G4S And NWU Begin ‘Industrial Engagement’

Press Release:- After a period of uncertainty and procrastination the Management of G4S Secure Solutions Limited and officials from the National Workers Union (NWU) have begun their process of industrial engagement.

On the table is the Memorandum of Proposals submitted by the National Workers Union aimed at a complete overhauling of the current conditions under which security guards are required to discharge their responsibilities.

So far, tremendous progress has been made and with the presence of Managing Director Mr. Roger Barrow, the parties have agreed to work towards the completion of a new industrial agreement by the end of June 2019.

Meanwhile the NWU and ICON Security Services Limited are also working towards a new industrial accord.



  1. Security guards put their lives on the line working over 12 hour shifts for less than 10 hundred dollars a month what future can a man have in St Lucia with that low wage rate that is expliotation and when you have the gonads to speak out you become a threat and get victimized being a security guard is like being a dig

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