Catherine Sealys

The President of the advocacy group, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia, Catherine Sealys, has expressed concern about what she described as ‘over the top behaviour’ during Kiddies Carnival.

Sealys spoke against the backdrop of the posting on social media of videos of the event, with one in particular showing a young female dancing in a suggestive manner.

“I looked at the video and my first though was – ‘This is not Saint Lucia,’ and my second impression was that I am not seeing any reaction from the adults to caution the child,” she told St Lucia Times.

“This is over the top behaviour and in no way falls into behavior for junior carnival for children,” Sealys declared.

She told St Lucia Times that she was quite shocked that the adults saw nothing wrong, as apparently they thought it was normal.

Sealys cautioned parents, especially young mothers, that girls are being used as sexual objects by local men.

“I am not talking about ordinary men – I am talking about teachers, I am talking about public servants, I am talking about police officers, I am talking about senior public servants. I am talking about people we deem to be responsible adults and community leaders and country leaders.”

“We as parents, we as women, we as mothers need to caution our children on their behavior,” Sealys stated.

She explained that what she saw posted on social media was ‘really troubling’ to her as a mother and grandmother.

“What bothered me most was that the parents in the video didn’t seem to have a problem with it. What are we doing? What are we teaching children? What is it we are trying to tell children to emulate?” Sealys told St Lucia Times.


  1. Its no longer a do what i say not what i do generation. But do as i do not what i say. Why should children be in Carnival in the first place. And Carnival isnt what it used to be. I grew up learning that carnival is a display of our Culture and heritage. Is half nakedness, drunkeness, vulgarity our culture and heritage? I do believe it is because thats whats portraied during that time of year. The End is near people, open your eyes. There is nothing we can do about these system of things. Try voting
    and campaigning for a higher power. “God Almighty”.

  2. Because ms sealy these children needs Jesus .
    Don’t you think?
    so why the hypocrisy you should have them knowing god and not bacchanal teach them to pray come on somebody

  3. The government supports this vulgarity to the tune of 3 million of our tax money. I don’t hear the ” so called” moralist in cabinet complaining. I guess those people speak on morality when it’s convenient. SARAH U SLEEPING….SMH

  4. @Truth…reel talk…for those who didn’t know,carnival derive from the term cannibal…all about the lusting and eating of the flesh hence the 3/4 nude and the provocative behaviors.i see it as evil with all the mask and costumes and our elders and gov’t,s render it unto our innocent ones all for their personal gratification and then they turn around and jump the gun and put VYBZ KARTEL to take the shot…….the devil is always there to collect his sacrifice….poor little girl,it was rumoured she came from jou-overt with her dad…about 50 persons got injured while in jump up….bare paganism!!

    • What u mention here is utter nonsense and if u did just a bit of research you would know that carnival is the very opposite of flesh eating and it originated for the mere fact that people would stop eating flesh for a number of weeks until easter and BTW cannibals and carnivores are totally different from one another as the latter is what u probably wanted to refer to smh

  5. Ms Sealy’s you are absolutely correct, the behavior of both parents and children half naked and naked in the street is disgusting,where is our values and morals.What example are we setting for our children especially our daughters,how can anyone respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Parents should live by example because our children tends to mimic everything they parents do. Honestly is saddened my heart to see my people degraded themselves. We are strong, hardworking,beautiful women of color who need to uplift our self and each other.You don’t have to be naked to have fun or a good time.Go have a nice family dinner together,go to the movies as a family, have a little get together at your house with family and friends, play a board game,go for a walk with your family,have a pizza ? night and you will experience happiness ,joy and a more satisfying feeling .

  6. Hypocrites isn’t that the culture of st lucia to be baccanalist pardon me for saying but they should be no kiddies carnival let the children grow,we place them in those activities where the act like grown ups and then we get mad when they start getting on mad what they see is what they do they jump up to music that ask them to get on that way so why are we complaining now, all you bigger heads are just plain simple hypocrites they are just acting out from the spirit of st lucia bounty rum bare HYPOCRISY

  7. As highlighted by several persons on this thread, I too am of the view that the height of hypocrisy in this statement, and similar ones expressed in years past, is appalling. StLucia labels itself as a Christian nation. If being a Christian is to be Christ-like, I would like someone to explain to me what is Christ-like about any of the Carnival activities. How are the revellers (adult and children alike) expected to behave, when the very ethos of Carnival is founded on debauchery. The very persons who annually complain about the conduct of revellers, can either be seen observing from the sidelines or viewing in the privacy of their homes. Yet they participate in incessant critiquing and criticism. Sorry but there are no categories of behaviour in immorality.

  8. Kiddies carnival?? That event should be banned. Why don’t they invest in a kids amusement park, opened on weekends. A place for kids to be kids.

  9. The point is (as far as I am concerned) Ms. Sealys is very correct in her statement. To those who cry out “Hypocrisy”, that still does not negate her point that the expression of vulgarity by children and adults (during carnival) has been disgraceful.

    For me, I do not participate in carnival nor do I watch it on TV.

  10. What is carnival for? Why did the child parents choose carnival for their little girl? In case you don’t know; The little girl did exactly what she had to do! CARNIVAL IS EVIL? STAY AWAY FROM THE TWEEN CITIES OF SIN? YOU HYPOCRITES

  11. There is nothing wrong with kiddies carnival, not because you dont like it that, they should band it, the problem is the music that they play, the costume the kids wear. Put something in place that proper music is played, the kids dress appropriate steelpan music and teach the kids to dance in a descent way, like kids and not adults. And we will all see how wonderful kids Carnival can be

  12. We have gone over. Nothing can bring back morality, dignity, honesty, self-esteem, respect, responsibility,. like what we had .we have gotten every thing we want. But we have lost every thing we had. we can preacher Genesis to revaluation saint Lucians will never change. The Bible is devided into two parts old & new saint Lucia is devided into the same two parts good and bad .

  13. How many father’s u see do this kinds of things not blaming anyone but that’s y I prefer dress my daughter like me and let her behave like me instead of the way some mothers choose for me kiddies carnival needs to be ban

  14. So if thatz the case prevent the kids from listening to music, the kids did not pay for their costumes, parents did. And the kids did not just stay on carnical day to get on bad, i am sure they Behaving that way befoe carnival at their home or in school…so dont blame kiddies carnival

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