Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Fury In Britain As Serial Killer Gets COVID-19 Vaccine

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Fury has erupted after serial killer Rosemary West received a lifesaving Covid-19 jab ahead of millions of British citizens.

The now obese 67-year-old is serving life in an English prison for killing 10 people with husband Fred, including their own children, who were kept and tortured in Rose’s gruesome sex dungeon.

Rose and Fred, who killed himself in his jail cell in 1995, were dubbed the House of Horrors Monsters after bodies were found entombed in their Gloucester house in western England.

Rose West, grossly overweight and with failing eyesight and limited mobility, was vaccinated ahead of frontline staff at her prison, HMP New Hall in West Yorkshire, UK.

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Regarded as “extremely vulnerable” healthwise, West “suffered quite a bad reaction. There were lots of flu-like symptoms and she took to her bed” after she was vaccinated, The Sun reported.

West received the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, which is due for widespread rollout in Australia and other countries in a few months’ time.

Other UK inmates vaccinated include disgraced pop star and convicted paedophile Gary Glitter, 76, who was immunised as part of the programme for Britons over 75.

Another murderer who has been jabbed is Katrina Walsh, 60, who is serving life for the 2016 stabbing murder of Lancashire PR consultant, Sadie Hartley.

The Sun reported that news of Rose West’s jab had angered British people, including those who were themselves vulnerable and were yet to be immunised.

“I’m auto-immune and been shielding since October and, no, I’ve not had a hint of when I’m getting the vaccine,” said Angie Maddocks, of Essex.

Mark, of London, posted on Twitter, “I’m shielding … I’m in the top four groups to be vaccinated by Monday. Still heard nothing.”

Headline photo caption: Rosemary West

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