useless. Let’s vote to out all of them in foster care

  19. Simply come to Parliament and show your passport where you have been granted a uS Visa again. Pierre and his stooping to your bully nature forced caricom to have you represent them so like the US have done with every dictator, criminal, persona non grata who has to make a presentation at the UN is given an entry visa to attend. This Visa expired on the day you went through border control in the US. The issue should not be the length of the Visa but the fact that you had it just to enter to attend the meeting. When I was in the USA I got a frantic call from the NHC board.

    • …..oh boo hoo hoo what is your point ??? What is Chastanet point ?? The fact is a Visa was issued…the United States saw “fitting” to grant him a visa whether its for 3 days or 3hrs he got one, to date the US would not even consider giving Guy the time of day to save his life , no matter what you Clowns state of no corruptive allegations against any members of The United Worthless Part Goon Squad the US see’s differ and that’s what eating you Clowns.

  20. Sniff! Sniff! “Mummy, Chastenet said my visa was only three days!” he said in a whinny voice. “Blow your nose, son!” she exclaimed. Wah! Wah! “I don’t like him mummy” he cried. “I want my pillow!” he screamed.

    Time wasters. Attend to the people’s business. Try doing something useful.

    • Exactly my point , well said. We need mature men and women in leadership roles and especially in governance not cry cry babies who will challenge all pettiness. Carry on with business of country

  21. Oh gosh I can’t believe I voted for this pettiness and stupidity. To what end RF. I WAS, was being the operative word one of your biggest followers and supporters but now I see you’re nothing more than a fake and liar. A self-aggrandising, man who never keeps his words, but used people to get where he wanted and them became arrogant and standoffish when he got there. Show the damn visa you got and end of story. Everywhere you’ve traveled since getting in office you always do a live, but you land in the US and nothing. What sanctions were placed on you? Why didn’t your boastful self do a live with your ugly family. Tired of you now. Regret I supported you

  22. Oh! St Lucia has gone to the gutters. This is what will be discussed in our parliament? Yes it is usual that the Americans give a 3-day visa for dictators, persona non-gratas, etc. Why don’t you just go on you show and show the world that you were in the USA for 7 days? I don’t mean “out of State”

  23. All Fredrick have to do is publish a copy of the visa to prove what Chas said is not true but he think because he bulshit a whole nation with lies fir five years he can continue his always quick to fly documents on TV screens this Thursday on his show flash the visa on the screen for the world to see

  24. Richard Fredrick San honte st lucia don’t belongs to you..thin skin man 6 years chastnet chastnet.. So what 3 days visa I want you to show st lucians how many days visa you got. People like you like to give but can’t take..

  25. That yellow BIG BIRD is Jackass………he need to go back on Sesame Street where he belongs. Fredricks tell him Chu, even if it was three days they gave you that’s more than what they gave that teefing Coolie so he should hold his ass. Hello we The People of Saint Lucia would like a refund of USD$ 7 Million Dollars that you teef from us NOW since you have so much chat Tick tock, ticky tock, We coming and beat pan on his head like we did last year just now to mark the Birthday Victory of Good over Evil. Pierre just surprise them and call a by election and take the other two seats so they can SHUT THE HELL UP.

  26. Waaa! Wah! Waaa!😭😭😭! Mr speaker chastanet lying on me waa! Wah! 😭😫😭😫😭 saying I have a free day visa! waaa! Waaaah!😭😭😭

  27. how about these grown ass people stop with the kindergarten whining and do the job they are well paid to do . so many more important things to do yet so much time is wasted on this kind of childishness.


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