French Rapper Arrested After Kicking Dog In Viral Video

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Police arrested French rapper Timal east of Paris last week after a video on Snapchat showed him kicking a dog, multiple news outlets have reported.

And a court sentenced him on Thursday to pay 6000 Euros for ‘acts of cruelty to a domestic animal’.

Timal, whose real name is Ruben Louis, faced 120 days in jail for not paying the fine.

The court has also banned the 25-year-old from keeping animals for five years while the authorities seized his two dogs and put them in the care of an animal protection organisation.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. @George Fyi I have been vegan for 15 years and prior to that a strict vegetarian for 40 years so NO I do not have backs in my freezer. Nor do I use ANY lotions or other products which have been tested on animals or contain animal products. Just to be clear. But why such vehemence? My comments were related to kicking an animal and animal welfare in general. I reiterate that all life should be respected. Every creature deserves to be treated with kindness, and all creatures value their lives. I am not demanding you or anyone else for that matter, becomes vegan or vegetarian – that is a personal choice for the individual, however that does not mean people should go around kicking dogs like the French rapper or worse, deliberately run them over, as I have seen in St Lucia among other cruel behaviours. You seem to be a very angry person making unfounded comments… Feel sorry for you.

  2. @Vision (you actually have NO Vision). If he is to learn from his “mistake” although it really he is just a nasty human who made a choice, then there needs to be CONSEQUENCES like people boycotting him to demonstrate that what he did was wrong and uncalled for. Trouble with Lucians is there are never consequences for animal cruelty, so because some privileged French rapper kicks a dog, people like “Vision have sympathy for him, not the animal. You can judge a nation by the way it treats its animals (Mahatma Ghandi quote) and this is where general lack of empathy starts, and escalates to humans. Look around people; respect life in all its forms…

    • What nonsense is that uh! Do you REALLY respect all life? OR are you just saying this to make a baseless point. We were designed to eat meat, albeit our cultural preferences determine which animals are pets or prey. I am sure you have endless backs in your freezer, why don’t you respect the life of the poor chicken or the poor animals that were used to test your lotion, and other skin care products– This fool should have never kicked the dog, shun him but dont come here saying crap like you respect ALL life- liar!

  3. To some st. Lucians I know this concept is baffling but you usually pay for your actions. I know this rare in our society but this it what it looks like. For that same reason our society is septic tank. Nobody sees anyone being held accountable so the majority figure they could disrespect and the should not be held accountable. I heard man tell some woman too shut their holes. The arrogant bastard know he will get away with it. St. Lucia needs to reminded what justice looks like not their fault it’s been awhile.

  4. Yes..carry on…screw up his entire life and his career over kicking a dog. Yol more wicked than him. Yol going as far as saying stop buying his music…instead of hoping and praying that he learns from this mistake! Wicked!

  5. but here in saint lucia anything is anything no laws for nobody. Yall see of course and some of you will be like A dog? i remember seeing a video when they posted that using obscene language in a public place is against the law people when this incident with the civilian and the police officer submerged people was like oh its my mouth and blah blah . Yes its a law, if they could make it a law to wear masks as stupid as it seems it is a law. i would really like some of you to try that in another country like the UK let me see if you will tell the police its your mouth. They should have kicked him to the same way he kicked the dog


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