Thursday, September 29, 2022

Freedom Coalition Urges PM To Reassure Saint Lucians Regarding Vaccine Mandates

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Saint Lucia’s Freedom Coalition has called on Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to reassure the people of this country regarding his administration’s policy on vaccine mandates.

The call is part of a four-point petition the coalition launched on Saturday afternoon as some of its members held placards promoting their cause.

According to the petition during the 2021 election campaign, Pierre, while the opposition leader, promised he would not impose mandatory vaccination on the people.

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“He reiterated this position when he assumed the office of Prime Minister on July 28, 2021,” the document states.

It said Pierre needs to reassure the country of that policy in light of recent statements to the contrary by three of his cabinet ministers and actions by the private sector to set their own ‘injection mandates’ while threatening job losses.

In addition, the petition urges the authorities to establish an online system for reporting adverse vaccine effects, asserting that several citizens continue to experience them.

The document also supports the use of Ivermectin and other treatments for COVID-19.

Freedom Coalition President Fremont Lawrence explained that the petition hopes to attract thousands of signatures before the group presents it to the Prime Minister and his administration.

Dr. Gilbertha St Roe, suspended and fined $10000 by the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Council over the use and promotion of the drug Ivermectin, was among those attending the launch of the petition.

And she made light of the council’s  fine:

Headline photo: Members of the Freedom Coalition with copies of the petition.


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  1. I know for sure if you call the Aids Hotline you will get a response,but for vaccine effect, the response will be’sorry unavailable’.

  2. I agree there needs to be a system for reporting adverse vaccine effects. Where do St.Lucians go to report adverse reactions to the vaccine?

  3. Warning Against False And Abominable Pastors And Mockers.
    Please Take Heed !! Jesus said to them (church
    The hired hand (pastors and more)is not the shepherd who owns the sheep (Jesus )
    Pastors : When he see the wolf (vaccine Man-date) coming,he abandon the sheep (church)
    and runs away .Then the wolf attack the flocks and scatter it (confusion between pastors and church )
    The man (pastors) runs away because he is a hired hand (tithe and offering) and cares nothing for the sheep (church).
    I have other sheep (followers) that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them in also ,they too, will listen to my voice,and there will be one flock and one shepherd .
    No one will takes them away from me ; for my father (God) gives them to me and I layed my life for them . For I lay it down on my accord .

  4. The Bajan nurses are already on strike. The war is being lost because you are not treating the aggressors as aggressors. You keep waiting for them to dictate everything. The PM has already expressed his support for mandates by not legislating against it. Companies are already doing it quietly. It is already here. Pierre is a clueless stooge.

  5. I hope that all those advocating for freedom of choice on what happens to their body, should also be able to respect a woman’s right to choose. Or else hypocrisy is alive and well.
    Also hope this group is able to help financially businesses who are having a tough time making it due to all the factors and losses associated with COVID.. It should be their choice to do whatever they please, similar to the choice one has as to vaccinate or not. Countries like India has discontinued the use of ivermectin from September after reevaluation of data suggesting that it is not effective. There are many on this board pushing this bogus story about India.

  6. At Say… Your contribution to the article serve no purpose if you are going to be quiet and be told what to do..

    The noise is being made because of what comes if you dont take it… Thats the MAIN issue… Your life ends… Civility ends.. Because you don’t take an experimental jab?

    Go look up how many World Health Organization staff are vaccinated..

    Just SAY nothing next time and be compliant like the rest of the bunch.

    Make sure to go take your booster for the booster.

  7. The movement is growing worldwide, many are aware and spreading their realizations of what they see going on… medical licensing bodies and their involvement. The big stage of has much to say and for all and joiners to join and spread their word. In peace, Ezekiel 25:17

  8. A Warp And A Crooked Ganeration !!
    The Lord does not ‘held his word ‘for nothing !
    With weary eyes and dissopointing hearts –
    Therefore ,flee for your lives ! The distructer will come against everytown,and against everyone ,
    great,big and small . Since you trust in the LORD and does not trust in their vaccine gods, escape over destruction and stands firm and watch , escape from what was hidden and is now happening .
    Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good and is greater than all vaccine ‘gods’!

    Revellation Time (Apocalypse)
    The whole world were astonished and followed the beast and the inhabitants Worship his mark (666) .
    Then ?
    “Who shall seperate us from the Love of God (Christ)? Shall trouble or hardship man’s vaccine ,plague famine, persecution or etc ,etc.”
    God’s People !
    For your sake we face death all day long,we consider as 🐑🐑🐑 sheep to be slaughter ?
    Those who perish in unbelief,the deliverer will come from Zion,he will rescue you,and turn ‘godless’ away from ……Rev 13.

    “For the times will surely comes and the land will be in anguish, anxiety and disgraced.
    Then officials and foolish men will be drunk with Strong rum (liquer)and will sleep forever”.

  9. They are all involve in the dirty stinking Babylon system, but at war with each other a system that has kept the masses in chains of poverty…

  10. The more people that do not take the vaccine just creates more opportunity for another set of people to become wealthy. Simple. Some people can now work two jobs comfortably and bring home a healthy income. There are always legitimate opportunities.

  11. In time of my ‘favor’,I will hear you’
    As God has said :
    I will live with them and walk among them,
    and Will be their God, and they will be my people .
    “Therefore come out from them and be seperated,
    Touch no ‘uncleanthing’
    and I will receive you
    “I will be a father to you ”.

  12. I agree with this Freedom Coalition group. My body, i decide what goes in there. What’s the point of taking a vaccine that cannot kill or stop the virus and variants from spreading. This is total nonesense. I’m praying that God gives us good health and wisdom to survive in this crazy world.

  13. So say because you choose to keep your thoughts to yourself others must do the same. Arrogance at its highest peak!!.
    Since when indicating you opposition to something or expressing a contrary view is the same as creating “needless animosity”? So you choose to be a sheep and everybody must be sheep. I wonder who the hell you think you are to believe everybody must think like you.

  14. @John Joseph, you need to spend a little time away from the cave under Morne Gimie that you live in. You idiot, how can it be right for an employer to force me to put a substance into my body in the name of protecting his business? So you are suggesting that for the employer to protect his business I must take an injection regardless of how it affects me. Now, master idiot, tell me, how does taking the injection protect the business when both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can get and spread the virus. You mean idiot, that you are so unread (ignorant) and/or lack understanding that you don’t know that if a business has 100 % unvaccinated workers and another 100% vaccinated workers that the virus can be caught and spread at both businesses equally. If so (and that’s what the science we follow says) how come the employer forcing me to be vaccinated is protecting the business?
    Again, @ John Joseph the virus can be contracted at any business whether the workers are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or not vaccinated. You need to read the science.

  15. This so called coalition needs to stop promoting lawlessness as if we didn’t have enough of it already. They have an agenda, and that is to promote their own selfish interest. I have my personal doubts about the vaccines, but wouldn’t go public with it . We need some peace and tranquillity in this place. Too much needless animosity.

  16. The government, the media, and technocrats are misleading, misinforming, spreading propaganda, fulfilling an agenda that has been at place before we were all born. They are responsible for spreading fear, lies, anxiety, hopelessness, coercion, psychological manipulation (witchcraft/ sorcery). Welcome to the dismantling of the old to usher in a new world order brought to you by our new government at the United Nations.

  17. I want to see how the bougs in government would handle a vaccinated lucia vs an unvaccinated, I also want to see the businesses that say they have right to protect the same staff they under pay and abuse, do without the unvaccinated majority of society. Let’s see how things will pan out.

  18. Why are you two lying to the people with your fear tactics? it is absolute nonsense that people who took vaccine are getting sick and dying. If this was true I would have been gone a year ago. My family and I, including the grands, ten of us have received two doses of vaccines, we’re all in good health, and preparing for a great Christmas thank be to the Almighty. You Guys have an agenda, so good luck with it. It is Sunday today, go to Church, repent for the lies, say a prayer and praise the Lord.

  19. Y’all fail to realize that this whole issue is bigger that the PM and us. If he doesn’t mandate vaccines Saint Lucia will be left behind. We cannot compete with the larger countries who have mandated vaccines. Whether we want to or not, vaccines mandate is the way to go. If you want to mingle with civil society get vaccinated or else go up to the hills and live. Right now unvaccinated people are consider a threat to the rest of society and you cannot beat the most powerful countries. Saint Lucia will starve because we rely on those countries who mandate vaccines. It is either go with them or suffer because we cannot sustain on our own. Imagine if airlines or cruise liners banned all flights to countries that do not mandate vaccination. How would countries thrive. We are not develop enough to fight this.

  20. You have the right to decline the vaccine and seek employment where vaccine is not required. Employers have the right to protect their investment and create a safe environment for their employees and customers based on available scientific information.

  21. They want to mandate something that kills you within less than a week and yet the media doesn’t report it.
    Ppl don’t see they trying to eradicate society, why should we mandate something that has been proven to kill people in a few days and even if you survive yoh will get a bunch of health complications within a few months.

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