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Updated on July 6, 2020 2:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 2:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 2:47 am

G4S Security Guards Reject Wage Offer

Press Release:– Security Guards employed with G4S Secure Solutions St. Lucia Limited have rejected a wage offer made to them through the National Workers Union (NWU), their bargaining representative in a letter dated July 15, 2019.

This decision was taken by the Security Guards employed with the company at a General Meeting held by the NWU for the guards over the weekend.

After a detailed explanation was given relating to the progress of negotiations, it was felt that the company can do better and that the company should demonstrate a higher level of appreciation for employees who work tirelessly and continue to risk their lives during the execution of their responsibilities.

The Security Guards have mandated the NWU to request that the company returns urgently to the bargaining table with a conciliatory offer that could bring an end to the long drawn out industrial matter.

Should the company fail to cooperate the workers will then demonstrate their disgust.



  1. Its about time that security guards get paid well in st lucia after they work long hours and risking their lives for peanuts the reason why they do that job is because there is nothing to do in st Lucia so I stand in solidarity with the workers at G4s as it is time that thoes security companies pay people an attractive salary to take care of their families

  2. Go for it … G4S can afford the rate increases; especially under their new reorganization “hub and spoke” business model. They’ve eliminated many operating positions while increasing management salaries of management. Share the wealth with those who are your guard customers. It’s all about “dignity and respect” or is this just a cute phrase.

    • High time security officers in st lucia get paid a good salary… every security officer in st lucia should strike… and demand a better salary

  3. I used to work for this company in new orleans they don’t pay any money thats why I left. Couldn’t take care of my family even with the 60hrs plus a week.

    • People not only G4S actually the whole security should get paid well, we are risking our life’s, no matter how job you do in security, but the main reason is only security industries have to pay its employees competitive salary, we need to be paid like SAPS members. We do tough job more than police. We hand over everything to police after we did great job, so please security officers need to be well paid.

  4. Securitas security guard need to get pay well in New Jersey and over the United States can you please get the union leader’s to help us

    • I work 60 plu hrs a week for securitas in Portland i cant afford anything they pay $ 13.40 and that UNION !…Security work just don’t pay…never has…never will.

    • Good luck! the company won’t take our complaints seriously people have almost ran over me with semi’s the bosses take people directly to our personal vehicles, the other guards use our intials and spread rumors about us.and someone told me we weren’t allowed to phone the helpline.a gentleman who also works there (retired police department) said with what they paid it wasn’t worth risking your life for.but he knew I was grateful to still be alive.

  5. A Certified Security Officer trained well should start there pay at Atleast $18.50 an hour..We get Great Tactical Training Plus to Defend our Country and have our lives on The front line.We are also Law Enforcement…there is no differents..we all get trained for the same reasons.Some with less but some with extra Training.We carry the same Equipment..we all should be treated Equal to those who Quilify.We could all work together as a Team should if ever this came into play.All for 1 and 1 for all”!#

  6. Why a cerfified security officer still pays like 10.50 per hour….. They put ttheir life on the front each second to make people safe. They need a better traitement. Some police officer get $50.00 per hours and companies humiliate their guards with a dirty $10.50 per hour. Look at what happened into Texas Walmart…. There were no arm guards in that Walmart to protect employees and customers life…. They need to hire arm guards for each store and pay at least $25 per hours for people safety… Sometimes security companies sign their contract for millions and neglect their officers ….. As much as the companies have big names , they pay they pay their officers a poverty money…

    • Is that all you get, are you casual or fulltime security guard, here in Australia our fulltime hourly rate starts at $22 and for casual it starts between $25-$28 per hour and upto $50 per hour depending on the job. Some armed guards here get anything from $35-$65 per hour, depending on the job.

      • Security Officers are way underpaid in the USA. The averages over here are no where near what you all make in Australia. The political system is too crooked in this country. The politicians keep wages low for Big businesses.

  7. I am a security guard in California Inland Empire area and and want to see if we can get some help here I Have worked for a lot of different security companies sometimes two at the same time and we get paid Pennies on the dollar for putting our lives on the line a lot of places we guard like shopping centers grocery stores Etc make more than then the security guard that securing them we work long hours and still can’t make enough to provide for our families something really have to change.

  8. Security Guards Must Be Paid GOOd Salaries, These PeOple Are WOrking Very Hard FOr Their MOney , 12:00 HOurs Is NO A JOke.

  9. We have to raise voice against sub cobtractor as they they just make money by sitting at home and on same side unfair payment made between company employee and subcontractor.

  10. In Scotland our security company Mitie only pay minimum wage which is £8.21 and the staff for Sainsbury’s get paid £9.20ph and where meant to protect them ?

  11. Same thing is going on here in Florida I have been working for two different security companies and still can’t make do without a roommate or two to make my bills this is not fair for all of us that stand on the front lines for these companies one company I have been working for for over 12 years but my pee doesn’t even equal a dollar per hour for each year that I’ve been with the company something really needs to change we put our lives on the line for these people why can’t they show us some respect for what we do for them

  12. I agree security officers should get paid more. I have worked in this field on and off for over eight years. Sadly the illiterate comments posted here will do nothing to improve pay. The problem is that the customers paying security companies to provide guard services do not want to spend any money for those services. They want good literate motivated workers that often are front line representatives for their companies and they want to pay them hamburger flipper wages. Half the guards working in security are morons and slobs that do not deserve more than hamburger flippers pay the other half are good hard working people. You get what you pay for. The good ones will move on as the economy gets better and only the bad ones will remain. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

  13. I’ve applied to gs4 in the atlanta and slidell location and they have never given me a chance.

  14. G4s in vanderbijlpark I’ve been sending my CV no reply what else must I have to work at your company. I have grade a+ tactical response, rifle,handgun n shotgun n carbine + cit what more do u want?

  15. Work for G4S in NJ. We used to get a anniversary check every year. After 1 year it was a 2 weeks check. After 5 years it was a 3 week check. Since they have to pay sick time now, they just took away the anniversary checks for employees that counted on this money every year. SO NOT FAIR TO TREAT EMPLOYESS THIS WAY AND GET AWAY WITH IT…

  16. Reading the different salaries of security guards from countries like australia and USA and comparing it to ours makes me just sad for my fellow st.lucians. The Rich will always take advantage of the poor but the poor have one main advantage their numbers are greater. However the rich divide and conquer the poor through various means such as politics.

  17. This job denied me and then continously emailed me and called me back for a interview. Would not go back after they denied a well experience officer like myself. They dont care about you at all.

  18. The problem is the security companies, they charge a high rate to the client and pay the guard’s crap. They say that the liability insurance is high. But then they make sure they get a big chunk of it.. that’s the way business is done.
    Companies that need security should hire in house, pay the liability insurance pay the guard’s more and eliminate the security companies all together. If they pay the guard’s more they will attract a better quality of guard’s. People that want to make a career of security work not the clown’s you see out there working for peanuts and making the professional guard’s look bad.
    Also security guards should be able to get there own liability insurance and become private duty officer’s ( just like private duty nurses) Also security guards should not accept any assignments that pay a low wage. That will force security companies to pay more. Remember they need us (the guard’s) with out us they would be out of business. If we don’t go in house or independent they we need to unionized.
    I was a union security guard in NYC back in 1995 and I was making $15 per Hr. (Local 32bj ) my friend is still with 32bj and he’s up to $23 per Hr.+ Benefits and a pension.
    I feel that a nation wide walk out for 24 hours will bring attention and change in this industry.
    Security guards unite.

  19. Professional security officers know GS4 , securitas, and others as entry level security. There are companies that pay very well if you have the training and background. I’m paid $25.00 an hr minimum with the company I work for as a PPO. If you work in private security and make less than 20 hr, you need more trading or better resume. Don’t settle for those companies that take advantage.

  20. I been fighting this good fight for twenty years nothing will ever change . we are replace able workers thats it our safety is a joke . with these companys give u nothing to protect yourself but put u into dangerous areas and situtions

  21. Right now there are well paying few companies but they require you to have a background in the military or law enforcement (policeman). Many of us have the experience but not that kind of background.

  22. The agencies must be eliminated everywhere. Those parasites get paid between 26$ to 32$ for each guard they hire and they pay the guard the minimum wage. They make their fortune on the back of the guards and they treat the guards as the last thing that they can mind for. A lot of agencies send the guards to work without any training and as soon as there is a problem they blame the guard for it. I worked as security guard and as operation manager and I know how those kind of employers parasites think about their guards.

  23. Rt: Security Offices..
    Please learn a TRADE!!
    There are many different types of trades needing young man and woman to work Currently in Canada.. Brothers and sisters find the way to skills Trades at the School’s and stop complaining… Be smart and go to School and learn something new.. Good luck…

  24. I don’t even get paid time and a half for overtime let alone expect a pay increase. We don’t accumulate PTO and our company wants us all to be salaried even tho half of us don’t meet the exemption rules. I did an armed guard post once. Sat in direct sunlight @114°f from 0600-1800, with the peak heat being from 1500-1700. It’s 104°f at night here but it’s obviously manageable at night. Our company expected us to stand outside all day despite the client repeatedly telling us we could stand in the AC (which had a perfect line of sight since there was only two entrances 30 feet from each other). But yeah a pay increase would be awesome 😅

  25. GO FOR IT MY UNION BROTHERS ( UNION STRONG ) I AM FROM NEW YORK CITY WORK SECURITY. DO NOT GIVE IN YOU WILL WIN ( STAY TOGETHER ) Ten years ago, 32BJ represented 1,000 private security officers: Today we’re 20,000 strong – and growing. With 32BJ, we are raising industry standards and we are winning respect on the job. We’ve helped thousands of security officers to join our ranks in Boston, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.( be good my brothers and sisters )

  26. G4S Puerto Rico pays its employees $ 7.25 per hour if it is an unarmed guard and the armed guards pay $ 8.50 per hour. we risk our lives for wage misery and the company doesn’t care. Here in Puerto Rico we don’t have a union that supports us and helps us to have a better pay and good working conditions

  27. UK security guard s get min wage 0 hours contracts and long hours and treated like crap no promotion or pay raise unless your management family security guards in UK are better of on dole

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