Freedom Coalition Says PM’s Passionate Vaccination Plea Likely To Be Ignored

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Press Release:-  During his address to the nation on Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, Prime Minister, Honourable Phillip J. Pierre pleaded and literally begged St. Lucians to “get vaccinated”.

The fact that this plea was made so early in his address clearly indicates that this matter is weighing heavily on his mind and that he wishes this “pandemic” would soon become a thing of the past.

The Freedom Coalition SLU shares the Prime Minister’s concerns and like him sincerely wishes for Covid-19 to be relegated to the annals of history.

However, his belief that the “one size fits all” “vaccine” is the silver bullet that will allow us to defeat this wily virus and return to a state of normalcy is both misguided and irrational.

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Claiming that his government would always “follow the science” based on the advice of his medical team in dealing with the “pandemic”, it is clear that the countries which are following this science of excessive “vaccination” are heading towards medical disaster.

The experiences of countries such as Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar which are fully or almost fully vaccinated should provide a sobering example of what not to do in our effort to defeat this virus.  And what about the Covid outbreak on cruise ships with fully vaccinated passengers?

On the other hand, we are ignoring the success of countries such as Japan and the state of Utter Pradesh in India which are using Ivermectin as part of their arsenal to control and overcome Covid 19.

Our sister territories of Jamaica and Grenada are also reported to be administering Ivermectin to Covid patients.  Unlike St. Lucia, no doctors in these territories have been victimized (like the medical establishment has done to Dr. Gilberta St. Rose) for administering Ivermectin to Covid patients.

Where is the vision and critical thinking skills of our medical establishment in St. Lucia? Have they been hoodwinked by the WHO, FDA and CDC?

Notwithstanding the Prime Minister’s passionate plea for St. Lucians to be vaccinated, it is likely that this will largely be ignored as the information about the adverse effects of the “vaccine” is well known among the population, (despite claims of it being safe and effective), as well as the failure of the medical establishment to acknowledge and report on this fact.

Facing a steadfast refusal of a significant section of the population to get vaccinated, the Prime Minister may then acquiesce to the advice of his medical team and proceed to implement mandatory vaccination thus facilitating “Medical Apartheid” and create deep and dangerous divisions among the population.  

This is likely to be a political disaster which will damage his credibility (given his solemn promise not to mandate vaccines) and tarnish his political legacy!

Against this background we urge the Prime Minister to take into account the concerns of the majority of his people (i.e. the unvaccinated), follow the true science and disentangle himself from the web of the medical elites and pursue other legitimate treatment alternatives in the best interest of his people.

To this end, we offer our indomitable support.

Headline photo: November 26, 2021 – Freedom Coalition members stage demonstration in Constitution Park

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. This is your pope riding on your back on a black horse 🦓⚰️.
    While Israël is now exercising the fourth dose and sixty two percent hospitalisation in France are fully vaccinated,i myself woud be on watch as a doorkeeper in the house of the LORD, than to accept their vaccine god,a registered trademark of the mystery of Babylon sharing the cup of the blood of Jesus and the saints and increases in the cup of mother of harlot seduction of fools of the devil,ready to carry out the pope’s demande.

    When you see or hear this, knows that the master is at the door ;I the LORD with the first of them and with the last, I am he.”
    The islands have seen it and fear,
    the end of the earth trembles,
    then approach and come forward ;
    each one helps the other,and be strong and
    Do not be afraid or discourage, because of the vast army, there will be no one to rescue them,but with us is the Lord our God to delivered us and fight the battle.
    For he does not hold his 🗡️ for nothing !!

  2. The poor and the needy search for food and water, but there is none ;
    their tongues are parched with thirst.
    But I the LORD will answer them ;
    I the God of Israël, will not abandon
    Who told this from the begining,so
    we could know,
    or before,so we could say,’he
    was right ?
    No one told this,
    no one foretold it
    no one heard any words from them.
    I was the first to tell St-Lucia,’look,here
    they are !’
    I gave to St-Lucia a messanger of
    good tidings.
    I look but there is none _
    no one to give answer when I ask them.
    See,they are false !
    Their deeds amount to nothing ;
    their images are but wind and
    😕 confusion.

  3. Good Luck to all vaccine fans, what you don’t know is, there is more behind the scene and be ready to accept six doses or even more.

  4. In Gibraltar (population around 34,000) almost all adults have had two doses of Pfizer and around 70% have had the booster as well. Since end of August we have had three deaths only. This Saturday we have 1,121 active cases and 3 people in hospital (none in ICU). So I am not sure why we are providing a “sobering” example, as the article above says. Quite the opposite – our experience is pretty positive: vaccination avoids hospitalisation and death.

  5. Who wants to listen to a clown the most disobedient person in opposition Phillip go a hide your wicked wanted pm now you eyes bulging out of your face..shameful clueless administration

  6. The freedom coalition is just too weak its like watching a clown show they need more action than talking, then again that would lead to a arrest right which the authorities would gladly do but none the less you stand up for what is right. They are right about the leaders not critically thinking about the vaccines they just follow the science the US gave to them then tell us we must all take it

  7. to all the ppl condeming the ppl march be least they stand up for something…since when being vaxxed stopping one from getting covid?? u all think these leaders care abt us??? think again……

    jus now u will see wat will become of this country if these leaders think ppl will bow down to their every desire….it has been prophesized….let those who know understand

  8. @Fab las mantee. Ki Canada ou from la. Vieux mess mantee la ou caye kettae. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. I am from Canada we have almost 90% vaccinated 80% of ICU patients are not vaccinated the reason we lock down is so the hospitals can treat the un vaccinated and not let them die in the street. If everyone was vaccinated we would not need to lock down as hospitals would be able to handle the surge. the other 20% vaccinated in ICU most have underlying conditions. And not one person has be cured by taking horse dewormer

  10. Is it the same science that Dr. Gilbertha St Rose studied to become a doctor and was given a license to practice what she studied that you are asking the government to disentangle itself with? Wow! wow! Some of you are unbelievable and will do anything to get your way. Only when it suits your agenda.

  11. People may not be as educated as our leaders and experts but they sure are smarter than them. We are seeing through this BS. Take the risk on my own of this treatment knowing it neither stops you from getting, transmitting or dying from the disease when 99% who got the disease survived. The lunatics really are running the asylum

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