Further Update On Reported COVID-19 Case

Press Release:– Saint Lucia has recorded a total of 24 COVID-19 cases to date, 22 of these cases have fully recovered and 2 patients remain in care at the Respiratory Hospital and remain stable.

A total of 2,927 tests have been conducted to date.

The Ministry of Health was also informed by the St. Vincent’s Health Ministry of a Saint
Lucian national who travelled to St Vincent and the Grenadines on Sunday, July 19, 2020 and after screening was tested positive for COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has undergone intense contact tracing, screening and testing of all possible contacts in relation to this case.

The family, close friends and work colleagues of the individual have been tested and placed in quarantine.

None of the contacts of the individual including the family, friends and employees
have developed symptoms.

On Friday, July 24, 2020 a total of 197 test results were received and on Sunday, July 26, 2020 a total of 133 samples were processed.

A total of 330 test results were all negative.

These include the contacts of the case and other samples as per usual.

Based on our review on the weekend there are four (4) outstanding contacts to be tested today.

As we continue with the phased re-opening of the country, the risk for introduction of COVID19 has increased.

The public is advised that all protocols are still in place including the reduced numbers for public transportation and protocols for private sector establishments.

These also include the use of face masks in public and maintaining safe physical distance from others.

We continue to advise on the importance of maintaining the standard recommendations for infection prevention and control which include:

– – regular hand washing with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer where soap and water is not available.
– – cover mouth and nose with disposable tissues or clothing when coughing and sneezing.

The Ministry of Health will continue providing further updates on COVID-19.

(Statement issued by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George)


  1. ” … As we continue with the phased re-opening of the country, the risk for introduction of COVID19 has increased…” – this also means the hospitality industry is not ready yet to accept “visitors”.

  2. I was in Castries today, hardly anybody was wearing a mask, I was. People think we are done with it . If we are not careful anymore we will get a second wave like in Europe, people over there did not wear their masks anymore and cases are rising again ! I hope government will make people wear them again !

  3. Covid 19 is a big hoax. The stress that will kill most people here on this island. When I heard of the people at that work place being test I knew that the results would come back negative. People are not getting sick on island the way I see it. I head that within about 14 days then you would know if someone have covid or not cause you will see the symptoms. You are more likely to get killed by a gunshot than getting killed by covid 19 in St lucia.

      • stop watching CNN the fake news media. Covid 19 is a virus but they are using it as an election ploy to try to get Biden elected. They are hyping it up just to make trump look bad. Covid 19 is the biggest hoax ever.

    • You must be living on another planet. Go say that to those who have either lost loved ones or been effected in some way. Some people still think the holocausts never happen, nor do some believe there was ever slavery. You seem to fall in one of those groups. People who cling to conspiracy ideologies usually exhibits signs of weakness. The proof is all around you….you just fail to see it.

  4. Big Mike you are very right. You can get false positive results and like wise you can get false negative results. This is why the reliability of just 1 swab is not adequate. You have to swab people and re-swab. The antibody test is more reliable to diagnose Covid. I know someone who was swabbed for covid twice in the same day but one of the swab results came back as positive and the other one was negative. Tricky.

    • Listen, it is a fact that covid 19 is a disease and has killed people worldwide. Did you know that the flu kills 80,000 people in the US last year alone? Can you tell me how many people died in St lucia with the flu last year or any year that you know. Again when I say covid 19 is a hoax not meaning that is is not an existing disease, I’m saying that basically to say that the mainstream and liberal media is putting the spotlight on it because it is election year in America. They want to say that trump did not do enough just so that they can give biden a chance to win. They know that people are like sheep and they get emotional so they want to use that to their advantage. They putting the spotlight on covid 19 just because of elections period. So I’m not out hear listing to no conspiracy theories and stating that covid is not a real disease. Infact covid 19 has a recovery rate of 95% to be exact.

      • Ur mother must have dropped u in bucket or something, cause u can never compare the flu to covid seeing that the flu has working and effective medicine, a vaccine, and our body’s natural defence against it since it was introduced to us a very long time ago

  5. If people are sheep, then you must be a ‘Goat’ because you are introducing politics
    in a discussion about an infectious disease.The sad part about it is, there are so many
    ‘black’ folks actively campaigning for Trump, not for their political conviction, but for
    financial benefit. There’s nothing an American wouldn’t stoop to for a new Cadillac.

    • You are talking about there is nothing that an American won’t do for a Cadillac. If you going into politics, Trump has done more for black people in America than your last black president Barack Obama. Go do your research, be a free thinker and stop just listening to mainstream media outlets like CNN who are pushing their own agenda. Stop being emotional and go do your research and be a free thinker. You say black people in America will vote for Trump because of monetary gain. Come on, are you serious with this b.s. that you talking? Are you telling me they should vote for Biden and the democrats who have basically done nothing for black people. I am a st lucian and a US citizen and come November I am voting for Trump all the way. I have voted Democrat for years but now I am off the Democratic plantation.

  6. I have met your type, just a wannabe, you’ve made a few bucks and met some of the
    big guys, left the hood and so think you’re free.I too thought I was free till I visited Europe,
    schooled and worked in the U.K. for many years, the U.S. wanted me for Viet Nam, but
    thank God, it’s still a great wide world out there, the Yanky Dollar is only great in the eyes
    of those trapped in its spell for now, ‘just wait’ the Chinese may have a surprise for you all.
    Folks in St.Lucia have a saying, “never see, come see, come crazy” and “tanto tanto”.

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