Fuel tank truck mishap in Castries

A Rubis truck reportedly transporting fuel to a Chaussee Road petrol station encountered a mishap this morning just before 9:00 a.m.

The cylindrical tank at the back became dislodged resulting in a fuel spillage on the ground.

The incident occured on Jeremie Street next to the Castries market.

The St. Lucia Fire Service was on the scene.

Police cordoned off the area soon after the incident.

No persons were injured.


  1. “Police cordoned off the area soon after the incident” I see a crowd right there! Obviously not condoned off soon enough!!!

  2. Maybe they thought if ‘accidental bom’ was made again the blast radius would only be 10 feet.

  3. All these old trucks on our streets with poor regulations,and inspections.When will the DMV Department of Motor Vehicle in St.lucia get serious.Take these old Trucks and gas tankers off our streets before we have another blast.

      • Simple. Replace them with newer ones.
        Alternatively, carry out regular inspections according to Regulations.
        But once again, the problem comes down to Profit.

    • if that truck is old….them far less for the other 99%. If a “new” truck like this can fail then the regedengs on the road are obviously very very very dangerous.

      Again what is the dmv and traffic dept doing ??

  4. We all have to say thank God while the tank fell off it didn’t spark fire that would have been another catastrophe in the town. God is merciful. Don’t matter what any body may say about bad conditions of trucks the facts is thank God it didn’t spark fire.

  5. We need to have those trucks deliver their fuel when we have less people on our streets . Think of this had the truck exploded …………

  6. We are still a praying people, unseen angels walk all around us all the time, doing all the things we take for granted. I love the Lord so much I just want to thank and praise him he is worthy to be praised.

  7. Only idiots would gather around a leaking fuel truck. Any wonder St. Lucia is in the state that it is?

    • Agreed… And even with the area cordoned off, people still congregate. No sense of self preservation.

  8. Not too long ago we experienced this terrible incident at Cul De Sac now this near missed disaster: The responsible authority must see that St Lucia should live up to international standards with regards to the transportation and storage of flammable fuels, explosive and dangerous chemicals. On several occasions we have these vehicles loaded with dangerous cargoes traversing our roads without the requisite labeling nor the knowledge of the emergency services. Should we wait until something very serious on our roads before action is taken. Are our emergency service personnel trained and equipped to efficiently respond to chemical incident on our roads, what if the entire contents of this tanker had spilled?

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